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Paul Crawford of Australia scrawford@iinet.net.au sent this testimonial on December 17, 2003.


  • Life-changing positive effects after training for two months with the RV/RI combo course.

 Hi Gerald,

I've been training with your combination course for nearly 2 months now and have experienced so many wonderful things such as:

- Using my newfound energy/light to heal me, my girlfriend, and fix inanimate objects like light bulbs
- A consistently happy, content, stress-free existence
- Stronger emotions & improved senses
- More vivid memories and imagination
- A great empowerment that comes with knowing you have all the tools to create a wonderful joyful life

I would like to take this time to thank you, like all your other students :-), for making this information available to me so that I can realize my true potential and open up a wondrous world that I never knew I could connect to.

Thanks once again Gerald, you have inspired so many people, so selflessly, to greatness, including me.  You have given a gift of knowledge to me that I will never forget.

Kind Regards,

Scott Crawford

Paul G. arvthetaman@yahoo.com sends us this enthusiastic feedback on December 13, 2003.


  • Re-membering all the parts of one's previously shattered self after only 3 sessions with the RV/RI Combination training.

Dear Gerald,

It is with great joy and deep thankfulness that I write you about the results I've had with the RV/RI program after only a week of using it.

Just so you are aware of some of my background, I am not new to this subject matter. I have taken PSI-TECH's TRV course, the Silva Method course (three times), studied hypnotherapy, taken the one year self-study "A Course in Miracles", been to a psychic development class, and even attended Doreen Virtue's angel workshop.

All of the aforementioned have had what I would consider miraculous results, but even combined, it is miniscule compared to what I've experienced in your program thus far, and after only a week at that.

Five years ago, I was hospitalized due to severe stress and other factors. I spent the first year after that pretty much in bed. It has been extremely difficult to focus and hold my concentration on anything. I was put on some pretty intense medication that could have some potentially harmful side effects.

I am happy to report an almost miraculous recovery after listening to your first exercise tape (RV 2A) only 2 times. My focus has returned, I can concentrate better, I am happy and cheerful, and my body feels like it did before I was hospitalized. And I'm completely convinced that I no longer need the medication.

I had thought my life was practically over, but thanks to your program, I can see it's only just beginning.

The most exciting thing about this is that these results were accomplished as a byproduct of listening to the tapes. Healing isn't the focus of your course.
AND, to cap it off, it happened on the first side of the first exercise tape! There are about 10 more tapes to go and if this is an indication of what is to come, I can tell you I've finally reached the door to heaven.

There will be no more books, no more workshops or programs or courses. Yours is all that I need! (Heck, I think I've tried them all, anyway!)

You've given me the opportunity and the means to fulfill my potential and truly life the life of my dreams. I am in deep gratitude.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. May you be eternally blessed.

Paul G.

Dennis Buffy,   guff1238@aol.com  Subject:

  •  Receiving what would be called a miraculous healing, when a Physician, formerly trained in RV and RI by the Academy, applied healing techniques on his chronic back injuries. He then started to experience all sorts of extraordinary experiences even though he had not even received yet our training! Please read his unusual and enthusiastic story received on December 12, 2003. . .

Mr. O'Donnell,

Thank you for the phone conversation today. What I am about to write is what has happened to me in the past 4 weeks  when a Canadian doctor did  RV and RI on  my bad neck and back condition that I have been suffering from since the past 5 years. Chiropractors could only relieve the symptoms,  but they would return time and time again. I had gotten into a automobile accident a little over 5 years ago and got a bad whiplash injury and my lower back was jarred as well.

As each year came and went,  my conditions worsened! Especially if it rained or when winter arrived, it became very arthritic to say the very least. This is when this story started.  I found a doctor who had completed the RV and RI course a year or so ago.  I emailed him and asked him could he actually RV and RI my condition? He stated that he would try,  but could not guarantee success. I accepted that possibility. I thought to myself  "well I tried everything else, what could it hurt!"

I sent him another email telling him to go ahead. Now fellow RV'rs and RI'rs, I did not know anything about RV and RI! I only read this site once! I just ordered the course yesterday and I am very anxious to get started. I even set up a day-to-day diary to begin the adventure for the next 6-8 weeks! You can find my link on the  grillflame.net  website.

The doctor agreed and said that he would perform the RV and RI methods on me for the next 6-8 weeks. The only thing I could do was to see what would happen. Boy! Little did I know what I what was truly in store for me!. About two weeks had gone by, and I woke up one morning wanting to stretch my neck from side to side like I have done for the last 5 years. I tilted my neck back slowly because of the bad pain involved.

But to my surprise there was no pain!!!!!!!!! I mean to tell you that I must have tilted my head back a dozen times feeling for the pain and it just was not there! I ran to my wife, who by the way was somewhat skeptical, and told her about it. She responded in a half manner nod, but her attitudes changed when she realized in the weeks to come that I stopped asking her to rub down my neck just under the base of the skull and she asked "am I really OK?"  I stated "I feel great!"

Now,  I wrote to the doctor telling him the good news, and he was elated. But he stated that he would continue to work on me for the next couple of sessions.  I agreed and waited for something else to happen in regards to the healing of my back and lower back areas.  The center of my back is where my muscles would constantly knot up between my shoulder blades, and I had to constantly for the past years have that area massaged with Ben-Gay to alleviate at least some of the sharp pain.

At the end of that week I had not more pain between my shoulder blades! By now you might imagine that I was on cloud nine! If there were a ten I would have surpassed that! I wanted to write the doctor but felt that since he was a doctor he would be extremely busy...So I waited another week. and this is when things got a little bizarre. My wife and I would have our casual conversations throughout the day when I was off-work but each time I would  think of a complex question and something that needed both our attentions, she would speak out the exact complex question I was pondering about, before I even asked it! This went on for an entire week. I guess I would call this "sporadic" telepathy.

Now things were really getting exciting, but I noticed that my lower back where the doctor was working on was not getting any better.  As a matter of fact, it seemed to get worse with each passing day. Well, of course, living in Minnesota with winter upon us the arthritic pains were kicking in big time.

 I just forgot about all this and after a day or two I was busy getting prepared for work. I came home one evening - it was about the 4th week of November 2003- I relaxed and closed my eyes and something told me, not audibly but inside my head, to take 4 Advil tablets.

Now that was a crazy thought! I had taken Advil and Tylenol and some prescription medications every month for years. It would help but the pain would still still there. Yet this inner voice kept telling me to do it! So I thought: since all these weird things were already happening to me, I should better listen! I took the Advil tablets as instructed. Within one hour all pain ceased! I mean the pain never returned! How does one figure this out?

Again the inner voice, which by the way I had never experienced before,  told me that the RI healing had already taken place but that lactic acid was all over the area along that muscle that had been tightened for many years and caused it to be extremely sensitive. And that by taking the Advil I got rid of the lactic acid build-up and relaxed that long-time tightened muscle. This time I emailed my doctor friend and told him the above statement and he stated "you were 100% correct on what you had to do."  This inner voice was my Higher-Self directing me to complete my final healing process!

I told the doctor that I was healed and asked him if he would kindly  RV/RI my interview for the position of State Prison Correctional Officer for me? He stated that this was not his specialty, but that he would and again not guarantee anything. Well, I passed the interview with flying colors, and by the way they were extremely impressed with my constant eye contact and the answers coming from me for the situational questions given to me were fast and very fluid.

I also from time to time had OBE's but none of which I could ever control as soon as I was out, bam! And I would be sucked right back into my body. So I gave up. Well, during the first two weeks of December 2003, I had my first real complete OBE except that this time I was assisted by invisible entities, each one holding my wrists from behind me, and one supporting my lower back, and I began with great speed to rise up into the air until I could no longer sense my body. Then they let me go! I saw that it was dark and I had no idea where I was.

I remember reading a book saying that if things became fuzzy or dark just to yell out mentally, "clarity" 3x's.  I did so and nothing changed. I looked down and noticed a street lamp shining on a wooden building. It caught my attention, so I flew down in front of this shed. It was made of slates of wood, kind of like a wood veneer of some sort. But what I found interesting was what was on the front of the shed, in big bold red letters the word "ICE" was imprinted on it. I assume it was a ice storage shed. Then everything blacked out and I awakened.

My second OBE since the RV and RI treatment occurred when I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.  I found myself sitting at my computer desk chair right across from where I was sleeping. I realize or thought that I was dreaming so I remembered what these invisible hands did for me the first time so I outstretch my arms and was ready to be lifted up to have a OBE not realizing I was already having one. At this time a loud one time tone sounded off, it sounded metallic of sorts and a electrical sound, alike stun guns going off, happened and before I knew what was happening, I woke up and only then realized that I had been out of my body!

You got to realize that all these events were happening to me in the last 6 weeks since getting the RV and RI treatments. Even when the treatments stopped,  the phenomena were still encroaching in on me. Then I started  dreaming every single night that someone was teaching me RV and RI skills on 3 levels! Surely I could not even explain what that was all about since the training information was received at lightening fast speed, and when I awakened I seemed to have forgotten most of it.

Soon after that as I was browsing Mr. O'Donnell's website I found that he mentioned something of Delta being on 3 levels but we had to learn these for ourselves as time goes on in our quest for the truth. So maybe he may or may not be able to shed some light on this particular training. I know this is an extremely long testimony but I wanted you all to see that here is a person who never knew Remote Viewing existed, let alone Remote Influencing, and did not even realize what was going to happen if anything when the good doctor did his thing!

I want to quote what the doctor just emailed me yesterday.  He stated that he was glad I got the State job and that he wanted me to know that he has been RVing and RIing his family members and others  with great success! You see,  before I met him he took both courses and the RI part of it really never stroke a note in him to use it on anyone other than house plants or his family pet. Now he states that he is quite busy healing others with RV and RI with great results! He just cannot get over the change in himself since he RV'd and RI'd me in the past several weeks!

My sleep has been light due to the fact I keep RV and RIing in my dreams. I just wish I could remember why and to who I am doing this too. I guess when my course arrives in a day or so I will get my answers in the next several weeks to come. Oh! by the way, I forgot to mention during the first OBE with the ice shed I was able to clearly  see the words with no difficulty, which from what I heard is very hard to do.

Thank you Mr. O'Donnell for your contribution to all of us here! Those that know you such as me and others  hope to get to know you better. You are second to none in your field,  and I only hope to make you proud by being the best I can be as a remote viewer and influencer. Please feel free to add my email address as a direct testimony of the power of RV and RI and what it can do to a person even if he or she never heard about it before!


Patty Jean, PattyJeanSpencer@aol.com, a dear high soul, wrote to us this comment on December 7, 2003

Dear Gerald:

I think the voice on the tape is perfect for the tapes. 
I have lived much of a Shamanic life.  My autobiography will be out sometime this year.  So much I left out of it, too.  I've had many, many strange things happen, good things I mean.  Perhaps your teachings will explain a lot of them that I have wondered about, there's a lot I don't know but I am finding it slowly but surely. 

My life has been very different than most and I have walked in two worlds much of it and that's not unusual for me.  A few of my experiences, including my NDE which has been published back in 60's in several magazines here and in the UK, are on one of my websites now if you get a chance to read them.  You might recognize in them some of the reasons behind them, i.e. what I call the Shekinah Robe of Light perhaps is your Light you are mentioning.  The way the "Typhoon" (in article of same name), was turned from the Island might be explained in your teachings as I go along, I think I'm about to find answers to some of my life's very interesting experiences in your teachings...a few of these experiences are on the following site which I have not finished.  If you have a chance you might read the "Typhoon" article and the "Shekinah Robe of Light" on the following website as I believe you will understand them both better than I at this time.  And also understand more where I am in my progression. 

I just feel I am on the verge of finding an avalanche of answers to my life's questions!  I have sought the way to return to the place where I stood the night of the Typhoon and also during the healing in that one article and I have been there many times, to that place, but don't know how to get there on my own, just that I happen to fall into it at times that it is needful for me to be there but how to get there I don't know...I believe your teachings will lead me there and show me the way. 

I am a published poet, also.

I'm very fascinated with all this I was under the impression that mental viewing was done with the conscious mind only and not very spiritual until I found your website quite by chance.  Your teachings are exactly what I believe and still just fascinated by your writings.  I learned about the "ONE" from my dream state I call OBE's and my writings which I don't call channeling but received from higher sources. 

