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The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, founded in 1997, Pioneer in Advanced Remote Viewing Intelligence data gathering Technology for Civilian Applications and Inventor of the field of Remote Influencing is proud to present

The Ultimate Advanced Life Manifestation System


Reach The Next Human Quantum Level:

Become a Powerful Remote Viewer Across the background Quantum Field and an Influencer of Reality-as-we-know-it!
And Watch Your Life and the Lives of Loved Ones Radically Change for the Better!

The era of the Intuitive Warrior for Peace and Higher Human Quanta of Functioning is HERE Right now! Learn to Unleash and Reclaim your Hidden birthright Potential!

About Gerald O'Donnell

Internationally renowned Gerald O’Donnell (BSc Mathematics, MSc Computer Science, MBA International Finance), former Western intelligence agency Remote Viewer and founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, has been a visionary in mind-consciousness research. He is now dedicating his life since 1997 to skillfully inspiring and guiding students through healing and empowering meditations on Oneness to access incredibly high levels of creative energy that allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon one's thoughts. He resides in Southern Florida.


Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Our Academy, a pioneer in mind/matter research and  applications, has been teaching since 1997 highly specialized mind technologies originating from the international (Both Western and Eastern) intelligence community, advanced mystics and ancient mind masters. This training aligns perfectly with the very latest experiments and theories in Quantum Physics which undoubtedly prove that the observation of reality (our consciousness) affects our material 3D reality and that particles and beings are all connected and exchanging information instantaneously across a background implicate informational field bridging all time and space.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) We are and remain since 1997 the ONLY Mind Training Institute Worldwide that teaches students to Master the "Ultimate Mind Frontier:" Deep THETA and DELTA (your usual sleep mode) Brainwave States with FULL WAKING AWARENESS as we  train them to Remote View Distant Situations in Space/Time, operate with very powerful intuition in sensing their probable Future and then apply Remote Influencing techniques to their or others' Reality from these Very Deep levels of mind.

Remote Viewing (RV) refers to scientifically proven mind technologies that break the space-time barrier.  Remote Viewing is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, people and events, distant in time-space. This Mind Technology was developed since the 1950's by both US, Western, and Eastern European Intelligence Agencies. They achieved some great successes some still classified. They were declassified in 1995 in the US. Gerald O'Donnell was involved in training Western field agents and special operatives in RV techniques which gave them the heightened abilities to sense danger ahead (probable future), and take appropriate defensive or evasive actions. This is still taught in special intelligence and highly secretive special operations units world wide. Many Masters of ancient martial arts  or Yogis employ and teach to their very advanced students similar techniques.
These same Remote Viewing methods have been adapted for kinder and more practical civilian use by Gerald O'Donnell, and are now presented for the greater benefit of each one of you, as part of humankind. Our Remote Viewing Training System teaches you to perceive anything located anyplace in space and time using potent techniques that go well beyond the regular protocols used by Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods as we teach our students to function in deep Theta brainwave states where they connect to data from the Universal Mind. With these protocols you will increase your intuitive abilities a thousand fold and perceive the many probable futures doorways that open themselves to you, so that you choose carefully and only engage with the ones which will present you with great security and gratification. In this increasingly unstable and often  chaotic  and violent world, learning this art can make all the difference to help you avoid sudden violent Geo-political, financial, and Mother nature related storms and help steer you towards  the brightest Probable Future presented to you!

Remote Influencing (RI) is an original term first introduced by our Academy in 1997  which we have openly taught since 2002  and refers to our very advanced pioneering Mind training technology, which transcends most other known methods and  allows one to function with full awareness in a Delta state of Mind, by which one can powerfully influence thoughts and consensual reality (manifest reality) by mind-power and inner High vibratory energy alone.

  Our Recently Released Enhanced Edition of The Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems

"My dear friends, as the recent evermore chaotic  worldwide events show, these techniques are not anymore a matter of curiosity, but a matter of sheer mental, spiritual, and physical survival. I know of nothing else that can help you navigate so successfully the very difficult times ahead. Please try them for a full 60 days, and if they do not change your whole perception of reality, you are free to return them for a complete refund. This is my gift to you - my legacy, if you will:  A practical and effective method of Ascension to a Higher Superior Human potential.  I really deeply care for you and our common uplifting, hoping for you to be here and experience the upcoming dawn of a new era of peace and harmony."

Gerald O'Donnell

Founder and President of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Reality and Thought

Please read the true testimonials sent by our thousands of worldwide students since 1997 about the incredible powerful feats they have achieved and which span all aspects of life, by learning to operate, with the help of our Higher mind-expansion training, at Higher and deeper levels of operations and Brain functioning.

About The ARVARI Academy

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) ARVARI (The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing) has over 100,000 satisfied trainees throughout almost every single country in the world. We are a well-established (1997) and on-going mind institute that provides on-line & telecommunication training and support to our students that continues indefinitely after the purchase of our courses. Our main goal is to show to as many individuals as possible how to access easily and effortlessly the Universal Mind. We were the first and only Remote Viewing Institute to reveal the connection between the Universal Mind and the Delta/Sleep (1-4 Hz) brain wave state. Our well-proven mind technology stabilizes our trainees' brain wave frequencies around the interface of  Delta at 4.5 CPS  (deepest Theta level) or deep within the Delta state with full waking awareness.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) As can be seen in our trainees' feedback sections, our students report great success at both Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, and are achieving a state of very high connection with their higher self. Both spatial and temporal remote viewing (targeting the past and the probable future) skills are easily attainable.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) A large proportion of trainees experience many spontaneous OOBE (out-of-body-experiences). Lucid dreaming is greatly enhanced. Intuition and high learning become second nature. Mind and body healing, commonplace.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) We have a large and faithful group of Stocks and Commodities traders and financial executives who use our technology to enhance their intuitive insight, attuning to markets, and nervous system well-being. They learn to operate at will in the "zone." Many use our RV techniques as their exclusive trading tool, or use it in conjunction with other technical trading tools as a filtering process. Many report a "great leap" in successful trading.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) A deep connection to nature and the wonders and beauty of Creation is a welcomed by-product.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) The level of daily stress and inner anxiety is always highly reduced, and an aura of calmness often pervades each trainee facing the ever-growing complexity of modern life.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Vibratory light techniques reprogram your higher self to attain higher levels of thoughts-awareness (increased IQ),  and allow you to explore with full awareness the level of Delta (mind awake as your body sleeps and is fully relaxed) and use it as a portal in order to project your mind to very high and creative levels of operations and reality manifestation: The Quantum state itself!


Gerald O'Donnell, founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing (RV) across Time and Space and Remote Influencing Reality (RI) trained during the 80's Western countries Special forces and Intel operatives in order to dramatically heighten their "inner intuitive faculties" so as to allow them to sense ahead potential dangerous situations or foresee general outcomes that they might encounter in their Probable Future (Remote Viewing & Sensing). They also were trained in the art of defusing many of these dangerous and untoward situations arising in their proximate personal Probable Futures either by avoiding them, deflecting them, neutralizing them, or, most powerfully, by changing in advance their outcome (Remote Influencing) using special energized mind powers. This is an powerful "ancient art" still taught in the Far East, Middle East, and now in many other countries to select advanced chosen individuals within secret schools by Masters and/or Mystics of the "inner worlds" - martial or otherwise. In the world of Intel/military secret operatives we find as of late in the US special Seals and Ranger forces undergoing similar training in order to acquire an acute sense of sensing ahead and viewing internally foreboding dangers and a laser-like far greater mind awareness.  Traditionally, mastery in these techniques used to take complex efforts, wows of secrecy, and many decades, if not almost a lifetime. Gerald recognized early on, that by applying hidden core unifying principles that he received Directly, one could train someone to become proficient at opening full communications with the "inner Super-Conscious Self"  in a record short time, and has made it his mission to bring this gift to the world at large for civilian-based applications, so that we all benefit from a Higher quantum orbit of human operations in this increasingly dangerous, unbalanced, and chaotic world that we all witness and experience as of late. Do train with our techniques and protocols which require ZERO effort, but the art of passive integration!   Read this site and its messages! You will never be the same afterward... It will transform and metamorphose you into a Higher format of Being! USE THE KNOWLEDGE...

Yes, we will teach you how you CAN powerfully Intuit your or anyone's "personal Probable Future" and "this world's  Probable Future" using up-to-now jealously guarded secretive methods that famous proven seers and prophets of old used centuries or millennia ago!

Because of the very High level from whence our information originates from, this training is light-years ahead of the data stream downloaded from one's own subconscious mind which are commonly taught or expressed by many so-called seers i.e. psychics worldwide. Our website extant since 1997 and the important predictions we made in our communications are a shining testimony to the incredible accuracy and power you all can attain if you use our presently openly disclosed mind-training methods. This mind technology has now been made available to mankind by the Highest level of Mind because it felt that it is sorely needed in this crucial period if we are to survive as a Creation and as a species.

Yes, you can and will learn to choose and manifest the "Best Path" ahead, using the Infinite Force and Intelligence you all carry within - mostly dormant and hidden for now," IF YOU LET US SHOW YOU HOW TO :

Open Your  Mind's DEEP INNER Portal by CONSCIOUSLY operating at the Deep Theta and even Deep Delta Brainwave States so that you Explore and Remain Fully Conscious inside your prior Sub-conscious Mind Realms and learn to Reprogram them Consciously!

Delta (1 to 4 cycles per seconds brainwaves) is the ULTIMATE MIND PORTAL. Accessing it with conscious  awareness is  your Probable Future as a fully AWAKENED Higher Being. Merging the conscious (earthly realm) and your prior sub-conscious Realms (so-called heavenly powers/energies and realms influencing your reality in the background) and operating both in balance with FULL AWARENESS and complete control & mastery is the KEY to INFINITE POWERS and Higher Intelligence and almost magical operations!

Instead of being a sheep-like being, always reacting to situations, convinced of the inevitability of fate, you will be the one in control of your destiny, your biology, and your probable future, and not hop around looking for strong leadership figures and institutions mainly set on confusing and controlling you, telling you what you are to do!