I can understand what you are saying on the first tape, but the word you said to use is not clear are you saying to address any entities we do not wish to entertain with the word "SMALL"? The rest of that tape was clear.  I have never had problems with any bad entities but I have always been treated with respect and taught things.  I find entities in the higher realms much nicer than
many humans!   I was taught by them about the "ONE MIND" that created all and creates all and we are as a spark of the Divine Flame, a ray of the Infinite Light...this is how I have understood it from what I have received and written...

Thank you again for the confirmation that my writings have been from a high and very good source whatever I might have called the source.  I am sure I have much to learn, as the ancient wisdom states, "when the disciple is ready the Master appears." 

Your writings on the ONE are what really took my breath away as I have written some things that I received and since hearing as much as I have of your tapes I think that I perhaps have been mental viewing and calling it something else!   I don't know yet but I know I have a lot to learn from you.  I have definitely been led to this.  I have all sorts of tapes from everyone that ever claimed to teach anything and these are the very highest and most revealing of all.  You know what you are talking about and that's very obvious. 

Thank you again for sharing with the earth world the wisdom of our God.

Patti Jeane

Daniel Schultz conversatewithme@hotmail.com of the UK sent us this feedback on December 2, 2003. Subject:

  • Having almost an OBE on the first tape!

The course arrived & it was very much worth the wait. Astounded at how much content there is to integrate & what a journey this will be!

Just thought I would let you know that last night in bed I listened to the 'RV 1' tape with my eyes closed & about 3/4's of the way through, it was as if a dimmer switch was turned down on my awareness (I actually felt it slow down & it almost dissolve) & it felt as if I was submerged & my legs torso & arms gradually became very heavy & my whole body including my mind was vibrating from left to right constantly. Then I noticed that most of my awareness was concentrated in my head & that the rest of my body felt like it was light & floating & wanting to go higher, it was as if my head was holding my body from drifting off. Breathing was shallow & quick & the whole experience was very nice. I think something very special would of happened if someone would have taken off the headphones at that point, dare I even mention OBE. The experience then began to reverse after that, back to the way I was when I first started to listen to the tape just relaxed with my eyes closed.

Can u comment on my experience?

Thank you,

Veronica, tilly_tat@yahoo.com  a young lady finishing High School wrote to us on November 19, 2003  this nice comment.


  • Increased life energy, better mood, and improved connection with others while taking the combination course.

Hey Gerald! Here's my little testimonial for you. 

Since starting the RV/RI combo regimen, as recommending by the website, I have felt something noticeably different. I feel better than I've ever felt before, on average. I used to be a rather depressed, introverted kind of person. Recently, after training a few weeks with the course, I've just felt much better. I can let myself enjoy things again. My friends have noticed that I've been in generally better moods, and I've become more social. I talk more and am more active in group conversation, instead of just listening to everyone. I've become more aware of my own opinions, and I am generally more satisfied with myself. I feel like I've made great progress, if in only a few weeks. I feel more energized when I wake up in the morning, and I actually want to get up and experience the day. To me, this is something I've never really had. I usually shy away from people I don't know very well, but I find myself being able to open up more and connect with people. Its a great feeling, and I'm not even halfway through the course yet! I can't wait to see the progress I'll make in the future. Overall, I'm very pleased with how this course has affected me. I've struggled with depression for more than 2 years now, and after doing this for roughly 3 weeks, I feel better than I've ever felt in those 2 years, possibly even before. When I do the course, I feel all the stress just melt away, and I can relax. I gentle feeling of warmth spreads through me, and I just let go. Its an amazing feeling, and I'm very excited about all the great things I know I'll soon be experiencing. Thanks, Gerald, for being so kind as to share this knowledge with the world. 

Hope this helps someone else find their way to your course.:) 


Patrick, an RV/RI student, sent us on October 4, 2003 this testimonial while training with the RV/RI combination course.


  • Becoming aware of us being energies.

  • Experiencing the body of Light and the connection with the Oneness.

Thank you Gerald for allowing this very important information become attainable for those that will and desire completion within them selves. I have been practicing with Gerald’s RV/RI tapes for about a month now. For a new student this period of time is very crucial and important for building a strong foundation of understanding and motivation that will allow for a proper transitory state of passage to take place from the “now” embodiment of the matrix. After completing my first month I cannot help but to share some of my understandings about the RV/RI combo course and the magical experience I had with the RI course.

Through most of my first month I was filled with pre justified thoughts and expectations of what I should experience as a practitioner of RV & RI. I was blinded from what I was truly experiencing by pre-determined expectations of what I should be experiencing. Before I started the combo course I filled myself with knowledge about RV and the potentials of RV. By doing so I became blinded through my expectations of the course. Towards the end of my first month a thought manifested inside me, this thought or idea told me not to focus on what is ahead of me in the far distance but to look down and focus on what is directly in front of me. This thought indicated to me that I would never get to what I could see in the distance if I kept stumbling over my own two feet by not paying attention to what was directly in front of me. At this point I started to understand what this course is really about.

To me this course is about rebuilding myself, but before you can rebuild anything you must first deconstruct it. I think of deconstructing myself a lot like undoing a knot. Realizing that I have been a part of the Matrix for my whole life I must have accumulated one big, very complicated knot that will take patience and dedication to undo. As soon as I decided to strip away my expectations of the course and recalibrate my focus to the “now” I then began noticing the changes that started to take place. I noticed that people started looking and reacting to me differently. I became more sensitive and could almost feel instead of see people looking at me. I could feel the energy within me become stronger and vibrate faster. My sensitivity towards people increased, taking a measurement of other peoples vibratory status became easier and almost instantaneous. I began noticing the correlation of vibrating energy to the contrasting moods people were feeling. I began feeling and almost feel as if I could sense people’s will of action towards me. It feels almost like reading someone’s thoughts.

I could go on and on about the changes that have taken place and the changes taking place, but my point is I could never had these wonders taking place if I hadn’t peeled away my expectations and rejoiced in the present “now”. Surely I would have not had the experience that I had last night. Through this course the important message about patience and awareness that I had learned made me spend time with RV course tapes 2,3 and RI course tape 3. I felt that I shouldn’t go on and should be patient, amplify my focus and take baby steps. Last night I felt something inside me tell me to start on RI course tape 4. The experience that I had took me to the most relaxed state of being that I have ever experienced. My body was asleep but my mind stayed awake. My body felt as if it disappeared, and I existed only within my mind slightly above my body. I could not totally except this state at first and would transition from feeling my body to not feeling it at all. When I did feel my body it felt paper thin, a sensation that I never felt before. It was truly interesting. As I became more comfortable with what I was experiencing I decided to go with it, and then I could only feel my body of light. I knew this was my body of light because I was swaying side to side as if I was floating on a body of water. I kept swaying like this for some amount of time, I cannot say for how long because I had lost all perception of time itself. As I kept sinking further within myself I started to experience a connection, a connection that embraced me with a flood of white bright light. This light was soft and pleasant but bright and intense at the same time. Maybe strong white light is the right way of describing it. The light filled me with such feeling of joy and happiness that it left me tearing from joy. I wished that everyone could feel this great happiness and thanked it for allowing me to feel this happiness and joy and everything pleasant and right all at the same time. This was truly something breathtaking. This experience has left me internally smiling throughout this whole day and feeling a lingering connection with the strong white light. I know inside that I will experience this again and simply embrace and invite more experiences that will be allowed for me to experience. I look forward on moving onward through my course with patience and no set expectations. I simply feel open to experience.

Jim Robertson Jr. jimrobertson123@yahoo.com  an RV/RI student, sends us this enthusiastic Email on October 3, 2003:


  •  Getting a higher vibratory biology and feeling closer to "The  One"

  •  Having a "blackout effect" on electric lighting.

  •  Most importantly, dramatically increasing his IQ!

Dear Gerald,

As a student of RV/RI for about a year now, I want to say THANK YOU for this incredible course and for trying to make the world a better place.  Nothing has changed my life for the better as much as this material has.  I have had many incredible experiences and would like to share a few here.  It is difficult to describe how it has changed me, but I feel deeply that it has enlivened my 'spirit' or 'soul'.  Every day my focus is now, how I can be a better person.  I feel closer to God than in any other time of my life.  My wife often tells me that I am 'humming', which is our reference to my body when it is buzzing.  I can feel the electrical pulses going through my finger tips and from one side of my body to the other.  An interesting occurrence has been happening ever since I met you about one year ago.  For some reason, street lights (and lights that come on automatically at night) go off when I get near them.  This phenomenon has happened countless times over the past year.  It has happened at airports, while driving, many parking lots, hotels, basically any place that has light sensitive, automatic lights.  I am curious to know if this is happening to others.  Another great thing that your course has done is increased my IQ.  Recently, I took an IQ test (for fun) and did not put forth much effort.  The questions seemed easy.  When the test was returned, I had scored 135.  I was very pleased, as the tester suggested, that such a score was in the realm of Plato and was quite happy for me.  This was a huge surprise for me to say the least.  (In University, I had a closer relationship with the academic probation list than the Dean's list...)   I could go on for pages about how important it is to do your course and how it effects your life in a positive way.  We have had several discussions over the past year on the phone and I consider it a privilege know you.   

Thank you again for all of your work in this area and for sharing with us this incredible course.

Most sincerely,

Jim Robertson Jr.

Aaron Stevenson kiwiaaron72@hotmail.com of Australia sends us this emotional message on September 21, 2003.


  •  Life changing effects of the RV/RI course.

Hello Gerald,

Just dropping you a line to let you know of the effects your course has had on my life.

Your course has blown me away, my life has changed...
Before, I was into bodybuilding, cars, women and money.  Your course it made me examine myself deeply. What a horrible human being I had become acting almost entirely out of ego!
But I am happy to inform you things have changed. I have given up my quest to material attachments for I KNOW that they are not real. I go to the beach with my friend every morning at 5:30 and listen to your tapes and a whole new world opens up, a beautiful loving world where truth resides. I am going to learn to stay there in that world by absorbing your teachings which vibrate in resonance with my soul.
That is not to say that I don't have any problems, I still do, but life is becoming easier and knowing the truth helps me through my perceived hard times. One of the hardest things is to leave my loving misses which I know might happen as I continue my journey back to the One. I could stop my journey to stay with her, but the pulling in my heart is too strong and to deny it would lead to misery.
Society doesn't fit me anymore, for all I see is control.
My heart fills with sadness when I see and feel the mothers cry and I have a hard time feeling love for my fellow man even though I know he is me. I thank you for your teachings on how this reality isn't real and the excellent experiences that you have guided me through.
You have given me boundless hope, reconnected me with the voice of the One, the Great I AM, and filled me with excitement in anticipation of future teachings from yourself or the One.

Thank you so much

Your student Aaron Stevenson

Greetings To My Beloved Friend Mr. Gerald O'Donnell from Debra Gosselin on 9/11/2003:

It has been a bit of a season since we last spoke but often we vibrate at the same LOVE frequency, that much I am sure. I am ever so humbled to know you, I know the "Salt Of The Earth People" all over the Globe.   The love affair you all have with this marvelous living library, Mother Earth is being threatened not only by literal raping of the land but also the lack of respect toward the elements and elementals within dimensions that are beginning to bleed one into the other. The live intelligence within stone and dirt are longing to experience electromagnetic formulas of higher consciousness once again.  Earth reads us as we live and breathe on her, and she knows the stage of our own development and our ability to accept responsibility.  When we share what we know, it is broadcast around the world.  Codings are fired, and the masses begin to evolve.  We are interlinked and so when our teachers continue to stretch themselves to mature and grow, we likewise stretch and grow.
I honor you and the glorious teachers and mentors I have been graced with. I have been shown over and over what LOVE, JOY and abundance looks like.
I am pleased to say that I am not as fragile as when we first met.  I am imagining things one week and seeing them manifest and mature the next.  As you know, my signature word has been "FREEDOM", please know that has not changed.  In closing, I am proud to be one of the 100 monkeys that have ignited your message.  I always knew there was some special calling I had yet to meet.
Bless you, I'm yawning with all my heart and soul.  Debra

Jules Kennedy utopianvision@msn.com  writes to us on August 8, 2003 this warm testimonial.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I want to thank you once again for bringing forward the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing work to the public.  As you know, my friend Sophia ordered me both volumes.  I am now working through the latter stages of RI and experiencing great changes in my thought process.  This inevitably affects my outer experience.  I work with people in various ways and also am involved in healing processes for the animal kingdom and the earth.  These deep level states of mind are helping to stay focused and centered, as there is so much work to do and only so few doing it at this time. 

Thank you again and many blessings to you and your loved ones. 


Jules Kennedy


"Love has wings of its own and carries us wherever we may be in consciousness."
Excerpt from Dimensional Ascension, copyright 1995 Jules Kennedy

Morton sentinel561@yahoo.com sends us this enthusiastic and important feedback on August4, 2003 after having trained with the RV/RI combination package for a year. Subject:

  • RV skills improved with taking the RI course;

  • Acquired telekinetic skills, dowsing, telepathy, and energy healing abilities.

  • Improved artistic talent.

  • Power of the diamond self technique in changing psychological and physical makeup.

  • Experiencing and unifying with the "pulse of Creation."

Dear Gerald,
  Words can't do justice for what this course is capable of.  Over the past few months, I have had experiences that are phenomenal, to say the least.  I'll try to sum it up as best I can.
  I have only been doing these two courses for a year.  In that time, I have experienced things that I had never thought possible.
  My RV skills have improved dramatically with the RI course.  I now get images that are as vivid as what I see in the waking world.  This does not happen all of the time, but I am nonetheless baffled.  In time, I am certain that it will happen consistently.
  I have slight telekinetic skills.  I can swing a needle on a string or move it in small circles.  I am continuing to practice this.
  I can dowse.  This is remarkably easy to do.  Some of the students may enjoy this one.
  Telepathy.  Again, this one is like the others, it doesn't happen all of the time, but enough for me to know it is there.  When someone near me feels a strong emotion, I feel it too, as much or more than my own, regardless of what I am feeling.
  Healing.  This is the most remarkable of the abilities that I have discovered so far.  The results are incredible.
  Another pleasant side effect is that my artistic skills have improved dramatically.  I was good before, but now people that see my work remark at how incredibly lifelike it looks, almost like they could touch the animal or person being portrayed.
  My personality has altered in all good ways.  That in itself was worth every penny that was spent on this course.  My outlook on life, the way that I deal with people, everything is changed.  I think of how much money people waste going to counselors, self help seminars, etc.  They rarely work, and half the time it is only temporary, like putting a band aid on a head wound.  This, without a doubt, WORKS.
  Your RV course was good, but the RI course is on a whole other level.  You wanted me to explain my methods.
  Use the Diamond Self for expanding all of your other skills.  This is the core of all of your abilities.  Use it and all will fall into place.  This will enhance your RV skills dramatically, as well as the others.  It will alter your physical appearance as well.  I can't stress how important this technique is.  USE IT, or your skills will continue to stagnate.
  I also experienced what you call the pulse of creation.  I don't know what to call it.  I was at the beach and I laid back and closed my eyes, enjoying the sunshine.  My heart began to pound, but it didn't feel out of the ordinary.  My whole body began to feel like it was pulsing, like a heart.  I could feel it throbbing.  It was the most amazing thing.  I laid there for hours, but I thought I had only been there for about fifteen minutes.  I finally opened my eyes and there were about ten people standing there staring at me.  They had apparently been there the whole time watching me.  I looked directly at one man and he ran.  The others just continued to stare with their mouths hanging open.  I looked down at my shadow and saw it growing larger and smaller.  I would like to know what they saw.  I have never felt ALIVE like that.
  There is plenty more to say, but I will shut up for now.  Just devote your training to RI, and RV will seem like child's play, I promise.
  Thank you.

  Your pal,

Ken odart2@adelphia.net sent us this testimonial about the RI course on July 22, 2003. Subject:

  • Entering the portal and operating between the physical and spiritual world.

Dear Gerald,

I wanted to tell you about a wonderful experience I had while doing tape 6A of the RI course.

I created my body of light, my diamond self.  I had a tremendous amount of energy circulating throughout both bodies.  At times my physical body would twitch with the overload of energy.  With my body of light I flew up through a very dark purple almost black space.  I could see an opening of white light ahead of me.  I flew up to it and went through it.  I was standing with a leg on either side of this portal.  I was in an environment of white and golden light.  There were angelic-like spheres of golden energy circulating throughout this environment.  At times they would go right through me.  My energy body was made up of gold, white and orange circuits.
I would become aware of my physical body when it would twitch due to the downloading of information.  These golden spheres had a specific job or purpose.  They were very powerful and heavenly.  From where I was standing I could see hundreds if not thousands of them.  I felt very healthy and strong.

When I came out of the meditation I put my hands on my wife and a friend that had just come over the house.  They both could feel the energy circulating throughout their bodies.  Very healing, soft and calming energy.

This happened on Saturday, I still feel the connection today which is Tuesday.  It is almost like my body of light is still up there.  It feels wonderful!

Once again I find myself very thankful for all that you have done for me and for everyone else who has purchased your courses!

Thank you Gerald!

Kathryn J. Perritt  sophiacares@msn.com  writes to us on July 7, 2003 this inspirational message after having taken the combination RV/RI courses.

Listen to me all of you! The WAR is on!

I am a clairvoyant and after hearing Mr. O'Donnell course my mind and soul are charged a 100%.

His courses awaken the memory of a lot of people! We all know the secrets of the universe, but we need to unlock it.

The way to do it is through "both" courses.

We need more light workers! A lot of us are giving up even before we have even tried!

Burn your sage, cleanse your chakra's, do the courses!

Three nights ago I was sitting on my porch when I looked up and saw three masses of negative energy, and I thought to myself "My God it's getting closer"!

We have all been here before! Wake up and get to work!

It is not only us, but all planets and all galaxies! We need to work as a team. My hope is that soon we will not need telephones. I talk to many of my friends without one.

They want us to all be on the same level So that we will all chant but one word. Peace. We will win!

Do not let negative energy ruin your life. Go into your dream tunnel, walk down the hall, choose a room that has a lesson in it face the fear and slap it!

The dark side is gaining strength. When you are thinking negative thoughts it is not you  It is the dark energies doing this.

Order the combo, study it, have fun with it! Confuse a few of your friends. Just kidding.  Please start your work, order the courses and kick the dark side in the backside.

Remember my friends fear is just false evidence appearing real.

            Love light and laughter,
                Kathryn J. Perritt

Sherwood H.K. Finley  SherwoodhkFinley@yahoo.com writes to us this very important feedback on the RV&RI combination course on June 27, 2003.


  • Becoming a "Precog" as shown in the movie "Minority Report."  Creating with full awareness one's reality.

  • Stopping "time" and operating in the gap between linear "time" at the level of real Mind in order to Remote Influence.

  • Witnessing reality twice: Once from the HS perspective and then again from the "lower self perspective." This comment will form the basis of a new page titled "In between worlds" explaining the secret of Holographic Creation (projection), the real "Matrix of Life (Universal Lattice) and how to master (control) it by learning to be in the "gap." All this coming to you free, on this website: The Channel of the One.

  • Sherwood Finley is an American living now in India. He offers private tutoring, RV or other RI services for the Academy. He can be contacted through Emailing or calling our Academy.          Gerald O'Donnell

My first experience with the Remote Influencing course was of a deep calm, a characteristic of the delta level which remained within me and was easy to retrieve. Next came lucid dreaming and very deep sleep, even naps were extremely restful.

From the Remote Viewing material I had learned to observe data streams from the past and target probable futures. With Remote Influencing, I began to live them, but sometimes I felt that I was living backwards in time. I found I could fast forward to the day's end, review and edit, insert desired outcomes and then experience the day I had designed. It became obvious to me that certain time reversals resulted from tapping into delta, especially in public settings where more input is abundant.

For instance,  I was in a bookstore on Jan 7, 2003, and lived certain events in twice-instant replay. I saw  a vivid vision of a man drop a book then pick it up. But two seconds later I saw it again. Trust me, this gets your attention!

Back on the street crowds looked like multi-colored clouds and I heard fragments of conversations and two seconds later heard them again. I was living in a virtual double-exposure reality!

That night in the shower while reviewing these events, I noticed that the water droplets seemed to be falling very slowly, even after repeated viewings. I found I could encircle a drop with my hand.
Four days later the drops just hung in the air, freeze-frame! Clocks have gotten into the act preferring to slow-and stop-their second hand! I first thought that they ran out of power, but new fresh batteries didn't help. One of the local cats ran by the door, and guess what? He did it again two seconds later.  I kept watching for Alice and/or the white rabbit! No luck! Nor did a voice inform me that I had entered the twilight zone!

In RV assignments I found that after having trained with the Remote Influencing course twice, I could view and retain far more data than previously, information which was verified by Mr. O'Donnell who always made sense out of my input, especially when it made no sense to me.

After incorporating sketching, page after page would come flying out. With various disasters ad crimes I found I could merge with them and emerge untouched, with no side-effects.

In working with a distance healing client,  I decided to see if I could enter their dream and leave some helpful programs behind. By the way, that's all you can do, and only win-win is possible. I found the speed of this person's dream was beyond comprehension so I put it on hold, inserted simple instructions, e.g. :My immune system is functioning perfectly", and then let their dream continue. Result: One of the fastest recoveries I've ever seen in about 20,000 distance healing sessions (Since 1986).

Finding lost objects seemed effortless and it often seemed that I had become the object, in most cases my glasses which have their own agenda!
In daily life I found that problem-solving, negotiation, communication, creativity, memory, and not getting nervous or upset quite as frequently, all improved quite wonderfully.

 After over a year of training with the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course of the Academy, I can state that these experiences and states are now constant and not like a peak experience or a weekend workshop success. As you master the deeper levels of your mind there is an automatic mastery of life. It simply becomes easier.
My overall experience is that I can now help others far better discover their tremendous inner potential for changes and accomplishment. I can help them bring in healing- not just to their biology but their mind, emotional body, and spirit. All this is what the RV and RI courses show and train us to experience. With only a little bit of faith and perseverance we can all tap into this tremendous inner power just waiting to lift us back into freedom and harmony.

 ----   BIO ---

Sherwood H.K. Finley II co-founded the International Healing Network in 1988, a worldwide organization with students in 26 countries. His specialties are financial remote viewing, distance healing, unsolved crimes, counter-terrorism, missing persons, lost objects as well as researching mysterious phenomena. Sherwood is both a certified Remote Viewing instructor and a certified Remote Influencing instructor for  the Academy of Remote Viewing. Sherwood H.K. Finley II can be contacted through the Academy of Remote Viewing.

Charo txarorm@yahoo.es a recent combo trainee from Spain writes to us on June 26, 2003. Subject:

  • Out-of-body experiences,  lucid dreams and internal healing after 2 weeks of training with the RV&RI combination package courses.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
Just a little word to tell you that the tapes are being wonderful to me! I ordered the combo package and received it last 6/6/2003.
From tape one on I felt like my mind going through the roof of my head and an out-of-the-body experience already happening.
Also lucid dreams are common to me now.

Although I still have a long way to go, and my life needs a lot of healing in many ways, I feel I'm on the right track now. Those dreams are strongly showing the improvement of my probable near-future and they are very encouraging to me.
I can only dedicate the weekends to the training as my weekdays are too busy, but I just appreciate that little time!
I'm thankful for the day I searched on the Internet for RV and RI subjects and found your website.

Thank you!


Alejandro Ezcurra 948337024@infonegocio.com an RI trainee from Spain sends us this feedback on June 19, 2003. Subject: 

  • Experiencing, as he undergoes the RI training, his biology as a body of extremely High Vibratory Light energy. 

Hello Gerald,

I continue training with RI tape 5 ( In a certain sense it looks like I am frozen on this tape) and am having a nice time. Sometimes (ex: driving) I feel that my whole body is climbing up in vibrations, higher and higher, and that my body is alike an ice cream in summer, melting in light.

Actually,  I am Remote Influencing my company to grow, and I feel very excited about it (high expectations)!

Best of luck.

Kind regard

Alejandro Ezcurra


Tracy Sack sacktrades@aol.com   sent us this feedback on June 10, 2003 after taking our RV/RI course.  Subject: 

  • Opening the door to one's subconscious realm.