From a mere perceptual passenger in the biological vehicle of the trip of life, you will gladly transform to become the DRIVER of your reality! You will proudly take back control over your experiences and operate at a super-human (compared to the common human at this junction of time/space)! A new YOU gifted with a much higher stage of consciousness that is meant to be attained by eventually all other humans and their offspring.

You will learn to climb the only "True Ladder of Ascension" and vibrate strongly all your cells and consciousness using our original Divinely Created DNA program (Ladder of Ascension) which stores and mysteriously encodes within itself all the hidden operative dimensions and (for now) secrets of  Higher human formats and functions! You will become the new realized man/woman of the true new upcoming and so often heralded Golden era and let go of past restrictive and enslaving programs.

You will then become fully awakened and TRULY aware, and regain control over your "Deep Subconscious Realms" and let the "Force" be with and in you! You will end the slavery which your mind has been subjected to, as it and your biology has been increasingly and intensely opened to attempted "infiltration by foreign energies" who are consciously and very cunningly adept at "subjugating your subconscious mind" without your conscious knowledge! You will then repair the effects of painful past emotional scars, biological internal poisoning and siphoning of energies, and STOP your infernal cycle of dysfunctional tendencies!

We at ARVARI welcome you to fully and DIRECTLY experience for yourself the power of "True Infinite Creative Loving Intelligence and true Oneness," and train to thenceforth awaken, permanently, to the PURE Infinite Intelligent Force that you have within you as a hidden "pearl" and fully regain control over your Life, reaching levels that may seem miraculous to you and most others!

Why be just as human sheep hopping along movement dictated by mass consciousness and desperately seeking mainly external guidance and leadership filled with falsehoods from self-serving entities, when you can become the true shepherd of your life as you follow your INNER call and the deep ALL loving and intelligent inner guidance?

You were born with all that you need, true guidance and true power is but "within you, hidden for now!"  Realize this as you experience your Infinite Potential and stop being a passive spectator and follower of life-events as you  awaken to your inner powerful "Kingdom inside!"

Instead start driving the train of your life while your "inner core highly aware higher level soul/self" boosts your intuition a thousand fold gifting you to sense the PROBABLE FUTURE and all the possible roads available to choose from that are opening ahead of you. Learn to foresee their potential outcome, while you remain fully connected with the "Supreme Force Within" and energize your thoughts and choices with that Force, in order to become masterful in co-Creating reality....

On the cusp of a new world rising out of the cusp of major chaos, wake up to the super-human you were born to be - fully in possession of your highest Creative Force.

Train with the most advanced and truly indispensable mind expansion training available to help you navigate masterfully our increasingly turbulent era (we have accurately predicted mankind's Probable Future since 1997)! OPEN and learn to use and master the last and ultimate portal of the "Delta Level of Mind," the key to the infinite intelligence and power of Unity Consciousness!

Learn to collect information about any data point in your present time-line across Time and Space and to intuit automatically powerfully the most probable future awaiting yourself and humanity. Thousands of our students have learned to do so as our 1000's of Testimonials prove.

Gifted with this ability you will not walk blindly anymore on your life paths, but rather learn to choose better and safer ones for yourself and your loved ones!

In our times of heightened uncertainty, this will surely become your most precious acquired gateway to true success and ultimate security and peace.


The Bridge to Infinity is Here - Now!

The transition might seem difficult and hazardous but the reward is glorious! 

Because of the fast-paced increase in events causing heighten global insecurity in our world, which is about to take in 2017 and beyond an intense dramatic turn, as perceptually terminal chaos and conflicts engulf evermore all endeavors and countries, we are making a very special offer:

Gift yourself and your dear cherished ones a TRUE LIFE-CHANGING and potentially LIFE-SAVING present which will permanently change you so that you can engage in and participate in the GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT ahead and cross the "Bridge" which will open then for you to pass over our troubled living waters and remain in the protective Peace of the Force of One!

Tens of thousands of our world-wide students have already experienced its power and deep trans-formative effects (see our thousands of testimonials).

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We we teach you to easily Connect Directly with the Divine Creative Principle You Carry Within (the Collective Unconscious or Universal Mind) & Masterfully Manifest Every Desire & Whim into Physical Reality! 

In 1997 Our Academy was the first Mind Institute World Wide to introduce to the world the brainwave Deep Theta Training and to fully explain rationally why reaching that state of Deep Mind and following our training protocols allow for very Powerful Feats of Manifestation and Remote Viewing. The Explanation as to why Thought Influences Material Reality (the real bridge between Mind and Matter) was for the first time ever fully revealed on our website. The location of the Universal Mind was revealed and explained in scientific terms.

 In 2002 we crossed another Pioneering Milestone and introduced our Advanced Remote Influencing training allowing our students to operate with full conscious awareness from the Delta Brain Level of Mind (your usual deep sleep level). We are still the only mind development institute in the world to train our students to consciously enter the portal of Deep Delta and operate through it. It does take very advanced Yogis decades of training in order to reach that very same state of hyper Higher awareness ( they call it Yogi sleep) and with our techniques you can achieve the same in 6 weeks or even less. This Creational tool allows you to merge & communicate with Infinite Intelligence & Remote Influence (co-Create) reality at exceptionally profound levels, achieving what could be perceived to be super-human feats and powers.

At the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote influencing, you will discover how to: 

-  Effortlessly use the Deep Theta brain state, to access information across all dimensions, time & space (Remote Viewing) by connecting directly to the QUANTUM DATA BACKGROUND to what we perceive as time/space reality --  a domain which science has proven is a field of pure information and programs, with no time or space attached to it, and where all particles or other energized bodies are entangled and information crosses instantly everywhere and  covers all times,  since that field of pre-Creation of so-called material Reality operates based on pure information and the focus of conscious thought/consciousness of its participants/entities. You'll no longer be limited by your terrestrial self, but rather, will communicate with your higher self (soul) outside of the restrictions of the perceptions of time/space. You'll gain insight into your probable future & the workings of the universe, leading to security, wisdom, & inner-peace.

-  Consciously use the Deep Delta brain state as your portal to the Creator's dimension & powerfully influence (Remote Influencing) & manifest the life, mind, body & world of your dreams. This is possible beyond your wildest imaginings!

We have been teaching our beloved students to powerfully bring into creation their deepest desires for over 15 years.  

Our Academy of Remote Viewing has been teaching Remote Viewing techniques since 1997 through the web (one of the first 6 sites addressing Remote Viewing methods in 1997). We were the first institute worldwide to teach students how to reach the deep Theta brain level in order to receive information from the Universal Collective Mind. The applications are innumerable. In 2002 we introduced the Remote Influencing advanced course, which allows students to reach with full-consciousness the Deep Delta brain levels and Influence Reality (Manifest Reality) from the level of the very High energy and awareness of the One Sourcing Mind of ALL. These courses are highly trans-formative and bring one's consciousness into a level Of Oneness with ALL.  On our website we offer many interviews, teachings, and messages covering our probable future as humanity especially regarding the period until 2019.

Our Mind Development Tools & Teachings are acclaimed to be the most powerful ones available on the planet today. The countless testimonials on our site have been newly categorized by subject. They are living proof as to the deeply trans-formative nature of our training & the wide gamut of results that can be achieved across all spectra of life. Tap into an infinite stream of life-changing power, awakening your deepest self & becoming the architect who builds the life of your dreams. To begin your trans-formative journey today, visit our website and discover this incredible trans-formative process.



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Flash January 1, 2017: Important Message about our probable Future as a Creation for 2017 and Beyond...

Flash, July 17, 2016: Urgent Message from Gerald O'Donnell: A Plea for Sanity!  Read Here

Latest message New Year 2016 about our probable future...

Flash December 3, 2015. Patrick Timpone, One Radio network, TX, interviewed Gerald O'Donnell. Listen HERE

Flash: Important message from the One and Only. September 23, 2015 click here.

Recent News: On March 11, 2014 our Academy of Remote Viewing Reality issued an important alert and message two days after a Malaysian wide-body Boeing 777 airliner MH 370 disappeared. In this urgent communication, we stated that the plane would never be found again and gave the reason for its total disappearance without any trace in "thin air."  Such an event had never happened yet in our modern times, especially considering that all air traffic is fully monitored electronically and digitally for air safety and national security purposes using highly sophisticated electronic communications, spying satellite and radar monitoring devices. If anything was "supernatural," this indeed should be categorized as such...No amount of denial will help stop what is already engaged...
We were and still are the only ones in this world to have foreseen so early after the "event" the extraordinary vanishing, and
most importantly to have explained the lesson contained in it; a lesson which needs to become integrated by each and every one of us, because time is really short for our human family to truly evolve before major events like this and much more start occurring. We all need to embrace a new and beautiful way of Being and acting. We owe it to ourselves and our common fate and future.

So please stay in touch with us, for we bring you since 1997 news and knowledge you will not find anywhere else about our PROBABLE FUTURE as humanity and try to guide you as best as we can.

To read this article please click here

To listen to an Radio Interview Gerald O'Donnell gave on March 18th, 2014 about this event and many more predictions about our probable future: click here


Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  You are, like everyone else, suffering in this "wired world" from Information Overload, most of it is junk, toxic, and misleading. Uncertainty and confusion is oppressing you!
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  As a reaction, you now display an attention deficit syndrome: you are constantly impatient and on edge!
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  Conflicting information and chaos are overwhelming you, exponentially so. You feel increasingly anxious and out of control. Fake friends, stories, and teachings abound. Disinformation has become the norm, often spread by astute manipulative depraved self-serving and disempowering entities.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  The internet and printed media is overflowing with information, most of it distorted, often meant to take your power away and put you into disabling fear-mode.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  We understand this and feel for you. But please read at least this page.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  Even if you never, acquire anything from us, we guarantee that the information below will change your whole life and view on everything.  Just by reading and integrating it, you will be on your way to learning the ultimate manifestation skills.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  With it, you will remain forever in the calm EYE of any storm raging around you and acquire super-human skills! Many already have, as over 70 Thousands of our Students have Experienced since 1997
Check our Mind-Blowing testimonials Dating back to 1997).
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  This information and our teachings will show and prove to you - scientifically - that you were and are still spirit/vibratory Light Intelligent Energy walking the mind field of "matter."
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  It will Explain to you how YOU hold  within yourself the key to the Infinite Power to co-Create (manifest) your life: here and now!
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  Everybody talks about the power of positive thinking and imagination (Manifestation and so-called "Law of Attraction Principles") but
NO ONE truly fully explained in depth its real mechanisms and WHY self-reflective energized Thought (i.e. consciousness) immediately affects  physical reality across all time and space, until WE DID SO since 1997.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  We'll show you golden ways to bring back "Pure Magic" in your lives and great inner and outer peace during these very challenging chaotic times where most descend into survival/fear mode and lose their inner connection to the ultimate power and their sense of inner Peace!