  • Tracy has won a couple of 3 number lotteries using RV techniques. P.S. Tracy has asked us to post that he will not reveal yet his method and will not answer inquiries on the subject of lotteries until he decides to go public with his method. So please refrain from Emailing him about this.


When I use the methods from your remote viewing course, I now can focus to retrieve data I am viewing while in the theta state of mind. 

I recommend any person to try this course if you have never experienced what a altered state is naturally.  The first audio tape I listened to was a vivid dream-like state where my conscious thoughts could still operate. 

This course taught me many intimate sides and capabilities of my mind I have not known from any other source of learning.  I also built a foundation of knowledge to construct the ideas of other remote viewing techniques and remote influencing techniques which came later. 

If a person allows their unconscious to listen to this course, a different world will be perceived for sure.  It can't be otherwise. 

-Tracy Sack  

Thank you Gerald.  I have included a Lottery Paper I wrote about my experience with a formula to decode time (I guess).  Please don't post it.  I just wanted to share it with you, and if it continues to be successful I will post it on Grillflame to share with others.  If you have learned any thing about the formula yourself, please e-mail me with your data. 

Pamela Slayton Pmantares@aol.com  sent us this nice encouraging note on June 19, 2003. Subject:

  • Her satisfaction and life changing experiences with the RV& RI courses and her rejection of negativity and its manifestations.

Dear Gerald,

 Since I don't do the new Grillflame forum (I think it's worked out great for everyone else, just too time consuming for me to maneuver around it) I do try to check in your website every now and then to read the new articles, etc. . . So, I just found out about all this ridiculousness that's been going on. I am not as articulate as our dear Leena, nor am I a remote viewer like her, because I prefer to concentrate on the remote influencing side of things.  But, I applaud her response and extremely well-written letter in your defense. How someone can just publicly slander someone else without even fully researching your teachings and methods is beyond me! Your FIRST course totally changed my life in so many ways, I can't even recount them all! I have now, finally had a chance to start the second course and already can feel how powerful it is. You probably charge the least amount for your courses than anyone else.

 Your courses are highly effective in many ways. Not only that, but you have always been available to me by email or phone at no extra charge, always willing to answer all my questions or respond when I am particularly excited about something I have learned from taking your course. You have NEVER pointed to yourself as any type of Guru. In fact, you have always stressed to us that the Truth is inside OURSELVES, not OUTSIDE in books, cults, gurus or whatever. I am studying other things and I can tell you that I am constantly writing notes in the margins that say, "Yes, this is what Gerald teaches, so now I understand better!" As a former military brat and having once had a top secret classification myself, I understand that your background may be classified. Even so, I don't care what your background may have been. I know from MY EXPERIENCE of your course that you know what you are doing and that your course is very highly effective in my life. That's all that matters to me. You have always shied away from petty arguments, even if something was directed against yourself, with compassion, love and understanding. Your love and compassion shows through with every email and phone call. Please feel free to post this and I hope your shameless detractors finally decide to do some REAL research and read these posts in your support. Hey, maybe they could actually TAKE your course and see for themselves!


Pamela Slayton

Gary Bynam  garyx11@hotmail.com wrote to us on June 6, 2003 this feedback about the RI course. Subject:

  • Message from the Higher Realms

Dear Gerald,
I have read the manual three/ four times, I have listened to each tape two or three times each.
I went back over tape three yesterday, and while I was in, I had a message stating that I was nearly there! Two lights came up to me and told me so!
Amazing!  I know my imagination did not make it up.
I have reached a higher level and I will keep learning.

In the manual you stated that extra information will be available, where do I find it? I know you are a very busy person and I am very grateful for your time.
Have you expressed any thoughts on "Matrix reloaded?"

Gary Bynam

 Serge Laliberte  M.D. lelic@nrtco.net sends this testimonial on May 29, 2003 on the RV &RI courses.

  • The power of loving thought in energizing and healing nature and healing an older beloved family pet.

Hi Gerald,

Glad you clarified for me over the phone the issue of vibratory light.  Thanks!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your RV & RI course.  It is outstanding and very exciting to do and experience.  I am now on tape 3B of the RI course.  I have been doing this course slowly over the past 8 months, repeating frequently each tape.  As a result, tape 2A of the RV course is starting to sound warbled.  So I am kindly asking that you send me a replacement.

With regards to my experiences, I have increased intuition and it is coming in more evenly and regularly. I also am more even emotionally, am told that I have more serenity and  feel increased inner peace consistently.  When my dark shadow comes to the surface, I am able to accept and ground the various fears.

All of the above can be real or imagined, but my greatest success and legitimate proof that something is happening has been with tape 6A of the RV course.  I started working on an asparagus fern that was brought indoors in the fall .  This plant did not look very healthy to start with.  Over the course of 3-4 weeks, I did four RV sessions on that plant, it became more healthy and vibrant and finally even bloomed, producing several small star-shaped flower clusters  which we have never seen before.  As I write, this plant is beautiful, vibrant and full of life.

The next experience is with our family dog, a 12 year old Border Collie named Louie.  He loves to run, but has been limping for the past year and this gradually became worse to the point that he was in chronic pain and barely walking on three legs.  X-rays showed advanced osteoarthritis of his right shoulder.  He was given a long-term anti-inflammatory drug, on which he improved but as soon as he would go out for a run, he was limping again.  Using the techniques in tape 6A, I did maybe four sessions at different intervals of  RV & RI on the dog.  Louie got better, the drug dosage and frequency were reduced, and finally he was doing really well. Quite back to normal.  What I was not aware of, was that the teens had forgotten for many weeks to give him his meds regularly, remembering only once a week - maybe.  For the past two months, Louie has been off all medication, is 95% better with only some morning stiffness and not limping.  Now that I call awesome!

All the best, till later


Michael Brock mrbrock302@comcast.net  writes to us these very wise comments on May 20, 2003.  Subject:

  • The secrets of remote influencing and viewing, and the "gap" that is extensively covered in our RI course.

Remote Viewing & Influencing seems like a fascinating construct, utilizing ancient meditation foundations.  Time and space only exist in the brain therefore is collectively projected onto the universe. The brain has to process electronic and chemical impulses which in turn create time and space.

The gap between thoughts is where the Mind exists.  The trick is how to maintain the "gap," and to project desire or manipulation within that relative existence.  We are all able to manipulate our micro-verses by varied means (emotions, desires, angst, joy, happiness etc.).  The key would be to control and understand the influences on ourselves (micro-mind) then manipulate these diverse energies into focused realities of choice.  The manipulation of religion is one of the unique constructs of certain social constructs.  The auto-suggestive reality of marketing, and of course tell-eye-vision.  Projected material on the brain effects the Mind so that the individual loses contiguity with the Mind!

Thought occupies space which severs connection with the Mind.  The time, space reality is created in the brain, the processor.  Then one could conclude that time and space have already been conquered just that the wall won't stay down. (smile)

Kent Annergrund k.annergrund@annergrund.com sent us this feedback on May 12, 2003: Subject:

  • Revealing the core of old secrets without having to join esoteric elitist groups.

Hello Gerald,

 I  promised you comments on the Remote Viewing and Influencing course.  I have an extensive  background in esoteric studies and can confirm your statements about how many esoteric orders, and societies act to keep most people outside of the real knowledge. For reasons linked to power, money etc.

Many of the techniques in the course are familiar in one way or another, but with the important difference that you do not mix them with lies, unnecessary details or side tracks, as many others do. You tell only what is needed to know.
What I love most with your course is the combination of brain wave training and guided visualizations. It's really very powerful.

Does the course help me? Yes it does. Very much so. It has straighten up some question marks I have had and accelerated the process to awakening.

Thank you Gerald!

Feel free to quote me on your feedback page.

Best Regards

Kent Annergrund

Baggar Vance baggarvance35@yahoo.com wrote to us on April 6, 2003. Subject:

  • Erasing fear and negativity. 

  • Using the powerful energy shield and other techniques taught in the RI course.

Dear Gerald,

  I wanted to thank you for everything and specifically for updating your web page with world and investing updates and also for reposting messages for 2003 on the Grill Flame forum.  I am sure that everyone else also appreciates your postings and being able to receive current thoughts from you.

  Personally, I have been going through rough times  (maybe everyone is), which on the plus side requires me to actually use many of the techniques (in addition to simply listening and entraining higher states, which I definitely enjoy) that you teach and to not  just file them away as interesting procedures.  A couple that come to mind are that I am forced to being ruthless about not letting negative thoughts in.  Whereas in the past I might have allowed them to percolate and try to think about them rationally, I have realized that I must cancel them out and shut the door on them immediately......not doing this just greases the skids to slide down into negativity.  Another one, is that I concretely feel the need to exercise is to  increase the golden shield for protection and I try to spread out the inner vibrations of the inner flame, light, and inner smile to other people.  This is especially fun for me to do towards children and babies that I either know or don't know.  Sometimes I get an amazing look of  recognition and knowing back from children and babies.   It is a nonverbal expression that communicates a knowingness that we are on the same team.

   Again, thank you for everything!!!

        Baggar, (Bob) 

Rishael Sisler one of our RV/RI Combo  students, are1@compressionscience.com writes to us this enthusiastic comment on April 1, 2003.  Subject:

  • Changing the life of a diagnosed Schizophrenic patient and improvement of his partial paraplegic condition due to a traumatic fall. When you believe, anything becomes possible!

Hello....to All of You ...who Be...Probable Future,

Thank You....for providing these courses...and making this information so readily affordable for everyone.  In my first visit to Pobablefuture.com....I was so touched by the Love...Compassion...Insight...Intelligence....and Quality of your information on RVing. Everything I read resonated with my beliefs of what I am....and the way things work...from what I have learned in my personal spiritual journey.  Of course...I ordered your course in Remote Viewing.  This was in February of 2002. 

This course has been an incredible tool in my personal development.  I have done many different kinds of work in my 48 years.  The most re-occurring theme since childhood....is I take care of people plants and animals.  For as long as I can remember...I have been caring for injured beings.  This started with people giving me injured or orphaned animals when I was a child.  As a teenager I worked with developmentally disabled children. In college I was pursuing a double major in Music and Psychology.....due to my interest in the effects of music on our feelings, moods and emotions. My formal education was interrupted in 1975 by a near death experience in childbirth....and the loss of my son in the traumatic birthing experience. This is when I had to learn about healing myself....physically and emotionally.  I've continued my "independent studies" of life with raising three children...(youngest now 20)....interspersed with an encounter with Lymphatic Cancer...(survivor..18 years) and a lot of study of physics, metaphysics, and spiritual-physical-mental health.  I still take care of people...a lot of work with the elderly in the 90's....including of course my own parents.

Right after I began your course in RV....I got a call from an acquaintance who wanted me to work with her schizophrenic son.  He was 24 years old...and very injured.  He was an honors student entering UCSC (university of California at Santa Cruz) after high school and had an emotional breakdown in his first year of college.  He was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and put on medication.  In the depths of his despair and confusion....he jumped off of the roof of their 2 story house in august of 2001.  He survived this....as a partial paraplegic and was told he would probably never walk again.

His mother called me in April of 2002 and asked me to work with him.  When I first met this young man he captured my heart...He was very withdrawn...depressed...angry...He was very consumed with his interactions, with his voices. I believe these are all fragments of his shattered self and it has been fascinating getting to know them.  The course in RV has been so valuable....in my efforts to help him discover his path to healing himself.  We worked 1 on 1 together almost every day for about 2 1/2 months.  He started out believing that he would never walk again...could not heal from schizophrenia...and the only point in going on....was to find a better way to commit suicide.  What a journey this has been...Now...almost a year later...He is walking with a brace on one leg and a cane!!  He can even walk up the stairs in my house when he comes to visit.  He is blossoming in his social life and has positive thoughts for his future.  We worked together to hire a staff of "care-pals"!  to further his path to healing.  I could not continue the 1 on 1 intensive...as I needed to go to Indiana to care for my Mother.  Fortunately....by the time I had to go last September we had a good staff of people and he certainly didn't need my personal attention.  Since then I have been the manager and advisor for the care-pals.  I am so grateful for all the ways that I have benefited from the RV course and believe it was instrumental  in my work with this young man.

Now....I'm  off to Indiana again...to care for my Mom who is 84....and move her out to live with my family here in CA.  AND....beginning your course in RI which I LOVE.

So....the point of all this.........My question???? for you......is....This very special young man is having a birthday soon....I would like to give him the course in Remote Viewing....So....What do you know about your tapes and schizophrenia???  What do you think??  Is there any reason he shouldn't???  I think he may really enjoy them and benefit from it!  What do you think??

Once again...Thank You...I love you all....my experience with Probable Future has been like a big Kiss from the Universe!!


David Bernstein  davidsbernstein@optonline.net wrote to us this nice comment on March 27th, 2003:

Hi Gerald,
I've been listening to your tapes since September 2002...I've read your "book" numerous times...And my friend kept telling me to read it again...read it again...and I had written this on my list of things to do...that I should RE-read it...but I could just never find the time...or the patience...to sit and read...since my job ended in November...then I said: WHY DON'T I LISTEN TO THE TAPED VERSION!!! So this is what I did...and I've listened to it several times...

Just tonight I felt inspired to write to you...I was listening to the tapes again...in addition to the OTHER tapes...Tape 1 side 1...and I started to cry...and had this AMAZING revelation...I REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING!!! It hasn't even fully hit me what this means to me...I'm 50 years old...beaten down by society and parents...and friends...and yet...you have inspired me to move forward...

I cannot even explain it in words...thanks so much...David...

Gary Bynam garyx11@hotmail.com a recent RI/RV Combo trainee writes to us on march 13th, 2003. Subject:

  • His experience in being a powerful channel for healing energies and saving the life of his elderly father with the help of the One. Makes me smile!

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience your courses.

 I  have had  bad times lately with my father being very ill but things have turned around very quickly due to my persistent listening to the Out of the Matrix Course, Let me explain:

 My father has suffered with severe arthritis of the Hips and was due to go into a Hospital for a hip operation on Wednesday,  March 5th 2003.

The hip operation went fine but my father's heart and kidneys went into spasm he was moved into intensive care, as his heart/blood pressure was not functioning correctly and he went on life support. 

Friday, March 7th:  After two days, things were not getting better and  the doctor suggested his life could go either way. Upon my visit I  found a very old and confused man who had also developed a very bad twitch as his whole body would jerk up and down. We hoped that it was only  a reaction to the drugs. My father is or was a very fit 79 year old and I was quite distressed. 

The Doctor suggested the kidneys needed help and he would install some sort of dialysis apparatus to help them.

 Saturday,  March 8th: 11AM. My mother called  me at work, and informed me that Dad was still the same. I left work at 2pm with a mission to help my father so I parked up at a car park close to the beach and decided to ask for help. 

I relaxed and moved into the deep theta level, when I arrived I asked for help, two figures appeared the first one looked up at me it had the face of death: a skeleton face.  I pushed it away with white light and as another came I did the same.  I focused  on  asking for help again and this time two figures came and helped me:  an old man with a white beard and a young lady they hugged me, which was strange, I have never had that reaction before.

I focused on Dad in bed and I passed my white light into him focusing on his heart and Kidney's. I kept  filling them with golden light, my body shook from the high level of vibratory energy passing through me.    I thanked my guides and returned to the matrix.

The next day my mother went to see my father.  His heart was stable and they had taken him off the kidney machine. He told my mother, that "they"  had tried to take him away, but I would not let them. My father told me that as  I  visited him  but he was still very confused and I noticed the twitch had gotten worse more alike muscle spasm’s.

 Monday  March 10th: Our visit showed that father was doing a lot better. He was still confused and his memory would jump backwards and forwards.  The muscle spasm’s were a lot worse. The main thing was that he was out of intensive care and now into a small coronary ward which still has 24 hr assistance mainly now for his blood heart monitoring. He  still had a long way to go.

 Tuesday  March 11th:  After our visit I decided my father needed more help with that muscle spasm.

I listened to tape 5b and about 3/4 the way through I Took off the head phones and focused on my father picturing him in front of me, again I pushed golden white light up through his body trying to push out that spasm and my body seemed to shake with effort.

I  also sent golden light around his blood stream to clean the blood I told him he would be all right and to keep fighting I visualised him walking out of hospital and I released that thought to the One.

 Wednesday 12th of March: My mother phoned me at about 4pm asking if my Daughter would like to see Dad?  I was confused, I didn’t think father was well enough to see children, so I asked my mother how he was, she replied, he's fine. What? No muscle spasm? No she said.  I asked her what the Doctor had done.done? "Wait a second I will ask the nurse"  she replied, "nothing, the nurse said the Doctor hasn't done anything."  How is his blood I asked? "Its much better." was her answer.

Thursday 13th of March: 11am, I phone mum for an update. "Good news" she say's Dad should be moved into a normal recovery ward Today.

 Gerald, thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn you RI and RV courses.  This I believe has helped my father live and will never forget it. The circumstances may be unusual, but what you said is true--- I'm on my way to learn how to create my own Universe!

I still have a lot to learn.  I did ask for healing powers and it worked. I feel closer to the One more than ever. Maybe this is just the start.    I will listen to the tapes with even more concentration.

Heartfelt Thanks


 Dennis M Leong denny@hgea.org  of Hawaii send this nice feedback on February 24, 2003

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

     If You haven't received my sincere thank you, well here it is. I surely am very appreciative to have received the RI tape 3 that I have requested. You have done me a very great service. And if you should want to use this letter to let people know of your honesty and kindness to me, do so. Mr. O'Donnell is a man people can respect as well as what he is trying to do to get across to a Nation that have falling to terror. To me, Mr. O'Donnell wants the nation to find their own freedom through their search for internal and Universal peace which is within and not without. And to do this, you must look within and he has a way of doing this. There are many option out their to find your inner peace and freedom, this is mine...

                                    Mr. Dennis M. Leong

Louise Harvey gothicka@powerup.com.au  of Australia took our Combo course and sent us this very interesting testimonials on February 22, 2003. Subject:

  • Manifesting reality.

  • The world is within.

  • Witnessing the "Matrix grid", and doing some accurate RV targeting.

  • Changing her  life and putting her more in control of it.

Hello Gerald,

Well, I have just completed both courses; first the RV training and then the RI straight after. It's time now to give you some feedback.

I am so glad I have done this training. It has been worth every cent. A friend of mine has also now purchased both courses, and I even paid half of the cost for her because I am so thoroughly convinced of its efficacy and its beneficial effects.

I feel really quite different now; a different person almost to the one who started the courses barely 5 months ago. Reality also feels and looks different in many strange and exciting ways.

Not long after I started the course, I was basically forced into watching my thoughts like a hawk, because some negative events occurred at that time that were clearly manifestations of some fears that I was nurturing in my mind. I won't go into details about what those events were, but they left me in no doubt that I caused them to happen. I felt a little out of control about it, and I was concerned that perhaps I just would not be able to monitor my thoughts enough to prevent further negative events from occurring. But on the other hand I also felt reassured that really I WAS creating my reality and therefore I would be able to manifest positive things if I just changed my thinking.

I continued to practice with the tapes consistently, supported with some other quiet meditation and appropriate reading. I monitored my thoughts as much as I possibly could, and as soon as I caught a negative thought, I would replace it with a positive one. During particularly rough times at work or at home, the tapes were always a comforting escape, and they offered reassurance and almost instant relaxation. They helped me to focus on my inner life and stop me from dwelling on any outer problems and attachments.

Anyway, when I had finished the RV training, I did some target practice, and while there was some encouraging success with it, I seemed to have far too much information and images coming into my awareness, to the point where it just seemed like a confused mess! Anyway, I found a strategy that eliminates the extraneous information, and has improved my accuracy. My previous approach was to lie down, and get into Theta or Delta and use a Dictaphone to record what I was seeing. But the strategy that works best in my own case is to sit up in a chair, relax for a few minutes, and record all impressions with a pencil and paper, similar to some of the protocols used in some other RV techniques. This method seems to eliminate a lot of extraneous information and images. Anyway, sometimes the results are so accurate that I find it completely amazing and surreal. Then I might have a few 'misses' and I lose some confidence, but I always come back to it and have a 'hit'.

The exercise that I have had the most success with is where you visualize putting on someone else's head over your own. I get SO much information from this exercise. It has been especially reliable, helpful and insightful, although sometimes I have this icky feeling that I'm invading someone else's personal space! But it has been of tremendous help to make sense of some people's behaviors, and I find that rather than judging them for their behaviors or getting angry etc with them as I might have done before, I now have a great deal more empathy with them. It has really helped me to improve the way I communicate with some of my more difficult work colleagues and family members.  

The other thing that I wanted to mention is a little hard to describe, but more and more often I have these feelings where everything outside of me IS me. Everything; people, cars, trees, books, anything at all.
Suddenly out of the blue I'm looking at something and it looks familiar as though it is me looking at me. Weird but true. Life seems to be becoming less real; visually too. For a long time I have been able to see a faint energy field around people and objects, but sometimes now I see streams of energy simply pouring not only out of people but shaking and moving in the empty spaces around me. I don't know if all this stuff has happened as a direct result of training with the tapes, but I'm pretty confident that it has. Then I had this REALLY strange experience with my vision that I had NEVER had before - I had been working on my computer for a few hours and my eyes were starting to strain, so I held one hand over one of my eyes to rest it, while I looked at the computer screen with my other eye. All of a sudden, the computer screen and everything else in my sight just dissolved away completely and in its place was these vibrating bands of (what seemed like) energy traveling up and across my sight. It was like stepping right into one of those 3D puzzle pictures that were popular a few years ago. As soon as I blinked my computer screen and everything just popped right back into sight and the 'energy bands' were gone. I just thought "Woooah, what the hell was that?"  Too much computing? I don't know, like I said, that has never happened before, and I spend much of working hours sitting in front of a computer.

My favorite tape was definitely 7B of the RI tapes, which I felt an immense connection with. It was like the icing on the cake, although ALL of the tapes were great and I felt that they all contributed to my progress. Some of the RI tapes were a little long for me - I get restless pretty quickly, but I hung in there, or if I was really restless, I would just stop the tape, get up and come back to it a bit later. The first two tapes of the RI course I listened to again and again and again. I think I could recite them by now!

Anyway, I hope this feedback helps you in the ongoing development of the course, and perhaps gives reassurance to those who may be considering purchasing the course. Thank you Gerald for making it available to the public - it's a great gift to the world.


Louise Harvey

Sylvia of the Netherlands  xdamwijk@freeler.nl writes to us on February 19, 2003 about a mystical experience she had while listening to the RI course corresponding to exiting this Matrix. Subject:

  • Kundalini experience when the Earthling soul (Kunda is earth in Hindu) rises up towards the upper energy vortex waiting for the beloved or Heavenly Spirit of the HS to meet her and unite in a Cosmic Orgasm of tremendous proportions. Later on she tasted the sweet nectar of the anointment by the One of the HS and the lower self. Sweet music to my ears!

  Dear Gerald,

I promised to write to you after I've come back from California. But it took me until now to finally write this letter. I don't know where to start. I had physical experiences. I always sit cross-legged while listening to your tapes. One time it was like I was in labor, but the contractions where going upwards instead of downwards. Something wanted to come out. My eyes and my nose were running and my mouth wide open, it was like a huge orgasm. Another time I was just watching golden light, beautiful, constantly moving and flowing like oil. I kept watching and watching. It came spontaneously, however when I wanted to produce it, it just didn't happen.  I feel I am a spectator. When I was in California, many things happened, but I felt I was there and yet I was not there. I don't know how to explain Gerald. What is the matter with me? I feel nothing can touch me. This is it for now.


Gary Bynam  garyx11@hotmail.com sent us on February 1, 2003 these very interesting anecdotal experiences: Subject:

  • Protection afforded by Higher Realms after taking the RV and RI courses.

Hello Gerald
I was sent an email from a fellow viewer who asked if I had anymore experiences, I have two which I have not mentioned they are as follows
 November 2001 Dubai:
 After winning a trip with 50 other managers to Dubai we spent 5 wonderful  days in great company.
 The last night is always a special event and we went into the desert and had a feast dressed in full Arab regalia, we arrived back at the Hotel were everyone decided to go to the bar for a last drink, I left my wife in the lobby while I went up stairs to get my wallet as I came out of the lift I  noticed she was talking to an Arab as I approached he left her and walked away, she explained that he thought that it was an insult for us to wear this sort of regalia in front of Arabs.
 So we told the others and got changed and went to our rooms for a night cap, I poured two Gin & Tonics and sat on the Balcony we were on the fifth floor and had a lovely view of the ocean.