 YOU ARE STRONGLY INVITED TO DOWNLOAD FREE OF CHARGE THE FOUNDATION TO OUR TEACHINGS : The Most Powerful Information EVER Revealed on the UNITY of MIND and MATTER, and the True Unified Field Reality and the reason; WHY MIND CAN AND DOES INFLUENCE MATTER, be it your biology or much more!   Yes, the technique is simple and free of rituals, does not require or requiring physical substances or technologies, and joining secret "elitists'" organizations or government programs and wow to keep it all  hidden from the masses.  You all were born with it, you all carry It, as long as you exist. You just need to make it "revealed!" Because of the seriousness we attach to the turbulent times and situations we are all experiencing in Creation, we have decided to make our newest version of our e-book "The Secrets Of Remote Influencing Reality Revealed" available to all.
"The Secrets of Remote Influencing Reality Revealed E-Book"    click here 

In it you will find:

  1. Why mind can and does influence our biology, as the placebo effect shows, and the field of Epigenetics has proven.

  2. Why deep states of energized mind are key to healing and influencing one's self and others.

  3. You will learn that true Light is not the light we see which is but on type of reflective light that is projected for us so that matter takes on reality, but rather Intelligent Light is but vibratory Light particles which we do not yet  perceive

  4. Why Mind/Consciousness is key to the reality of our perception of matter states as modern quantum Physics has proven both theoretically and experimentally. 

  5. Why time and space can be easily instantaneously bridged by mind far beyond the speed of Light as the Aspect experiment has shown and the quantum entanglement proven. You will learn why you can Remote View any point on this planet and beyond, and sense the Probable Future and/or even the past.

  6. What is the real function of your brain and why Brainwave states, which increase the outer penetration of Theta and Delta waves by putting the cortex region dormant, are key to reaching portals of new dimensional operations.

  7. You will understand how you mind is not restricted by Space and time and how truly powerful it is when you come to that realization. And much more.... Here is again the download link

And To Sample Our Courses  Click here to listen

In These Increasingly Troubled Times What if You Could Rapidly get Answers to and Learn:

  • What world situations will affect me soon? 

  • Where will I most probably be in 1, 2 or more years? 

  • How do I change and improve my life situation 

  • How do I strongly intuit and influence my future and the reality of loved ones? 

  • What are the real intentions of a person or group I am dealing with? 

  • What is the best way to deal with a person or group and influence it to a harmonious outcome? 

  • How do I attain inner peace, no matter what unsettling situation is "thrown" at me? 

  • How do I avoid future "crisis" spots and events? 

  • Where will the real estate or any financial market be this and next years? 

  • Should I buy or sell a certain investment? 

  • Should I engage in, or pursue, a relationship? 

  • Should I participate in a new career move, business, or situation? 

  • How do I learn to remain in the calm and peaceful "eye" of present and future life hurricanes, no matter how strong the swirling storm is around me? 

  • How do I quickly "heal" physical, mental, or spiritual dis-eases afflicting me or my loved ones, and restore balance to what has been unbalanced? 

  • How do I "know" that I am always "protected" and project this contagious "positive" attitude around me? 

  • How do I keep myself energized, young at heart, spirit, and body for as long as I desire? 

  • And so much more....

What People Are Saying About Our Training...


See Hundreds More Testimonials listed under Categories

"What happened on Monday 11th October was truly amazing!

 I fell backwards and landed on a concrete step on my left arm. The bone in my arm snapped immediately in half, right above my elbow. My elbow twisted and was pointing towards my stomach, and the  back of my hand hit myself in the face. My arm was completely broken and mangled... 

When I got to the hospital they gave me an IV and a pain killer. The pain killer made me groggy, and I decided to try to go into Delta and try to manifest a healing... I definitely went into Delta and commanded a healing... A doctor came in shortly and took x-rays.... 

They came back in looking kind of perplexed told me that my arm was not broken. I exclaimed "What! I saw the bone break and it was bulging out of the back of my arm!" The doctor leaned over and whispered to me: "We don't know what happened but your bone isn't broken anymore." He did not know what to say.... 

I went back to work the next morning and nobody could believe it! 

I am so thankful for Gerald's course." 

Paul Franceus

"Greetings to you and the academy from Germany.  

You have changed my life. I bought the combination RV/RI courses in February 2008. I went through your courses many times, repeating them over and over. Each time I did this, I became better at both RV and RI. I had previously done other mind improvement systems, attended many seminars here in Germany and all over the world but nothing even came close to what your courses offer. The material is awesome! I have told many about your profound methodology. I am really hooked on the CDs. They have totally transformed me. Many beautiful events have happened in my life since receiving your training. Synchronicities happen all the time around me. I can feel when they do, as they have this almost "unreal quality" about them. I feel very happy and bathed in light energy.  People feel this and smile at me. They feel my happiness.  I feel and look maybe 10 years younger, have great stamina, my mind is sharper than when I was a youngster (I am 48 now) and I feel this inner peace and happiness.  I have healed myself of a chronic painful back injury I received while skiing in my 20s in the Austrian Alps which degenerated into discs problems and compression of the spinal cord. This and the subsequent arthritis had plagued my life for so long. It is all gone now thanks to your courses. I am pain free and returned to a full exercise schedule.

I had a profound experience while listening to RI CD7 which left me
bathed in brilliant golden light. That is when the healing occurred and I have not been the same ever since. Thank you for making all this possible. 


Now listen to this! (I have debated much whether you should publish this as I do not wish to become 'famous' for privacy reasons, or flooded with emails) : I won the Lotto here in Germany 2 weeks ago! I am receiving a very large sum soon! I always play here the lotto each week.

Every week twice a week, I buy a single ticket to the drawing. Since taking your courses I have used the following method. I use the RV skills I have learned to feel, sense and view the numbers in advance. Most importantly I used the manifesting skills developed in your remote influencing course to convince my subconscious that I would win.
I often used the "diamond body"ť technique to do this and see my new self happy and successful.  I used many of your RI techniques to energize that event. They are incredibly powerful. I always feel gigantic energy in me while I am listening to the CDs and it stays with me with a little lesser intensity during the day. This inner light energy allows me to energize my thoughts is such a powerful manner. Many events that I Remote influenced last year did later happen. I guess this made me more confident about my skills. As you suggested in the course I did not attach any fixed time to my success but rather concentrated in convincing my subconscious that this had already happened. I was doing this in Delta and would reinforce it at times while doing lucid dreaming as you teach us. I have learned to feel vibrations of light and I used to focus that energy to my subconscious mind as I was listening to your training and visualizing what I wanted my life to be like.

Well nothing really happened for over a year. I kept Remote Influencing success at the lotto , but did not give it that much thought. I never gave up nor doubted.


One day 2 weeks ago I went to a Delta state and asked for guidance on the drawing. Suddenly 6 numbers appeared in my mind. They were like dancing numbers with flecks (specks?) of gold around them. I immediately wrote them down. The vision had this sense of being both unreal, almost plastic, as if I could almost touch these numbers in my mind. I felt very calm about it. Somehow I knew that this was special and that I had received this information from a level of High Mind.  


I bought the ticket and imagine my face when I watched the drawing on TV.

You know Mr. O’Donnell, I know now that anything is possible, but more than the money it is the difference I can make in this planet by RI a better world  that makes me so happy!

I thank you from all of my heart for your wonderful courses.

Your indebted student for life". 

Hans Peter R


"...You must seek it out, chase it down, do what you must to get the courses and do them, and come to life like the diamond of consciousness that you are - in truth. Wake up to the magnificence of who you truly are: L-O-V-E... and you will be home with GOD in a life that never ends.

If only there were words infinitely more powerful than Thank You. Gratitude is so deeply filling all of me. From me to you, THANK YOU.

Light and Love."
Angel Goodson-Adams

Dear Gerald,
Thank you! I am seeing a tremendous increase in many abilities.. especially manifestation abilities. (I must be careful what I think about). Lucid dreaming occurs regularly along with fairly accurate psychic and sensing abilities...Many people have commented on the light surrounding and emanating from my being.

You were correct when you stated that the 2nd time through the program would result in quantum changes!!

Thank you for this incredible work! It has been an awesome journey.

Linda Wheatley, Ph.D., R.T. (R)(MR)Chair, Radiologic Technology Program.
Assistant Professor, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

"I am a Remote Viewing trainee, and in addition, placed an order for your new Remote Influencing course. I've used your techniques in my everyday life. I seem to know the answers to tests that I take, know the feelings of others around me, and know the choices I should make. But my favorite pastime is traveling through time and space. I've got a vivid imagination which makes it even more fun. Above all I thank you for all that you are doing.
Yours Truly, Matt

Matt Gray"

"These courses have changed my life.

I ordered the first course about two or three years ago, and the RI 3 months ago. The courses are great. It seems, after taking these courses, that my mind was unlocked, I have been able to see things more clearly, my memory is a lot better, they are the greatest stress reliever on earth, and I perceive things before they happen.

These courses have changed my life.

Thank you

Laurie Broad Jr."

I hit the royal flush five times...

"Every Friday for the past 6 weeks I have gone to a casino that is near me. I play the triple play jacks or better poker machine. I RI every time just before I go that I will (have) hit the royal flush. The payout is $4,000.00. 5 times I have hit it, and on the 6th time it actually dealt me the royal flush which means it is on all 3 hands for a total of $12,000.00. So far the total of 6 trips is $32,000.00. Even as I drive to the casino, I SEE IT, FEEL IT, TASTE IT, BREATH IT.

I actually see the woman coming to the machine to pay me in my mind. It has been the same lady for 5 of the times. She is more amazed then I am about it.