 Suddenly I felt frightened I don't know why so I moved just inside the balcony door way, my wife asked if anything was wrong? I said no.
 We went to bed. Later on that night something made me wake up, I opened my eyes to see the curtains from the patio doors swaying to and fro as if the doors were opened, I checked what I had seen again and again then at the corner of my eye I saw him, the same Arab that was in the lobby.
 I froze, I admit I was frightened, we were being mugged ? I don't know why, but the first thing I thought I should do, is protect my self and my wife by using the light just as Gerald had taught me to so I did I concentrated as best as I could I also protected my wife I visualized we were both balls of light.
 I lay there still as I could but thinking may be I should do something more positive and have a go at him in that split second I jumped up and as you would guess he was gone. I checked the doors to the balcony, they were locked, and Tracy was still asleep.
 The next morning I asked her if she had seen or heard anything out of the  unusual last night, she said "yes I saw that Arab at the bottom of your bed. I thought, I must be dreaming and went back to sleep!"
 I don't quite know why he came, but he never returned.

 January 31 2003

 Having a dream which I remember the end of, I woke suddenly  as I thought I heard our gate open, which is a big old metal thing.
 I looked towards the bedroom door and about 5 feet from the ground I saw what seemed to be an object with the colors red, green, white light etc !
 It felt as if I had caught it watching us in bed and suddenly it realized this, so it quickly blended back into our matrix.
 The colors faded one by one taking about 2 sec's each, can't explain what happened maybe someone else can ?
 The RV and RI Teachings from "Out of the matrix" are definitely a must.  I'm sure they will open many doors to many.

 Many Thanks

 Pekkalainen Leena  of Finland, leenapee@hotmail.com  writes this interesting comment on January 23, 2003    Subject:

  • Connecting to the Universal Mind (Delta) and perceptually hearing a very old language being spoken from that level:

Hi, Gerald!

I'd like to draw your attention to a curious thing that has begun happening to me after I started using the RI tapes. I have done the RV course like you know and been doing RV with real targets after that. I can't say I'm 100% accurate (well who is?) but I've learned to trust more the flashes of information I get and sometimes they have been so accurate I've really been surprised.  
After listening to the RI course through a weird thing has now happened many times when I do RV.
A person monitors me during RV. He speaks somehow an very ancient language I have no knowledge of. So I start my RV,  "look" into something and then out of the blue I "hear" words that are absolute gibberish to me. I can't say I hear every letter - it's like trying to pronounce Chinese words someone whispers to you. When I repeat them aloud after hearing them they aren't always completely correct. But the point is they are in this language I have never studied in my life and they are meaningful to my monitor. I've actually gotten sentences even - and they also have been meaningful to the monitor, made sense and the words have come in correct order. Some of the words I've managed to pronounce completely correct and some almost there.

The way I hear this is not traditional hearing. It's like someone placed the sentence into my mind, somewhere midway between listening with ears and just knowing something. I've never been good with hearing stuff, I'm mostly visual when I do RV.

I'd understand my subconscious would be feeding info from the depths of my memory if I had ever studied even a word of this language but I haven't. Also I have not known previously in my life anyone who speaks this language. So I can't be repeating sentences I've heard before. This language is not spoken here where I live. As far as I know I haven't seen movies where they'd speak this language. I've not been exposed to it. 

This is really strange. Am I tapping now into (what I think Jung called) the Common Subconscious or what? If so, then certainly your RI course has done a minor miracle here.  Especially I've been wondering about the relevance of these words / sentences to another person or to the RV I am doing. (Hehe, maybe I'll soon speak this language naturally without ever studying it?)

Have you heard of a thing like this happening before?   Leena :-)

Pam Slayton <Pmantares@aol.com> wrote this us this great healing testimonial on January 18, 2003    Subject:

  •  Healing of her son's viral meningitis

Dear Gerald,

 I just wanted to share a little healing testimonial as it is mostly due to my having taken your first  and second course.  As you know, my 18 year old son has been very sick with viral spinal meningitis. He was sick for a week before we realized what was wrong. We thought he had the flu until the night that no amount of Motrin would take his headache away and his back and neck were also painful. He was admitted into the hospital the very next day, a Saturday. We were told several times that he had a very serious case of it.  So serious, that if it had been bacterial, he would already have died from it.  I was able to stay with him not only during the day, but all through the night as well. It is hard to describe what he went through and the constant, intense pain he was in during that time. Keep in mind, I was so totally beyond exhausted, I had an extremely low energy level myself. In fact, there were many times, I came close to passing out in the hospital.  By the following Thursday morning, he was no better and they were discussing sending him to a major hospital on Friday that would be an hour away from me.  Not only did I want Adam to get better, but his being an hour away would have made things very difficult for me as I still had obligations at home.  So, I sat next to his bed and starting praying a mantra according to my beliefs. Within five minutes, I felt the energy surge and "electrical" tingling throughout my body that I am familiar with from using your tapes.  The thought came to me to direct that energy to Adam. Because of taking your first course, I knew how to turn the energy into intense white light and direct it throughout Adam's body.  On it's own, it turned from white light to blue.  I kept this up until I felt the energy dissipate within me.  TRULY, from that time onward, Adam's pain was gone. He needed no more medication.  When the doctor came in the next morning to check on him, she expressed amazement at his sudden improvement. Instead of sending him to the hospital an hour away, she sent him home! I firmly believe that was the day his spinal meningitis finally went away.  The following Sunday, he did have some problems with spinal headaches, but that can be normal after what he went through in the hospital. The meningitis is gone. And now, the spinal headaches are gone as well. If it wasn't for your course, I would not have known what to do with the sudden energy I felt within myself.  Thank you so much and also to everyone for their prayers and energy thoughts. 

Sincerely, Pamela Slayton

Rob Chojnacki <rvrob@hotmail.com> who is the webmaster and moderator of the highly successful and  independently run RV student forum grillflame.net wrote to us on January 16, 2003 this feedback on the RI course.    Subject:

  • Becoming a "Quantum Leaping Precognition Phone salesman!"

Dear Gerald,

Ever since the day I started reading the first part of the Remote Influencing course, I have noticed many many effects.  I have already sent  you feedback in which I have affected the physical realm with my mind on  several occasions.  From causing reactions in other people, to knocking out  the power in certain rooms of a house, while not even being in the house.

I just wanted to let you know that my intuition has shot through the roof. 
I know what people are thinking, I know what people are about to say.  I  know who is on the other end of a ringing phone (call it a mental caller ID hehehe).

In my job, I spend a large part of the day retrieving messages from an answering system.  I cannot even count how many times I was listening to a message and started writing down either the person's name or phone number *before* they even say it.  I do it unconsciously, and all of a sudden catch myself doing it!  You can bet that I immediately recognize it as an increased intuition and thank my higher self for poking in to say hi.

Also, as many people in the Grillflame forums can agree, there has been a large increase in my visualizations and sensual data.

When I speak to people on the phone, I have an uncanny connection with them.
I really believe this because almost instantly when I speak to a customer on the phone, I can feel a different room temperature, I can smell or taste things that obviously are not in my room, and can even sense where they are calling from.
  I can only attribute it to me experiencing the caller's surroundings.  I even asked someone what the weather in California was like, and they hadn't told me where they were from!! (I'm in New Jersey).  The lady asked me "How did you know I was in California?"  I had no idea I even did this and quickly replied that my phone screen says it, although in truth there is no phone screen, and no way for me to have known she was in California!  I just "felt" California, and could feel the Pacific breeze and just had a mental picture in my head of the state of California while I was talking to her.  I was so taken back by the warmth and sensory feeling of California, that I straight up asked her what it was like out there, not knowing that she really was from there.

I also started using the course exercises to attract work (my web design company) and money, and only a couple days later got a call from one of my clients who has $5,000 worth of work for me to start immediately.

I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  I've only just begun my journey, and can't wait to really dig into the material you have provided.

Thanks so much Gerald, I am blessed to have found your courses.

Rob Chojnacki

John Quincy  writes to us on January 12, 2003. Subject:

  • Operating at a higher vibratory level

  • Needing less food

  • Accurately predicting The Dow and S$P indices for the next day.

Hi Gerald,
I have been using your course for a few months now and wanted to share some feedback.  I listen to the course daily and it has had a profound effect on my mental and physical body.  My body feels like it is changing.  It constantly pulsates or vibrates and feels like tiny electrical impulses surging all the time.  This is most notable when I am lying down before I fall asleep.  My diet has also changed dramatically.  I used to crave and eat a large steak every day, needing the protein.  However, now I rarely eat meat nor have the desire to.  At this time, I eat very little, yet have not lost any weight.  I have actually gained weight.  My remote viewing abilities are very accurate now. As a trader, I see what the Dow and S&P will trade at the next day on a regular basis.  It has been remarkable.  My friends have noticed a significant change in me.  They say it is hard to describe, but something has changed.  Your course is really incredible and one of the best things I have done for my life.
Most Sincerely,

Steve Collins  mildman@direcway.com sends us this enthusiastic testimonial about the RI course on January 10, 2003

After practicing the RV for some time, the RI tapes are amazing! I now experience a much quicker entry into the different levels of consciousness. Many of my dreams are so life-like, as if I was directing the action. And I'm only on tape 4. I can't wait to see the future!! Thanks for providing this course, especially at an affordable price. Again, thank you.

Thank you so much.


Nathan Farmer a UK trainee  informer@totalise.co.uk sends us this feedback on January 10, 2003: Subject:

  • The beginnings of DNA reprogramming while listening to the RI course.

I have posted this on Grillflame.

Once I have finished the course I will spend time and write a complete one for you .

I did for the First time this morning Tape 5 A & B of the RI course:

Side A
I find Side A very powerful for me.  I find the Yawning Technique very  interesting , after I do it I get a feeling of a change of Awareness unlike  any mediation state I have had. I also can only make the Buzzing noise for  about 20 second and time. Can other do it for longer ? Its taken me a while to  get to RI using strong emotions I think I have got it now .. I use the feeling
I then got to Tape 3 B were you doing the smiling Technique.

Side B

I had a major experience of feeling  being the vibratory light of consciousness  and of being in a place which had no size nor dimension to it. I could actually feel that it was a Void of light:  it felt very ME , but I cannot remember lots of it, a bit like when you dream. Five hours have gone by, and I am only getting bits back now.
It was very Timeless.  I only did 1/2 of side B before my Mind/Sub-conscious took me out of it, I thought the tape must have stopped.

I also had a pain-like feeling that some of you have had with you body as it is being reprogrammed. At one point, my arm started  to move on its own, tracing geometrical figures,  when I was on Side B. But it then stopped due to my armrest.
I am very excited about doing the whole of tape 5 again!

Nathan Farmer

This very important message was posted by Darren Smith  dsmithgroup@socal.rr.com on the www.grillflame.net Message Board on January 01, 2003: Subject: " Adventures in the Magic Land of becoming a co-Creator!"
Much more RV and RI feedback and discussions from RV and RI trainees of the Academy is available on that

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2003 11:45 pm    Post subject:

Hi Dave
Good Question...

Lately, I seem much more interested in RI then RV...The RI course however has ironically inspired me to go deep into some of the RV tapes.
The RI course & CDs seem to penetrate the states-theta & delta into me. I feel intuitively that these states of being are the purpose of the whole thing and the co-creator aspects that follow and are intertwined with.

In fact 'checking out' targets seems boring compared to accessing these deep states and realizing that you are The One and seeing & living life from this perspective. In reality, it is life-changing and quite adventuresome with new unknowns in many areas of life.

I RV that RI is really about influencing One's self and its creations from Within versus RI people or events Without...I really see this!

Many of the questions/concerns I spoke of a few weeks ago regarding negative memes, back-firing of RI effects, etc. seem to have lost their power upon my questioning mind. In retrospect, it seems as if I was RVing in advance all the answers to my questions or perceived 'holes' in the process which seem to have been addressed exactly in tapes 4 thru 6....And Tape 6 has 'sealed' (pun intended) these answers as of Icing on the Cake...Indeed, the RI course has proved Ultra-Comprehensive! Thank you Gerald for being so thorough, keen and of exceptional positive intent. And, by the way, the programs 'mind level theta/delta' work!'

Dynamically Viewing & Participating On line-Real Time 'virtual reality' playing fields IS replacing the 'boring' mere 'data downloading' mental task that RV infers....Enter the DEEP states and be there as real as here and as much with the feeling of being a visitor both here and there as you describe...anyways, once there, it overwhelms the mental desire to RV data and puts you in Be Here Now & Lets Create...Bliss.

Dave, in regards to my similar 'challenge' (new word adopted to take away power from the dark cloud-ha ha dark cloud) as you...Shrinking these 'major problems' to insignificant pests that are NOTHING and as little a problem of pesky 'gnats' to brush aside--this is how I  am intuiting and functionally dealing w/the 'mindbender' now...and it is working and I will RI its work to the end...Look & laugh into the face of the DC/DM trying to RI us!

But check this out...Around mind October, I consciously said a little 'wish' before going to sleep one night...AND I meant it sincerely..."please give me some kind of temporary affliction/ailment to make me somewhat 'maimed' for a year to get 'sympathy' at sentencing time...Well less then a week later I got a strange auto-immune disorder... which took doctors 6 weeks to diagnose and left me almost paralyzed during this time...Finally after diagnosis, it turns out to be a very rare syndrome that only 6% of male Caucasian population can even get, but the good news being, it is a chronic long-term illness that works its way out of the system for good in about 1 year! Scary & obvious immediate RI effect!
So word to the wise:  "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU 'WISH' FOR..." The pain and unknown nature are not worth going thru for the purpose (at least I don't think so...) Anyhow, if this 'helps' me we'll see...No-I will RI it to be so.

More Testimony
Have you guys had the following...while in Theta/Delta...? I now regularly while deep in state have live images of my loved family members.. i.e. wife, 4 yr beautiful daughter & son & basset hound  etc. in my 'field' and interacting, playing, hugging with absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between Real Life, even more Lucid and more Lucid than Lucid dreaming...When I come out of the state they slip out of my arms in a natural way, with very positive feeling that this did just occur, no doubt, definitely interacting with them, their vibrational spirit in a 'physical way'....Absolutely wondrous & materialized. Peter Pan Syndrome going on here...!

Living a Miraculous life Here & Now is obviously what it's about and apparently Gerald's courses are consciously or unconsciously brilliantly engineered as a primary tool,  as a hammer is to a carpenter...

RI the Macro-Reality-the entire playing field...first thought 'yea right...' but now feel it is a real possibility....but it has to be specific to us and the like-minded and work on the 100 monkey effect...The masses over-programmed and/or non-sentient, and/or but most likely ASLEEP, and who, like the character in the MATRIX with the Bald Head & Roast-Beef Appetite, prefer not to be awakened into the land of Magic and High-Adventure!


Ken Kimball kkimball@worldpath.net sends us on January 1, 2003 this very interesting feedback.  Subject:

  • Unleashing the extremely powerful Divine Cosmic Energy within the biology.

Holy Guacamole!

I just did tape 6b again. Some people were talking about body twitching.
Well if the bed in my meditation room was on a frame instead of just on the floor, I would have broken the bed. In fact I'm lucky I didn't sprain my lower back and neck. I was like a fish out of the water, flopping, twisting, shaking. It originated from dian tien, my center of energy, two inches below my navel. It was like riding a mechanical bull or something. Yeeee Hawww.
 I may have to take up smoking after such an incredible body orgasm. My energy was jamming (still is), so fast and refined. My back is a little sore. I mean, holy you know what. It started with a twitch of my right foot. Then when instructed to bring on a high vibratory body orgasm, damn I was good (lol). I feel like singing....you guys are lucky you can't hear my voice, not exactly angelic! All I can say is I plan on doing that again!

PS. After reading your new year post, I remembered to ask for help!  I must have conjured up a sex goddess or something!

Doug Benge dbenge@aub.com send this nice testimonial on the RI course on December 31, 2002:

Happy Holidays Gerald!

Your program is absolutely spectacular!!!

I am already noticing profound changes.  My studies with the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC may have given me a nice base to start with, but your program is unlike any I have ever heard of, and is more or less supercharging my spiritual development.  I do not understand even how to appropriately thank you for this body of work!

I think a program like this would revolutionize the current-day educational system.

Beyond Thanks!!!

Doug Benge

Henri Weinstrass <hweinstrass@aol.com> wrote to us on December 31, 2002:

Dear Gerald:

I am a long time (15 years) practioner of Chinese Internal combat arts( Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi).  We have two sayings regarding the highest level of development.
One is that "the form becomes formless," the other is that "use technique equals lose."

By this we do not denigrate the practice of form or the development of techniques from the form. We do this constantly in practice. BUT, when in actual combat, there can be no form or technique, all must be dropped and you must become the form, there can be no TRYING, only doing (sounds like YODA!).

Your techniques remind me of form training. My question is, at some point should we be able to drop all visualizations and techniques and just "flow" to and "with" a mind level by intent? No thought no trying? No technique?

Happy New Year
Greg Lapkoff

Tammy Allison ktall4@adelphia.net sent us this feedback on December 31, 2002: Subject:

  • Her first OOBE flight while listening to the CD.

Hey Gerald:

Got the Jamais Vu Papers yesterday. Thanks! It looks like a hoot! I'm glad I'm on vacation this week, so I'll have a chance to read it.
Another exciting thing: I was listening to the CD about 4 a.m. this morning and doing Reiki. In the Delta section, I lost a little time, then the next thing I knew, I was having my first lucid flying dream! I was back at the University of Colorado at Boulder where I went to law school, zooming around the inside of the campanile. I was looking for a way out to the sky and shot out a very small window at the top (too small for a person to get through). Next I was making big looping circles in the night sky and practicing landings on the ground. It was so vivid; just as vivid as the dream about the diner full of zombies that I had the other night.

The only part I didn't get was that I was holding a large horseshoe shaped magnet in both hands and somehow using that to steer with. I was so excited and not the least bit nervous or nonplussed by the whole thing. I was going to call you up and tell you about it, but considering the time, I thought I'd spare you!  LOL.

Happy New Year!


Deidra dlwegt@yahoo.com sent us this feedback on The RI course:

Dear Gerald,

You are somethin' !!! The RI course is amazing of course but I just want you to know, "so are you!" I don't have the words for it but the feelings run deep.

Hope you're keeping notes for your memoirs, I'd dearly love to hear your story someday. (esp. about your trips out of this world)

With Love and Appreciation, Deidra.

Message from Saleem Rana" <saleemrana2000@yahoo.com> to the Grillflame Group on December 26, 2002:

Hi Pam:
Yes, I have been having a lot of experiences lately. They are vivid when they happen, then later I return to ordinary awareness. There does not seem to be a pattern to them, but appear random. Basically, what I think is happening is that when we imagine potentialities at deep states of consciousness, the subconscious spills over into conscious awareness. If there is a central component to any of them, it would be thinking of consciousness as an immeasurable flow of awareness, knowledge, and bliss and then surrendering to this consciousness. The more one surrenders to it, the less the conditioned, limited, socialized aspects of consciousness, which we think of as egoic consciousness, the part that identifies with the interactions of the world, has an impact. Thus, these psychic experiences are like sparks of contact. What they show is that we are not our minds or our bodies, but something transcendental.
In terms of rewiring, strange things are happening. More and more of my flimsy reality seems to be falling apart; my curiosity and compassion have accelerated; and I am finding more episodes of sudden knowing and synchronicity.
Yes, I agree with you about the intelligence of whales and dolphins. I recent visited with some friends who went swimming with dolphins off the coast of Bimini, and they said that it was a most healing experience. They also narrated how one woman lost the boat because she swam too far out and the dolphins led her back.
In terms of my experiences, I think that the words of Ramana Maharishi would fit in well here. He said that there is only the Self and ignorance. The reason why we do not feel the Self is because we are engaged in persistent delusion. We feel we are the limited self living in a hostile world and that we must survive. Gerald's tapes help diminish the entrapment of delusion and identification with the unreal and open us up to contact with the higher reality, which is the consciousness that we have denied. The greater awareness is always there, but we choose to look away, because we are hypnotized by our internal agreements to stay limited.
Be well,

Donald Sevier das_13@yahoo.com, an RI student sent us this comment on December 22, 2002: Subject:

  • A message from our Great Mother. Please read.

I received this message in the form of a dream during a deep sleep session. 

"My womb is damaged, my uterus is torn.  But what hurts me the most is my broken heart.  I can remember when the EARTH was much younger, and quieter.  Less of you (humans) occupied it.  More of my wonderful trees inhabited its surface.  You (humans) have built up your urban areas, destroying much of what was left of my beautiful forests and groves, collections of great, old trees.  You built up the urban areas, and housing developments.  Great, sprawling buildings, and houses now stand on what used to by my old groves, my forests, my collections of trees.  It does not hurt me so much for you to be driving, or using your machines.  What does hurt me so much is these great, sprawling buildings, and houses that now stand on what used to by my old groves, my forests, my collections of trees."

GOD bless and AMEN

Manda  xdamwijk@freeler.nl sends this enthusiastic comments on December 21, 2002:

Dear Gerald,

We know truth when we see it. That's what Ralph Waldo Emerson has said I believe. And that's what I knew, deep in my heart, listening to the first tapes from the RI-course. It was not an accident that I stumbled on this website. It's hard to word for me what my experiences are since I have been listening to the tapes. My understanding has certainly deepened dramatically and so has the feeling of tremendous gratitude and love. I am so grateful also that I can share with the people who come to me. I give massages and hands on healing sessions. I am a Reiki Master. And I keep learning and learning and learning and there's no end to it I believe. Till the next time. with love.

Skywalker  tmc@safelink.net wrote to us on December 5, 2002:

I have studied and enjoyed the RV program, just when I thought I was having so much fun I could fly like a kite without a string, I started working with the RI course.

Wow, what a tremendous leap!  When I listened to the first two tapes my whole body would tingle especially the top of my head.  I thought this is what I've been looking for all of my life!!  I knew in the deepest part of my being that the way this life had been set up was not right.  After about 2 weeks of listening to the tapes and reading the book, I started training with the third tape.  What a kick!  When the sound was in my left ear the right side of my brain tingled, and when the sound changed to the right ear the left side of my brain tingled. You can feel the
reprogramming.  I look at things differently.  I seem to be able to disengage from the old recycling dramas of my life.  The longer I work with the RI course the freer I feel!  Yippy.... Bright and Light I feel!  One little light of high vibration changes everything, and no thing is ever the same.
This is just my beginning!!


Shawne Gately  peacebestill22@yahoo.com sends this testimonial on December 2, 2002: Subject:

  • Remaining aware at Theta and Delta.

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for a superb job on the second set of tapes!  I am so thrilled at how wonderfully they help me sustain the theta and delta states while aware and awake!  I believe that I am becoming better able to hold those states at other times during the day as well.  I have gone through them several times to be familiar with them and to enjoy the altered states.  Now I feel it is time to get down to business and be the best manifester I can be.  I want to listen with my beta ears and give you feedback.  One thing that I could not find in the tapes which was mentioned in your introductory manual was something about sound and in particular E sharp  (which you probably realize is also known as F).  This is very interesting since I studied sound healing which involved tuning forks.  In one version, F relates to the brow or third eye chakra.  In another F relates to the heart chakra.  I wonder if you have any insight about this?  I tend to trust that F belongs to the heart chakra myself, but I am open to ideas.  I have actually used these in my practice and a whole body balancing can be done with the forks.  Most people are very moved by this experience.  I have a complete set, but I know that my local violin shop can order any note that you might need for around 5 - 7 dollars.  If you have some particular ideas about toning with F, please let us know. 

About 10 years ago before the term day trader was mentioned, this is exactly what I used to do.  It worked out well for me because I was not particularly attached to the outcome since I was working with long term funds.  For me it was the Zen feeling of being in the ocean.  The height of dynamic, not static at all, some days lose, some days win, but overall win.  I had to stop it a few years back because my husband was very emotional about each and every trade very high and very low.  I felt that it was a destructive attitude to our relationship and had to choose the relationship.  He has since felt that it would be great if I went back to it since with the distance he realizes that it was very beneficial and his own strategies have not been at all.  So I guess it might be a good idea since a number of your letter writers are investors to get more detailed about your strategies.