Happy thoughts."

John Hunter

Dear Gerald:

I've been listening to your material for 7 years while practicing chiropractic medicine. I technically died in a hospital in 2004. I am now feeling & looking younger, more aware, see auras...

I am literally tuning back into being here on earth. I've been allowed to see the freedom that I always had!

I am trading commodities effortlessly.

Love and Light to you.

Thank you.

Dr James Wesley, Dr. in Chiropractic Medicine and Biologist.


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1000's of  REAL testimonials since 1997 of individuals who for instance:

  1. Healed themselves and loved ones of many ills.

  2. Avoided very dangerous situation by getting direct warnings from Higher Intelligence.

  3. Increased exponentially their inner intuition which then allowed them to be successful at trading many financial instruments, won large international lotto prices, had success in gambling situations, and chose happy paths.

  4. Entered a state of flow and happiness, manifesting their most desired path.

  5. Became successful in professional, educational, and love endeavors.

  6. Manifested employment, increased sales and charisma.

  7. Changed their bodily image by thought alone and rejuvenated their biology and appearance.

  8. Got rid of dangerous addictions.

  9. Read people's thoughts and sensed probable situations in advance.

  10. Influenced positively others and situations.

  11. Had profound life-changing spiritual High experiences with Divine Light
    and were permanently transformed.

  12. Had out-of-body experiences, astral journeys, bi-locations, lucid dreams,
    and visited situation in our present, past, and probable future.

  13. And so many more... Read their testimonials from 1997 up to today! Click Here

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) How would you like to be able at any time to sense/preview all possible destinies available to you and then use thoughts energized with high inner Light in order to powerfully bring the future YOU choose in the life you will experience?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Would you like to directly experience an extremely high and illuminated level of YOUR OWN mind where all that IS possible can be created and  then manifested for you at any time?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Many of you have seen the movies "The Matrix" "what the Bleep do we know?" "The Secret" and  studied the "Law of Attraction". You read numerous books, and attended many seminars on motivational and positive thought techniques. Yet, how many of you have actually ever been able to achieve real permanent success and radical changes in your lives? Manifestation techniques have been the companion of mankind for eons, yet success has been far and few between. Why is that?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) What is then the missing ingredient for inner and outer transformation?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Throw most books out. Unclog your mind and discard your old luggage, and start experiencing directly the greater One Self within you: your inner infinite power.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) This is where we would love to join you and help you experience all that we speak of.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) This is when you realize that all the myriads of books and teachings cannot do what direct experience will. Learn Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing reality through thought-power alone!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Our advanced remote sensing of probable future events has become critical to surviving and flourishing in the first 19 years of the "2000 Millennium disturbances."  This invaluable mind technology allows our students to Remote View in advance any probable future events and learn to Remote Influence their personal reality in order to be surrounded by serenity, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) This easily applied body of powerful creative methods will bring you to a state where you can:

 Become a Remote Viewer and Powerful Influencer of Reality

 Watch your Life and the Lives of Loved Ones Radically Change for the Better!

 Unleash your Higher Mind Potentials! 

The Real "Secret"
The Simple but Powerful Secret to Freedom Is Already Within You
 The Real Secret is Connecting to It

Sounds really far-fetched?

How do we train you to achieve what, for now, may seem to you to be supernatural feats?

Quite simple in fact. Please bear with us. We are about to openly disclose now to you the "secret" behind "The Secret" of manifesting reality, thought-to-thought "co-incidences " and "synchronicities." You are about to fully understand the real simple underlying secret, which you carry live within you from birth, about your ability to apply the law of "magnetically charging and attracting reality" which is the final unifying frontier of mind & matter.

In July 1998 we wrote a revolutionary article,
still posted on our site, explaining the location of the Mysterious Universal Mind (collective unconscious) of psychoanalysts, quantum physicists, mystics and spiritual believers. We stated that we, as humans, can all connect to this Gigantic Mind unifying all of us across time/space and far beyond, and that we ALL do so every night as we quiet down greatly our individual linear thinking minds and enter the mind area of unconscious sleep.

We contend that all minds are connected to a Gigantic Cosmic Mind called by psychoanalysts and psychologists the collective unconscious. Only unconscious until now, for our goal is to bring it to conscious awareness. This Cosmic Mind goes well beyond the level of the collective unconscious of man as it operates also the natural and biological world and much more as is explained on our site.  It is Infinite Intelligence Itself. It is non-linear in nature, but allows for linear processes to operate within Its Infinite Self.

In the sleep state ALL human beings rest as their brain centered linear-thinking-mind lowers its electrical activity to below 4 cycles per second. The brain is then only vibrating at a low hum and stops filtering in awareness the Higher Mind and overlaying it with our own thoughts.  At that level of quiet and barely active linear mind we are entering the Universal Mind and lose our individual consciousness (we go into unconscious sleep).

From Wartime Intelligence to Infinite Intelligence

In 1996, as the cold war died down many teams of highly specialized former psychotronic military and intelligence agents came out in the open in the US and in both Western and Eastern Europe and started to disclose the operation of mind-to-events and mind-to-mind covert operations in which they had been involved

In the dark era of paranoid psy warfare between the Western and the Eastern block, very sophisticated and brilliant scientific minds had been gathered in the West in order to breach the ultimate frontier of mind/matter and affect mind-to-event viewing (Remote Viewing and Sensing which means the ability to view/sense remote events and remote locations in the screen of your own mind) and try to increase our ability to Remotely Influence present or future events (life manifestation) and people (telepathy) through mind power alone. Much technological gadgetry was tried and sometimes used.

The "secret" of manifestation was being applied in a twisted manner, as it happens with most of man's illusory temporal dreams for conquest and power.

Nevertheless, great strides were at the same time being achieved, and success was noted and recorded, although much of it is still classified. All Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing operatives' successes were carefully monitored and recorded using highly sophisticated scientific devices.

Many different and then classified training protocols and modalities were devised in secret government labs and implemented in inducing more or less successfully these supermind states and feats.

One particular event noted as an interesting by-product of successful remote viewing was the fact that remote viewers would usually show on brain encephalographic electrical-brainwave recording machines a pattern of theta slow waves (4 to 7 cycles per second usually indicative of a very relaxed and quiet mind state) while successfully remote viewing distant targets or remote influencing events. Nothing much was made out of it in the US as most scientists were bent on finding and detecting "physical" external mind waves in the ether and not looking inside of each of us.

Major General Stubbelbine (ret.), former head of US Army intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) stated in one of his recorded speeches at an event sponsored by the International Association for New Science, Denver, Colorado, May 22-25, 1992. (In response to a question about the mental state of military intelligence remote viewers during Intelligence Gathering Remote Viewing Sessions)

  "Completely passive, totally passive, obviously, as a state of mind, the individual's state of mind, heavily Theta. For those of you who understand brain waves, it's a Theta brain wave state of mind that they are in. We've actually measured some of them and they are very heavy in the Theta brain wave arena, but it is totally passive as far as I can tell, there is no active instrument other than the mind that is accessing the information."     ". . . The second thing is, do they go into a trance? Well, I think mentioned we measured some of them and they are in a Theta brain wave state."

In 1995 a small group of former viewers started to operate in the public arena as the CIA and DIA declassified most of its Remote Viewing information to the general public.

William Ross Adey, M.D. 1922-2004, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Los Angeles, wrote in the 50's about the relationship between the deep Theta state 4.5 cps and the ability to Remote Influence others. In his pioneering work, Dr. Ross Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field. By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects. Although he used physical protocols (microwave radiations) to induce such a state and achieved results, he never could really give an explanation as to WHY this deep meditative brain state and its associated physiological brainwave state were needed to achieve success.

Although the deep Theta phenomenon was scientifically recorded and duplicated, no one gave a logical and coherent explanation as to why this stage of mind epiphenomenally associated with 4.5 CPS brainwaves was inducing such extra-ordinary mental abilities.

For until now, few have really understood and especially integrated the fact that we are still, at a very deep level of mind, the collective unconscious which, as a subpart of the Universal One, takes care of ALL of humanity at once.

Unleash the High Mind's Power within You
 The Real Secret Behind the Mind's Frontier

In 1997 many former Western psy operatives and scientists were now sharing some insight on the recently declassified very mechanical protocols favored by the intelligence establishment. Many news organizations, radio shows, and TV documentaries extensively reported on what appeared to the general public to be a very exotic topic formerly reserved to the realm of science fiction and X-Files shows

We then came out also in the open, and revealed in 1997 a totally different approach. We openly declared that the "secret" to Remote Viewing lies in the ability of successfully positioning one's mind at the border of sleep in a very deep Theta 4.5 cycle per second brain state. At that level of reduced brainwave activity the 'conscious' human mind can access information originating from the Cosmic Collective Unconscious Mind. Our Remote Viewing course trains anyone to do so.

We were also the first mind science institute ever to push the mind frontier further and introduce in 2002 Remote Influencing training protocols which allow any trainee to enter with FULL AWARENESS (remaining aware) the sleep state (Delta state with brainwaves below 4 Hz) for advanced Remote Viewing and powerful Remote Influencing.

At that level of mind operation, one merges the sleeping world (Universal mind) and the waking world as one stays awake and conscious while one's body rests and sleeps.

We and many very advanced mind labs have shown that the brain - man's electrical thought expression machine, operates above and superimposes over a much deeper and far more intelligent and wiser Greater Reality: The Universal One Mind. It is by learning to quiet down as much a possible our electrical brain electrical frequency while still remaining aware that we can connect to that interconnected reality which links all things and beings, and learn to collect information and Influence perceptually disconnected realities through Its linking processes.

More than just writing and speculating about this, we taught our students how to easily reach on command these very states of mind using very powerful and effective training protocols.

The revelation of this inner portal to Higher Mind which we all carry became our goal, and we knew that nothing we said could prove it short of directly experiencing it by our trainees.

In 1997 there were only 7 sites worldwide speaking of Remote Viewing, including ours. We were the first Remote Viewing institute to introduce the term "Remote Influencing," speak about it and explain it. Today millions exist and more spring out in the open as we write.

We also wrote that the lower and very deep unconscious state of our brain was the domain of the Unifying Mind of ALL of mankind: The level of One, and that at that level we were entering the deep mysterious Spiritual level of the Universal Mind, which we all revisit every night and permanently do so when we re-enter It at perceptual death. We are all individual expressions of It.

The response from the former military and intelligence community was to first scoff at such a notion, since this notion of the Unity of all men was very difficult for them to swallow. Why provoke peace when conflict is what you are all about?

Soon enough, nevertheless, many mind level organizations seeing experimentally that a theta brain state was synonymous with supposed "psychic" powers were training many, often using special sound or light techniques to achieve the theta state of relaxed mind.

Many mind institutes only used sound techniques (holosync and binaural) which although effective in putting you in the theta state (delta cannot be reached by sound/light techniques alone as you would automatically fall asleep) did not instruct as to what to do as you went there. Many individuals seeking Higher Mind powers were left in limbo.

None of these institutes really explained and revealed then why theta or delta mind states allowed one to access these very powerful inner mind states, for such a simple but powerful realization was outside of their inner programming. Later on, many did indeed reproduce the information we had posted in 1998.

What is the use in putting you in a Higher State of mind, and not guiding you as to what it is, how to really operate at that level, how to explore it and make use of it?

What use is it to guide you to a new operating system of mind levels and not gift you its owner's manual?

It is as if you would be put in a sport's stadium with a ball, and not taught extensively how to play the game and guided through the training process.

Awaken to "Sleep"
 and Stop Being "Asleep" while Awake

We, at ARVARI, make use of very sophisticated sound techniques in our sessions in order to help induce these very deep states of mind. In addition, however, we guide you very closely using very effective field-proven techniques into realms which up to now had been reserved to operate below your conscious awareness (sub-conscious).

Around 2001-2002, Theta and later Delta became a fashionable buzz and many teaching organizations joined the bandwagon.

Although many spoke about Theta and Delta states, very few really understood their real meaning and profound implications.

These mind states have, in reality, nothing to do with brain active states, but rather have to do with the potential to reduce the interference of our restricted brain thinking upon the immense underlying reality of the Cosmic Mind in which we all bask. It is in the passivity of our brain that the Activity of our common Cosmic Higher Intelligence is revealed. Deeper state of Mind can only be induced by reducing the activity and frequency of our electrical brain and allowing therefore for a heightened awareness of a deeper and much more profound underlying Mind reality hiding WITHIN each and everyone of us.

It is by quieting the Artificial Intelligence-like very restricted intellectual mind chatter of our linear electrical brain that we allow for the Infinite Light Intelligence deeper within to reveal Itself.

The "message" was starting to spread and even former Governmental US remote viewers started to reluctantly recognize that a Theta state was a nice pre-induction state to be in order to help induce a flow of information regarding a particular target.

Our approach has always been that no amount of learning or books will ever replace direct personal experience and this is what made our system of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses unique and very powerful.

We had written extensively about the Universal One Mind, but it was now time to allow any and every one to experience it for themselves. It was time to train many into experiencing at the very least the borderline areas of this Gigantic Infinite Mind: a level of much Higher perception and operation.

It was time for sleeping-man walking the awake state of human mind to really awaken to its sleeping dormant and glorious hidden nature.

Soon enough, in 2002, we presented a training protocol (Remote Influencing course) which allowed anyone to enter with full consciousness (individual awareness) a state of mind usually reserved to the unconscious "sleep" area of Mind (Delta: electrical brainwaves of 1 to 4 cycles per second).

Up to then this state of mental awakening to the Universal Mind of mankind has only been achieved by advanced mediators, yogi masters, and mystics who had undergone decades of very intensive mind training.

The average individual had no idea of these states and could never dream of directly experiencing them. This was relegated to the realm of the mystics, the illuminated few, spiritual giants, or naturally paranormally gifted individuals.

A great many of our students started experiencing DIRECTLY these illuminated states of Being and connecting to The ONE UNIVERSAL MIND.

Our Trainees' Feedback is
A Living Testimony to this Phenomenon

ANYONE could therefore now, using very simple guidance and protocols experience for one's self the illuminated states of Being which up-to-now had only been the domain of a restricted few.

This level of connection using the portal of the deep Universal level of mind of Delta which anyone alive experiences - usually in an unconscious state- as they sleep, was now being open to every human being, no matter who he/she was and what his/her background or mental capacities were.

The "unifying Unity field" between all human entities had been found, and it was and will remain, forever so, within all of us. No exception there.

We were only rediscovering what had always been there for us to find.

The "secret" had been exposed, and once the Secret's Box opened, nothing could close it again. No group or institution could ever silence it again, as had been the case throughout the ages. No spiritual or man-made hierarchy could ever block us from what we all carry within: The One Universal Mind.

Many, at first did not realize the far reaching reality and potential impact of what was being achieved. They could not understand The One.

Only the ones who had experienced consciously what they experience un-consciously every night, could understand and trust in their unlimited powers to manifest.

Our Training Protocols: "The Secret Experienced"

Our Remote Viewing course teaches you to connect to the Universal Mind for informational purposes (Remote Viewing) by positioning your awareness right at the border of the sleep state (deep theta 4.5 cycles per second brainwave state) and remaining aware and stable in it without sinking into un-consciousness. In it we train you to remote view/sense events happening across space and time. You can view/intuit events happening right now, or past ones. And you can also intuit events that are highly probable in the future (probable future) which is as yet not definitely crystallized as we all have free will to co-create (influence) reality to some degree.

Our Remote Influencing course teaches you to slow down you brain chatter and linear mind to a degree large enough (deep Delta level of mind i.e. electrical brainwaves below 4 vibrations per seconds formerly reserved to the domain of sleep) to bring forth into the foreground of your conscious awareness the level of the collective (formerly unconscious) non-linear Mind (which mankind usually refers to as spirit, Higher Intelligence, Higher guidance, collective unconscious, or whatever nomenclature it prefers). In this very advanced mind training protocol we train you to operate at this level of  Higher awareness in order to powerfully manifest and co-create reality from that level of inter-connectedness with Higher Mind.  You then get a feeling of Oneness and connectedness to all creatures and Creation. As you become aware of the Collective Higher Mind (usually operating as a background field to all of  humanity until we came along and presented this ground-breaking mind training protocol which brings it to the foreground of awareness) you can then operate from this higher quanta level of being, master advanced remote viewing abilities and powerfully manifest/influence reality / thought. You then co-Create consciously from within the Higher Intelligence Field. What used to be considered para-normal becomes henceforth "normal" as you advance into a higher state of "being" and operation, as is your birthright. You learn to operate "the law of magnetic attraction" by actually being within the formerly hidden Underlying Infinite Cosmic Manifesting Mind. The laws and operations of Higher Mind are revealed and experienced.

Overcoming Fears:
Erasing Emotional and Spiritual Scars

A most important aspect of our training and one which MUST be undertaken with our teachings is in helping you overcome your past and present fears. We help you reprogram you inner mind to only think of future situations which you desire to manifest, instead of being stuck, as most humans are into revisiting old painful memories and therefore keeping alive and energizing old thought and life patterns.

This is the defect in man: The obsession in revisiting past stories and therefore repeating them as they become hence highly energized.

Many of our mental health professionals have, unknowingly so, encouraged such, as they keep digging up into awareness painful past stories, memories, and fearful events, therefore energizing them.

We do teach you, using the medium of inner vibratory light which you are made to experience, techniques to transmute in bulk old mental, emotional, and spiritual scars.

Without this very important inner cleansing you cannot successfully and should really not enter the highly Creative and powerful levels of the One Mind.

We do guide you through this purifying of mind and new patterning process onto positive and pure desired realities.

After this you will surf joyfully through the waves of life and not sink anymore.
In our courses we teach you to experience and use the reality of vibratory light in order to manifest your reality.

This is very different from the run-of-the-mill mind courses.

Do you realize that you have never left the One Universal Mind? That it is in you, and you in it?

Do you realize that if you experience deeply within you this very Truth, you will be changed forever and powerfully so by the power of The One?

Do you realize how easy it is?

Do you realize that you do it every single night of unconscious behavior?

Do you realize that it is time to bring light into your night and understand who you really are and how and why you are here, no matter what others say about you or think of you?

This is what we came here to teach:

The power to sense in advance all the possible and highly probable futures you can choose from, as your free-will allows it to.

The ability to powerfully influence reality and thought from the level of you being operating at the level of the deep inner Universal Mind who connects all beings and events: the ultimate frontier and power for the manifestation of thought.

We can only show you the way, it is up to you to open the door and experience the "One Mind" operating from deep within you and revealing Itself as the quiet Loving little voice within.


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Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) You can use Remote Viewing to sense health problems and then take corrective action — with Remote Influencing — to restore perfect health for yourself and others.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) With Remote Influencing, you help complement doctors' efforts by working from the inside of your subconscious mind and  powerfully thinking yourself and others healthy! You can even reshape your body image and easily attain by mind power alone your perfect and desirable weight and shape. Since all your body cells are replenished and recreated every 7 years (20 days for your skin) you can Remote Influence you morphogenic fields to recreate better, younger, and more pleasant body structures and skin complexion. Do not forget that your body is the temple for your spirit and that keeping it vibrant, healthy, energized and young-looking is essential and a living proof of successful mind/consciousness expansion!


Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  Remote Viewing your relationships and foresee potential problems before they develop. You then see the other person's real desires and needs, and can sense barriers. This allows you to respond appropriately. You then know the best way to improve your love life and relationships.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  Use Remote Influencing to magnetically attract a  partner or perfect soul mate, improve your love life, and create happiness. Remote Influencing allows you to connect to that person on a deeper level and  help bring about permanent changes that will establish deep rapport, and then be able to intensely take pleasure in your relationship for the mutual joy and benefit of both.  Remote View your children to see what they are doing, and then Remote Influence them BEFORE someone else influences them - the wrong way!


Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Study and memorize any material while being in a Theta Brainwave state,  and experience hyper concentration and accelerated learning abilities. Use Remote Viewing to intuit what test subjects might be asked of you. Remote Influence your success at easily achieving the highest grades and attaining  impressive academic credentials.

Career and Business
 Get Job and Financial Security

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Remote View a better job, then use Remote Influencing to get hired.  Remote Influence a promotion or raise. Remote View the job interview before being interviewed and know beforehand the needs and wants of the company, then use Remote Influencing to establish rapport and convince them that you are the employee that they need. Remote View to start your most successful new own business.  Remote Influence for more customers and increasing sales.  Remote Influence your employees' performance...

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you solve problems, then use Remote Influencing to implement your ideas and influence others that you have the answers.


Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Remote View the most appropriate and safest investment vehicles that will keep your financial assets safe and growing through these troubled times. Timing is essential in all investment decisions, and you will Remote View the right moment to enter and/or exit an investment vehicle and "know" when to switch to another one.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Remote Influence the success of your financial investment prosperity. Erase using Remote Influencing past bad anxiety-causing experiences so that they do not arouse the exact fear of lack that may have caused prior losses to start with. Get the "inner knowing" that, no matter what, you will be just fine and protected on many levels.

Transform Your Personal Development

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) With Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing you will:  Become Fearless - Increase Energy - Enhance Self-Esteem - Reduce Stress - Achieve Your Perfect Weight - Think Yourself Healthy - Find Love - Improve Your Love Life - Negotiate What You Want - Become A Success - Create Happiness...

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) With our Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems, the conditions in your life will improve. You will become happier, healthier, luckier, and more successful in all that you do.  Learn the remarkable new technologies of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing in our courses, and get ready to unlock your mind's true potential!

If you don't want to have a better life for yourself or your loved ones, then these courses are not for you. But if you do, what are you waiting for?

Learn the Key to Surviving our Very Unstable Times and Creating Inner and Outer Happiness and Peace with the Supreme Reality Manifestation Technology!

And please do not just take our word for it, experience and prove to yourself fully what advanced physicists, molecular biologists, quantum psychologists, and Spiritually Enlightened individuals, on the outer frontier of science and Mind, have been almost timidly telling us.

Join the new quantum mind/matter Revolution, as over a hundred thousand of our students already have! Experience Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing with the Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems.

In these complete training systems, you will learn advanced quantum mind technologies that will easily and powerfully allow you to use the power of your inner thoughts in highly energizing and influencing probable futures into reality. You will be amazed at what you can achieve as you push the envelope of "reality" as far as your imagination and beliefs can go.  You will have chosen to be at the forefront of the greatest adventure of all times: The awakening of mankind to its true potential as co-Creators (individuated minds) within the One-and-Only Infinite Mind. We, at the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing are all gratified for having been gifted the ability to show so many individuals mind paradigms which allowed them to experience successfully these very notions and apply them to their daily lives and...

All this is so Easy! All you Do is
 Listen Passively to our Training Systems, Once a Day!

And in 24 days when you combine the Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems (recommended), or 12 days when you train with either the Complete Remote Viewing or Remote Influencing Training Systems individually, you will have changed your outlook on life. You will be a new and optimistic person, secured in the feeling of having total control about your life and probable future. Guaranteed!


Explore Our Training Systems


Have the Life you Desire and Deserve
 While Mastering
the Ultimate Stress Relief!

You will soon be walking around like a Zen or Yoga Master, in fearless joy because you will have mastered the Superpowers of the Mind and be consciously creating-as-you-go your reality!

To our knowledge, no other system of meditative discipline and mind/awareness expansion techniques exists anywhere else on this planet that takes you relatively rapidly to such highly beneficial and ground-breaking gateways where your whole being is transformed and evolved into a new and higher Human form.  These training systems also contain the ultimate secrets for:

"Being at the Right Place at the Right Time"

Awaken to happiness. Don’t be like so many individuals who waste their lives worrying about their future and being conditioned by their past. Learn to permanently erase  the scars of your past buried in your subconscious, easily reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind to become who you desire to be NOW, and watch how your life is totally and effortlessly transformed forever!

The powerful and scientifically proven techniques used for 30 years by US and foreign intelligence agencies, commonly known as Remote Viewing (Psychic espionage), and the offshoot Remote Influencing Course (remote thought influencing) which Mr. Gerald O'Donnell developed, have proven in countless field experiments that the superpowers of the mind can easily be tapped in order to make your dreams come true.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Remote Viewing greatly enhances your naturally inborn ability to tap your subconscious mind in order to become extremely intuitive and aware of places and events, no matter how distant in time and space they are.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Using our very powerful and effective Remote Viewing techniques you can view and connect to ANY point in space/time from the quietness of your inner mind. We have rediscovered the ultimate space/time traveling machine and it is us as mankind!

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Remote influencing allows you to become a master at generating your own fate and future, attracting the people and situations you desire, and not to be subject anymore to and enslaved by the general "system" of cultural conditioning and group consciousness.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) We feel that the combination of these two courses is an explosive revolution in human evolution which, when fully applied by many, will radically transform the make-up and future of our societies in ways that would be highly beneficial to all.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Those of you interested in developing your natural inborn mental powers, and experiencing a quantum jump in consciousness, will greatly benefit from doing the courses of the Academy. You will develop a laser-like ability to only produce highly self-controlled intensely energized desirable thoughts within your mind, and thereby only readily manifest better realities and a brighter future for yourself and for the benefit of all humankind.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) These courses can be taught with great success to children as young as 12 years of age and you will be amazed at the permanent positive changes they will show!

Finally Released Openly to all: The Most Powerful Information EVER Released on the UNITY of MIND and MATTER, and thence of WHY MIND CAN AND DOES INFLUENCE MATTER!

Because of the seriousness we attach to the turbulent times and situations we are all experiencing in Creation, we have decided to make our newest version of our book
"The Secrets Of Remote Influencing Revealed" freely available to all.

Gifted to all of you. We offer you to DOWNLOAD THE CORE TO OUR TEACHINGS E-BOOK  The Secrets of Remote Influencing Reality Revealed    click here 

Because of the depth of the material herein and the power it can awaken within yourself, be cognizant of the fact that most of this book exposes new concepts that if integrated will change all that you think about yourself and your world. It will literally start transforming in major ways your reality.
We guarantee that after reading this book, your life and your view on Reality will not be the same.

You will finally understand why “thought” molds reality and the world we live in. Without comprehending fully the mechanisms behind “thought manifestation” your ability to manifest is highly restricted…

Please consult it again and again for it contains many gentle but powerful  understandings that are key to help you overcome the burdens of these  times. Please feel free to send the link or distribute it in its original format to anyone you wish to, as it needs to permeate as many minds as can be, so that we all finally and permanently awaken to the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE - Creator and Creatures alike, and totally live and integrate the fact that when one of us is blessed with happiness, we all become happy, and when one of us suffers, all of us suffer in the process. 

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Student Testimonials

Check the world-wide web.  No other remote viewing/influencing  and mind expansion site has as many real and proven enthusiastic testimonials as we have received since 1997. Our students' feedback is a living record of the powerful life-changing impact of our courses.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  See the Testimonials and Incredible Results Obtained  from many of the Thousands of Satisfied Trainees Worldwide who Trained with the Remote Viewing And Influencing Courses since 1997

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In 2000, if you were to type the term "Remote Influencing" on ANY search engine ONLY Our site "The Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing" showed up (we invented the term "Remote Influencing", and pioneered its technology and concepts). 15 years later, Google lists 1,870,000  sites!

In 1997 Yahoo listed listed under "Remote Viewing" The Academy of Remote Viewing site together with 6 others sites. There were no more.
Google (2015) lists 12,500,000 sites under this keyword!

The "word" has spread, and nothing will be able to stop this movement anymore! We are regaining our status as powerful co-Creators - openly so. We are about to liberate our Selves. We can now change this whole world by the only Real power upon which Creation exists: The power of our Thoughts, the power of Consciousness: as awareness and intent.

We are the Producer since 1997 of the Famous
Complete Remote Viewing Training System

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Let us show you how to use scientifically proven mind technologies (Remote Viewing) that break the space/time barrier.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) They were perfected by both US, Western, and Eastern European Intelligence Agencies.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) For more than twenty years, these time-tested techniques have achieved great success in their respective fields. A great many of these feats need to remain forever classified.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) These same remote viewing methods can be easily adapted for civilian use, and are now presented for the greater benefit of each one of you, as part of humankind.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) The military and intelligence community has been using these remote viewing methods to help trained agents mentally hone in and accurately describe remote hostile and often underground sites, unreachable by humint (human intelligence) and satellite intelligence means.  Field agents and highly trained anti-terrorist commando units were taught to predict (remote-sense) highly probable hostile situations in advance (intuition-enhancing techniques), and therefore avoid and preempt them.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Some obvious applications became the tracking of terrorist cells, hostage crises, detection of Scud mobile missile sites, drug processing labs etc. Criminal Police investigations. Many Police departments have and are using the help provided by trained remote viewers. Child abduction cases have also been solved based on Information received by Remote Viewers, including some by our RV teams.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Using remote viewing techniques the time barrier was actually breached and one could view the probable future or witness again any event from the perceived past.

Go Beyond Remote Viewing with the
Complete Remote Influencing Training System

"Remote Influencing" is an original term first introduced to the world by our Academy in 1997 and refers to our very advanced technology of influencing thoughts and consensual reality by mind-power and inner energy alone. This term has since then been used and often misused by many other organizations. The original intent of our "Remote Influencing" training is to go far above crude "mind control" schemes, and to always allow for free-will to operate. Powerful mind influencing is encouraged, but "control' is not, and we teach how to protect against all forms of "mind control" and sub-conscious subjugation which are proliferating lately at an alarming rate. We are all influencing each others' thoughts and reality, whether we recognize it or not. Becoming aware of this state is the beginning to awakening to one's immense creative potential, freedom of expression, and Sacred right to happiness.

Warning: Due to the power of our training methodology, you cannot listen to the courses while driving a motor vehicle or operating any machinery.  As you listen to the recordings, you will experience a shift of your level of mind and the training system will cause you to initially loose conscious awareness. This is will rapidly abate with a bit more training as you learn to operate powerfully at these levels of consciousness.

With This System You Will Learn...

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded The Remote Influencing Thought And Reality Course  teaches you how to access levels of your deep unconscious vibratory self (Delta level of Mind: usual deep sleep, and beyond), while remaining in a conscious full aware awake state, that then allows you to easily mold reality to your highest and best wishes.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are taught how to access incredibly high levels of Creative energy that allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon your thoughts.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded  You are taught the real Rules and Laws of co-Creation.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn to build a highly vibratory and impregnable self-defense shield of protection around yourself that will keep you safe from the undesirable thoughts and influences of others and remain unaffected by the vibrations and thoughts of mass consciousness movements.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are taught why fearsome and stressful situations  keep your vibrations down and enslave you in a non-aware state. You learn how to rise above the old consciousness operating system and let go of its grip and influence. You are then totally protected and become aware of it.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are given an essential, and up-to-now secret key, which has been missing from most creative positive visualization programs, causing them to operate haphazardly and ineffectively.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn to deprogram yourself easily from past fear/conditioning, including that which has been inherited through your social/genetic background. You experience great and profound healing of old known or hidden emotional and soul scars. You regain the constant vigor and exciting trepidation of youth.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are gifted back the key to your own inner guidance system that will always steer you towards better-chosen realities.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn how to activate special centers in your brain that will cleanse your thought processes, and /or energize your desired manifestations. Other centers are activated that are used to enter the realm of physical anesthesia, or even parallel realms of light/creation.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn to powerfully remote influence (not control) the thoughts of others for your mutual benefit and mankind's.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn to heal many Physical, mental, or spiritual dysfunctions by vibrating your being to higher quanta of vibratory energy and hence activate higher DNA programs dormant within the  misunderstood so-called junk DNA (constituting for now 90% of your DNA). Your biology can then become automatically reprogrammed from the subconscious. This has a profound impact on your biology (healing, well-being, rejuvenation, and longevity), you mind's intelligence will seem to soar as equivalent dormant sections of your brain (constituting for now 90 % of your brain) are activated, and your spirit/Higher Self then operates at a higher orbital Light quantum of superior and more refined Life Energy. Nothing in nature is Created as "junk" - neither in the DNA life computer or in your brain.  The mere fact that we still do not understand something does not make it a redundant "junk" area. All you need is the "key" to the activation of these dormant areas and we provide you with the "code" to activate it, for the key is WITHIN you. Then you will have access to new and more evolved information that can then be easily downloaded, i.e. inspired, to you. Many students, during that phase, call us, or post on the forum, asking us about the various physical changes and symptoms they are experiencing as this process is unfolding. We always offer guidance and help.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn how to use the high vibratory rate of human reproductive activity to program for super-offspring who will be able to change our world for the better and are dearly needed in this transitory age. You will be able to magnificently improve their DNA makeup by understanding hidden laws within the thought/DNA relationship. You are given vibratory codes to automatically activate new Light strands of DNA  

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are taught to raise the vibratory rate of your consciousness, the consciousness of the individuals with whom you interact, and eventually the whole of Mankind, thru projecting pure joy and playfulness. Fear and its lower dark vibrations then have neither hold nor power over you.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You learn to understand the reality of sleep, and how sleep can powerfully be used in order to program, create, and influence your reality and others'.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You also learn to use the power of lucid dreaming in order to manifest realities in the "awake state."

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are taught how to raise the vibrations of your loved ones and eventually of this magnificent planet, so that aggression, neglect and misused power will not find sympathetic resonant recipients.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded A Delta and Theta mind entrainment CD with revolutionary brain sound entrainment technology is included. It trains you, in conjunction with the course, to easily operate in Theta and even Delta with total waking awareness. This is the first such CD that emphasizes becoming fully aware while your body is asleep. This CD can also be used a a powerful and natural sleeping aid.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded  You receive a special brain entrainment session that rewires your brain circuitry so that it multi-processes information bi-laterally and multi-dimensionally and dramatically increases your brain’s processing ability (intelligence) and scope of information-gathering and sensitivity to data acquisition. The technology which we employ is unique and light-years ahead of what is commercially available anywhere else.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded You are then to experience the "Kingdom within" and act as the "King" of your universe.

remote viewing and remote influencing: how the Matrix can be reloaded This is a great adventure, possibly the greatest you will ever undertake: the understanding of your Higher Self by your restricted (normal human) self. Clear steps are taken and rigorously practiced in order to climb step-by-step the ladder back to Source. It changes totally the ideas you have about your self image and the image that the world projects.

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And If You Want to Know More

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you, after having taken the civilian version of our remote viewing and remote influencing courses, perceive the future?

A: Certainly. But it will be the probable future. The nearer the specific prediction or the more global it is, the more accurate it will be. With the Remote Influencing course, you will learn to influence the probable future  and shape it to your desires  and liking. In order to do this you need to learn to operate in states where your brain waves are slowed down to Theta (4.5 brain wave electrical vibrations per second which is the border to human sleep) or even past this to Delta (brain waves of 1-4 cycles per second) where almost no human could stay awake  before until we taught our students, in our ground breaking Remote Influencing course, how to remain aware and operate  fully in it  (when their brain slows down below 4 electrical vibration per second).

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you also remote view the past?

A: Yes, you can easily experience again the past. Our remote viewing techniques allow one to break the time barrier. Either backwards or forwards. And see the past and/or the most probable future. Your mind can instantly connect to either. We teach you to do  this by learning to connect to the Universal Collective Mind operating as a background field below your usual human conscious awareness (intellect) . This is done by slowing down your electrical intellectual linear thinking brain to levels where the information field present in the background radiation (Universal Mind) can come up to the surface without being blocked by the usual Human Brain/Mind chatter.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Does our courses automatically increase your intuitive powers (6th sense)?

A: Yes, and greatly so. Actually the term "Remote Viewing" is somehow of a misnomer. It should rather be called "remote sensing" or "remote intuiting".  The "viewing" might only happen as you decide to sketch the information received. It teaches you to listen to the little voice inside of you that goes beyond time and space and, since it cares tremendously about you, tries to forewarn you of impending disasters and put you on better paths in life.  This same level of mind can connect , if necessary to any point in time/space.  Our techniques increase the volume of that "little intuitive voice" up to a point where it becomes an integral part of your life and you then learn to listen to it and trust it.

Numerous research studies at many numerous prestigious universities have unquestionably proven that most highly successful human beings active in any endeavor that requires fast and important decision making (health professionals, businessmen, financiers, military strategists, army commandos and field commanders,  world leaders, etc . . .) were likely to have learned to listen to this very deep level of "Remote  Intuiting."  They literally would sense the future, other people, and then act accordingly in order to experience a better present for themselves and the ones they care for.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you visit, through our remote viewing technology, remote sites, located on earth and/or space almost as if you were there physically?

A: Yes, in perception. The space barrier is very easily breached using the faster than light speed (infinite speed i.e. instant connection) of thought. This was one of the most important applications of mental espionage i.e. remote viewing. However, for very advanced remote viewers, the sensory apparatus becomes restricted to sight (360 degrees around), and thought reading (including emotions) and communicating.

Most trainees experience mental sensory connectivity to the targets of interest.  A great many of our students (around 40 percent) experience bi-locations in the form of OOBE (Astral Projection) (see our trainees' feedback). Some have remote viewing experiences while dreaming or while having lucid dreams (very frequent). High level learning and knowledge becomes available, originating from the deep Universal Mind.  

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you connect, using these Remote Viewing and Influencing techniques, to the thoughts and emotions of other individuals and perceive them clearly?

A: Yes, since one can, by placing oneself at the interface of the Universal Mind that connects all life forms and operates outside of the realm of linear time/space, connect to any point of perceptual linear space and time, and process the data originating from any individuation of the Universal Mind.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you, then, if you so desire, influence their deep level thoughts located within their subconscious mind, hopefully for productive purposes?

A: Yes. However, a warning is in order: The Deep Collective Unconscious or Universal Mind that allows that type of instant communication has its own rules of right and wrong which, although different from humankind's myopic perception, cannot be bridged but must be understood by the remote viewer.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Why is our course offered in an audio format, as opposed to other media or even a personalized workshop?

A: We feel that, besides being by far more affordable than accelerated seminar training, having the ability to train in the comfort of one's own surroundings, makes for a more relaxed and less self-conscious atmosphere. Group training often brings active conscious peer-pressure demands on a passive subconscious process such as remote viewing. Even though it sometimes allows for one to be swayed to success by witnessing others achieving commendable results, it often leaves the trainee in a bind as he/she returns home only to find out some weeks later that the crash training was too intense, requires much more expensive repeat refreshers, and often ends up being forgotten.

In addition, our home training approach allows for more sustained results. The student can always repeat, for a lifetime, the material at his/her own leisure, and ends up making the RV/RI abilities become "second nature."  We use audio material because we feel strongly that, at first, one needs to achieve these deep states of mind operation without being disturbed by daily visuals, and that having the eyes closed in a receptive contemplative mood, while passively listening to audio instructions, is by far more efficient.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you forecast, using specialized techniques of remote viewing such as ARV (associational remote viewing), with a significant degree of success, lottery numbers, foresee winners at racing events, perceive future prices of stocks, DJIA, commodities, bonds etc.?

A: Definitely yes. This was done successfully under stringent laboratory controls, at major research centers, by remote viewers that achieved an almost 100% accuracy at trading the silver futures markets. Similar experiments were successfully carried out on horse betting. Russell Targ, one of the original remote viewing researchers at the Stanford Research Institute also mentions having won a lottery on his first try at remote viewing.  Many of our trainees have had success at lotteries, especially the pick-three numbers ones.

Gerald O'Donnell, founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing,  easily reproduced the experiments in the commodities and stock markets. He believes that, although one can create a much better future and foresee the near-term web of possibilities, nothing is random in the processes of this planet, even though they might appear so.  Remote viewing (sensing) of the directional moves of financial markets, whether actually traded or not, is an excellent training tool for potential remote viewers that Mr. O'Donnell highly recommends since it involves major global worldwide situations within the events' matrix. It reflects, by definition, the collective expression of mass psychology, which is what a remote viewer taps into. The more major and the more proximate a market move is, the more vivid, consistent and accurate the remote viewing of it will be.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could our Remote Viewing and Influencing methods greatly enhance your healing powers?

A: Yes. Many medical authorities are becoming increasingly aware beyond the mere mind action of the placebo, of the great power an individual has of healing him or herself of ailments often cataloged nowadays as incurable. Healing is a very useful byproduct of operating at the levels of mind reached when trained to effectively remote view and especially remote influence. As a powerful diagnostic adjunct one can concentrate upon one's or anyone else's biological body and intuitively home on, sense, and visualize any health defect. It is hoped that health professionals will also learn and make good use of such techniques in addition to the plethora of mechanical devices available to them.

Western allopathic medicine was up to quite recently very much aware of the role of human intuition upon diagnostic procedures. In fact, the best and the most competent health professionals were distinguished not only by their knowledge, but even more because of a high level of caring (interconnectedness) and intuitive experience (knowing) that they trusted and relied upon. This has unfortunately been somehow lost, to everyone's detriment.

The almost miraculous effect of belief and mental visualization upon almost any type of health problem has been extensively studied and proven to be pivotal by many highly respected present health authorities. This is an accepted fact. The remote viewing and especially the remote influencing methodology taught by the Academy of Remote Viewing brings trainees to an extremely deep and powerful level of mind that allows for the natural human intuition to be magnified a thousand-fold and for the reprogramming of the mind and of the body to be achieved in order to heal oneself. Eventually one realizes that he/she can also heal others, even without their conscious knowledge.

One needs however to operate from an extremely deep level of the subconscious mind in order to be effective.

In addition, our Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses have been found to induce rapidly a state of very advanced mental and physical relaxation.  They trigger very profound stress relief mechanisms that then become second nature to our trainees. The impact  of daily stress is always highly reduced, and an aura of calm often pervades each individual facing the ever-growing complexity of modern life. Sleep patterns are often dramatically improved. Since the training targets Delta (1 to 4 cps brainwaves) and Deep Theta (4.5 cps), practically all of our trainees slide easily, after their first 2 weeks of training, into the unconscious realm of Delta (sleep) almost at will. We have many prior insomniacs, who after a lifetime of unsuccessful and frustrating chemical and standard treatments have found our tapes and especially our Remote Influence Delta CD be the final answer to their tiresome quest for a peaceful rest. One of the first noticed effects is an increase in the vivid nature of dreams and in the ability to recollect them. Coupled with noticeable enhancement of natural intuitive abilities. 

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you easily rid yourself - using the core of our methodology of Remote Influencing - of self-destructive habits such as smoking, chemical addictions, overeating, unmanageable fears, undesirable behavioral patterns etc.?

A: Yes, if it is really what the controlling deep level of your mind wants for you. It needs to accept to override your low-level conscious mind's destructive influence upon your life. Instead of having entered a destructive path, you should be able to operate at a high level of mind where you are one with that level and implore it to impose a change in the program of your life, and deprogram yourself from past destructive memories. You are always, ultimately, the master of your fate. No matter what anyone else says. Do not take our word for it, but experience it.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you attract, using these same Remote Influencing methods, persons of the opposite gender that you desire, by acting upon the higher levels of their minds without their being conscious of it?

A: In most ways and instances yes. However if their subconscious mind is strongly opposed to it, you may have a hard time convincing it to cooperate.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could Remote Influencing help you mold a better future for yourself?

A: Yes. It is one of the main goals of the Remote Influencing Course taught by the Academy of Remote Viewing. This is truly a life-changing experience. One can only become aware of one's immense potentials by experiencing them. Pondering or reading about them will achieve nothing.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you acquire a photographic memory and greatly enhance your academic achievements through these Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing techniques?

A: Definitely yes. All permanent memories are stored within the deep subconscious and not within the physical apparatus of the brain, especially deeper and older permanent memories.  The brain can only trigger recall as it sends electrical informational requests through electrical nerve chemical impulses and brain mapping. Believing that the brain is the only source of mind is one of the major scientific blunders of our modern times and an impasse of major implications. The brain is the source of human slow linear intellect, but not of Mind. The biological correlations are there and shown within the level of the brain. But that is all they are: correlations, not the source and inspiration.  The brain is really a biological thought computer operating in a restricted perceived time/space construct a linear AI type of intelligence, learning from past mistakes in a reiterative manner. In order to exist and operate it needs to be connected throughout what we define as life to to real Infinite Light intelligence (universal Collective Mind which many call Spirit) operating as a background reality. It does so through many connective pathways operating mainly out of our DNA which is in reality a quantum computer made up of vibratory Light strands. These connective paths are only recently starting to be recognized by the frontiers of science. Our whole incredible human apparatus is but the Creation and epiphenomenon of the Universal Mind/Collective in which we all bath. No exception to that, whether we believe in It or not.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Q: Could you achieve without any effort, using specialized Remote Influencing techniques, the ideal weight that you desire? Can you experience that by operating at the desirable creative level of your mind, you automatically let go of obsessive fears and anxieties that reinforce and energize the physical and subsequent mental vicious circles you imprison yourselves within by thinking about them too often? Can you be made to actually experience and realize the fact that you may actually be constantly creating the reality that you fear and use this as an excuse to be unhappy?

A: Most definitely yes. One can, by positioning one's awareness at a level of the subconscious data stream below its programming level, reprogram one's mind and hence change one's reality. One is constantly creating one's reality. For good or for bad. Either consciously aware of it, or only subconsciously aware of it. The act of becoming consciously aware of this incredible creative power allows one to control it. And hence control his/her life. The level of mind achieved through our Remote Viewing and Influencing training allows for such a control to take place, as needed.

Nevertheless, all these newly found capabilities are but a byproduct of a certain state of mind that the remote viewing and remote influencing courses teaches you to operate constantly in. And hopefully soon you will change priorities and get a deeper understanding of why we are all here.

In the meantime:

"This inborn gifted ability to remote view and influence your reality using the power of your vibratory thought will open your eyes, perhaps for the first time ever, to the One Hidden Force that unlocks your full potential in accomplishments and relationships. When you learn "this" you will see your whole world differently and your world will automatically change - with no effort on your part."

Your friend

Gerald O'Donnell (1997)

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Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
New Year 2010 message
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
Happy Thanksgivings 2009 and Beyond. The 2012 Shift.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)
Urgent: One upon a Creation. A survival and ascension guide. (May 04, 2009)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)
New Year 2009 Message: Where nothing will ever be the same (
January 1, 2009)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)
In the Peaceful Eye of the One Hurricane (October 13, 2008)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
Light Gold or black gold? Final finances of the many in the Era of One (Updated September 11, 2008) (notice November 2010. Gold has indeed reached $1400 and started retracing a bit as predicted)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
The One and Only solution
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)
 On April 25 2008, June 12 2008, September 8 2008 , and December 17 2008, Gerald O'Donnell gave four interviews/seminars to Michael Jura and spoke about Remote Influencing and Viewing and our connection to the Multi-verse Uni-verse of parallel realities. There is no real time and no real space... We are all inside our own bubbles of reality/universe. Most of us have no real free will unless we understand something... Our most probable future as a Creation. Why is the world in turmoil? The key to survival. To listen to his surprising statements and conclusions click here.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
New Year 2008 message: From the Oneness to the Many
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
And there was night, and then there was day. . . (December 21, 2007)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
On a day of Thanksgiving to the One: techniques to help you navigate through the times ahead (November 22, 2007)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
The City of One (updated April 18, 2007)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
The City of One part II (updated April 18, 2007)
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
Message.  February 26, 2007
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
New Year 2007 message: Truth
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
Happy Holidays and 2007
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting)  July 13, 2006:
Remote Viewing Probable Future events for 2006/2008 and beyond . . . by our Academy.  Our planet on the brink
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) 
To our knowledge, such revelations have not yet been disclosed anywhere else >>>>
Out Of  The Matrix: The Key to The One


FREE Lifetime Access!
  The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing

Because of certain upcoming world events, ARVARI (Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing) has decided to reveal openly to the general public sensitive information about how intelligence-gathering Mental Remote Viewing Techniques really operate and how we are all interconnected through the Universal Mind. Much of this realization had remained, up-to-now, jealously guarded by some governments (Originally published in July 1998. Updated with new critical material: May 7, 2002).  It is reproduced on this Web site.  See "The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing."

The Secret of Financial Investing in a very uncertain world:
 "You are really trading YOURSELF!"

Learn why bad things happen to so many good people in their financial, physical health, security and many other endeavors?

The mechanisms of why you manifest your fear-based thoughts so easily

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Have you ever noticed that all the events you are anxious about always seem to eventually happen to you, no matter how many precautions you take! Frustrating, isn't it?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Unraveling the mystery of "Why do all these bad things happen to me (and not only in the financial realms)?
Click Here

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) As for financial traders:
Ever wondered why your extensively back-tested system did so well while paper trading, and eventually so poorly while trading for real money (and why others get totally different results while trading the same system)?

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Also please read our March 2008 article about the upcoming collapse in Real Estate prices which we had forecasted since 2005 and the financial crash. In it we explained why Gold would become a major albeit temporary storage of value and predicted its rise to $2000 which was almost attained in 2011.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) See our Financial Flash (March 12, 2001) telling our readers to disinvest from The stock market as the 9/11 major downswing is predicted 6 months in advance,  and to buy Gold which was then around $250. Gold prices have since increased over 240% (April 2006) and will pass $1000 in 2008.

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) See our NEWS  BULLETIN (August 17, 2001)  predicting  the 9/11 events and the sharp correction of the markets. We even forecasted the exact bottom!
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) Using our RV techniques, we have foreseen with a 100% accuracy, many months in advance, the timing of
the stock market corrections of  Aug.-Sept. 1998, Sept. 1999, the violent downswings of March-April 2000, and the timing and level of the market crash of September 2001 and October 2008.
Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) To our knowledge no other financial Market "Guru" or other forecasting institution has established such an accurate predictive record 6 months or more before the event.  

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) This is to show that the mental techniques that we teach should be learned by each individual, trader or not, facing the extremely unstable and unprecedented dangerous times that we are starting to experience in a crescendo fashion.   

Academy of remote viewing and remote influencing (manifesting) All we can do is warn. It is up to you to act, and hopefully change your most probable future into a better one.

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