Once again, I must stress that your tapes have met my expectations for better healing while at theta levels.  I have done a few sessions where I hung my tape player around my neck in a pouch that I sewed in order to stay in theta.  I am finding this less necessary since I can do it more on my own.

Have you any immediate plans to open a restricted area of the website yet?  Do you have any ideas about your proposed 3rd set of tapes?  I see the first set as being a general introduction to the idea with some experiential exposure to altered states.  I see the second set as a wonderful compendium of master information found in so many paths from Tantra, NLP, high level mysticisms from many schools and much more.  Certainly those of us drawn to this information have hopefully studied all of this before.  I guess some of what I would expect from a 3rd set for those who dare are many more specifics and more nitty gritty about influencing.  As well, since where 2 or more are gathered, I would hope that there would be the capacity for you to do general e-mail sharing or through the restricted area of your website so that we can together work on peace projects etc...  to counteract some of the nonsense in the world.  I would also love to collectively target information and see what comes up with a number of people.

Just some thoughts.  Peace, blessings and gratitude for your wonderful work.


Deidra Wegter <Zenith2002@planet-save.com> sends this wonderful feedback on November 30, 2002:

To the Academy of Remote Viewing,

As you know I have been working with your Remote Viewing course for about a year and a half. So in beginning the Remote Influencing course recently, I have had some amazing experiences! The amount of inner energy, the abundance of gleeful abandon and the connection with love, nature, and higher levels of mind is overwhelming at times. I could never have imagined myself experiencing such things. I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and look forward to each new adventure.

The practical applications of the mind skills learned in these courses are seemingly endless. Personally, I have used them to improve various situations at home, at work, and in assisting those in need. When the stress of life threatens to overpower, I can still my mind and find my way through. I have been able to find solutions for critical problems and have had success in manifesting some amazing things into my world.

In addition to the valuable support offered through the Academy of Remote Viewing, I have connected with Grillflame http://www.grillflame.net , a growing group of individuals interested in exploring the applications of RV and RI. The enthusiasm for Gerald's RV and RI courses, the experiences shared and the ideas generated there are highly beneficial to my daily practice.

I hope to see Gerald O'Donnell continue his mission of making this information available worldwide and I look forward to future educational material from the Academy of Remote Viewing.

Sincerely, Deidra Wegter

Bob Butler  rbjjb@techline.com wrote to us on November 27, 2002:  Subject:

  • Reaching the Peace of God.

Dear Gerald,

  Last night I listened to both sides of tape 4 of the RI course for the first time and it was amazing. I could feel a lot going on during the tape and it was very pleasurable and afterward and continuing until now, I have a very soft feeling in my center that radiates out this peaceful soft feeling.  During the tape I felt like I was in a state that I had always been longing for.
It was almost like stepping into a hot bath on a cold day and then wriggling around and feeling the warmth spread all over.  I feel like everything that you said in the tape WAS really happening!!!  This incredible softness seems to pervade everything and it feels that deep seated stresses and worries have lost their foothold on me.  Thank You!!

  I hope that all is going well for you and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


P.S.  I have been enjoying the Forum on your website and one of these days when I get up the inspiration to write something I think that I will use the "handle" or "pen name" Baggar Vance like in the book "The Legend of Baggar Vance" this way I can keep my identity private except from you.  Thanks again for everything.

Saleem Rana srana25@hotmail.com  sent us this comment on November 26th, 2002:

Dear Gerald:

You have surpassed yourself with the RI course.  It is absolutely stunning.  The concepts, special effects, etc, are remarkably uplifting.  I have only got to the second tape so far for one session so no experiences yet...but I know that as I allow myself to get into a deeper state of surrender that things will start happening.  Bravo!


Nathan Farmer  informer@totalise.co.uk from the U.K. a highly accomplished Rviewer and soul, sent us this warm feedback on November 26, 2002   Subject:

  •  Experience the Full Body Of Light Orgasm when uniting with the One

Hi Gerald:

I have only done the first few tapes of the RI course but I thought I would  give you some feedback.

Tape 1 & 2 along with the booklet will unlock and open your mind to a refreshing and powerful way to view your life and reality. This in itself is a Golden key from the source of the ONE,  this helped free myself.. WOW!!!!!

Tape 3a  While listing to this tape the first time I got pressure in the left ear , like you do when you are flying in a plane . I feel so Alert after I do this tape and I stay very alert while doing this tape.

Tape 3 b  I really notice a difference after 2 days of using tape 3b, I never got on with a person and after doing tape 3b I met this person and it was like we were best friends !  I must of had some emotional blocks and this tape helped my release them. I have felt a lot lighter and more energetically powerful  after doing this  tape.
I get the feeling of what it is like being part of the Quantum soup of reality, the Void .  If you get a bit of paper and draw a dot  the dot is YOU around  the dot is the void. In reality the dot is just a reflection/hologram of you , you are really the Void ( the space around you ) this feeling is hard to put into words. but I now understand how it is possible to create and control your own reality.

Tape 4 a,b  Woooooooosh !!! What a Journey. This tape lets me reach Levels of Alpha/Theta/Delta  while I stay conscious which I always had problems with on the RV course.
There is a technique on 4a which gives me a feeling alike a Mega-Orgasm (it is worth getting the course just for this great sex aid!)  I bet the female orders must be rising!   It's still early in my exploration of these two tapes but I am really feeing that for the first time I can and will take control and help heal and free others from this Matrix.

Hope this helps people strongly thinking of getting these tapes. I do highly advise getting both course as there are techniques in the RV course which  you need to master for the RI course.

Gerald O'Donnell is always available when he can to help people. He is a lovely kind and open man with a great sense of  humor, and I thank him for bringing  this information from the One to US . It shows that he is a true spiritual warrior for the people!
If you want to meet people, mainly from this Academy,  with like-minded views, then go to www.grillflame.net

Love & Cosmic hugs

Nathan Farmer

Member of The Academy of Remote Viewing

Ernie & Mariah Peters < empeters@uniserve.com>  wrote to us on November 25th, 2002:

Mr. O'Donnell; We received the package on Nov.15 listened to the first tape that night. My experience was that I kept going deep every time I would listen to the tape, I tried to stay on the surface to listen to what was being taught, but try as hard as I could, I kept going very deep. We are now on the 4th. tape. I always go to theta and Delta, sometimes very deep, where I don't remember anything. At time I can still hear you speaking but so far away, and at those times I feel like it would be impossible for me to even lift a finger, or wiggle my toes.  There is something very important that I need to look into. We will be starting on the fifth  tape tonight. Mariah

Nicolaos Giannakopoulos  nico@ath.forthnet.gr a trainee from Athens, Greece, wrote to us on November 23, 2002     Subject:

  • How the powerful heightened intuition he developed through the RV course saved him from many potentially serious driving accidents, and even from harming innocent pedestrians. This  avoidance of dangerous situation which is a result of the acute intuitive 6th sense that our students develop easily, is probably one of the most important reasons for training with the RV and RI courses during these turbulent times.


I am so glad you are around and glad for what you create.

I just received the Remote Influencing course. Thanks. Looking forward to the contents.
The other day while driving I received through my usual instinct info (developed through the RV course) to slow down AND also to change to the fast lane (contradicting all logic). I did so, since all the information I get is always useful. As I immediately started to slow down I thought that a car would come from the first crossroad suddenly without the driver checking for crossing traffic (the above has happened several times and has saved my life!). By the way, it was raining heavily. Guess what happened? It wasn't because of the car that I was getting this time instructions to slow down, but it was because of a bus stop with several people with lots of water on a patch right in front of them . I WAS SO HAPPY to realize that they stayed dry by me listening to my inner voice.
PS: I get so many inspirational AHA's, so much INFO!

Thank you so much.


Manda, a recent student from the Netherlands, xdamwijk@freeler.nl wrote to us this warm testimonial on November 22, 2002:

Dear Gerald,
Just this morning I received  the remaining tapes of the RI course. Thank you so much.
I have been practicing with the RV tapes for 6 months now. And I must say, I have come really addicted to them. Tape 2A and B have been wonderful to me, going deeper and deeper, loosing myself it seems? Going on forever and when I finally come out, I notice I haven't heard a word you said. I have been practicing with my plants in my house. I have several orchids, white and pink and purple. They give such beautiful flowers. I give them my love and talk to them. I have read your message from Nov.14 Gerald and it made me more aware of every living entity. Listening to tapes 1 and 2 of the RI course. I hear the truth of it and I love to listen to them again and again. Allowing the message to go deep within. Thank you so much Gerald, I share this information with others and it seems more and more are opening themselves to this. In love and gratitude,


David Burnstein  <davidrsc@bellatlantic.net> commented on November 20, 2002:

Hi Gerald,
An AMAZING thing happened to me today...and I wanted to write to YOU first...because I feel you deserve all the kudos...Though a friend who is "psychic" told me this would happen...I STILL feel it is because of using your tapes...and because of our conversation the other day...

I had an incident that occurred to me at work in June...and since then...work has gone TOTALLY down hill...I wanted OUT...I had a meeting scheduled with Civil Rights on 11/7...which was a good date...but the representative from the company was ill...so we changed it to 11/20...

For the last many weeks I had been ABSOLUTELY picturing that the company would give me a buyout...in fact...when I went on vacation starting 11/12...I wrote a note to myself: YOU ARE NOT RETURNING HERE!!!

I could NOT sleep last night...and kept talking to the man who would represent the company...a VERY hard-line MAJOR Fortune 500 company...I told him...I want a buyout...

Though I only got about a third of the money I really wanted...the GREATER gift is that I have severed my energy ties with this TRULY sinister company...and have now freed up a lot of energy for OTHER things...like my roulette venture...

I will be spending a substantial amount of additional time with your tapes...and hope to call you in a few weeks...if I feel the need to...

Thank you SO much...

I AM Yours truly,
David S Bernstein

SJ  sovereignjoe@yahoo.com  wrote to us on November 19, 2002:

Dear Gerald
I apologize for not emailing sooner but I was away from Victoria over the weekend.
Yes thank you I received the pkg on Thursday with the CD in, I have listened to tape 3 a number of times now - I have not progressed to other tapes yet. The clearing on side B has been very powerful, and is also very timely, as I am currently going through a rather difficult split with my business partner.
As I am beginning to rebuild my consulting business again, I am bringing in two other associates to work with me, both of whom I have known well for a long time, and through long and deep conversation over a number of years, about "stuff of life things" that are important to us, we share many of the same life values, spiritual, family, as well as business goals, as well as having similar motives, and motivations. I am sure that while this split has been, and is, difficult, that all will sort out and business will move and grow to a much higher level.
I look forward to working with the other tapes.
I have been having some wonderful and interesting experiences, some, quite emotional, with both the vegetable and mineral  kingdom, while walking out of doors, and occasionally while working here in my office. It seems to be a melding of sorts with these realms. I do have assistance from "others" several of whom have been with me since I was very young.

My wife and I are still enjoying the CD playing the Delta track, through the night and both of us still comment on the continual shift in our sleep patterns, that I have mentioned before to you. The sense of not sleeping hardly at all some nights and yet feeling rested in the morning.

Thank you again.
I will keep you posted.


Donald Sevier das_13@yahoo.com sends us this comment on November 19, 2002:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I think of these courses as the savior of Earth and mankind!!!  If only more people knew about them!!!

If only more people were willing to listen, and try some of these techniques in their daily lives!!!!

As I begin to lay the foundation groundwork of this new course #2, I really have no questions at this time.  Most of my questions were created in course #1, The Remote Viewing Course, and confirmed through experiences in course #2.

I look forward to going to bad tonight and falling asleep to the tapes.  Actually, in course #1, I believe that I listened to both sides of tape #4, that I was able to attain what you refer to as "Guru Sleep" just by listening to the tape over and over again.  I would fall asleep on the floor listening to the tape #4, and wake up much later, and wonder where I was.  Yet the tape I would not remember hearing, nor would I remember having any dreams.  Just deep, dark, black sleep.  I plan to listen to the tapes in course #2 at least as many times.

Being connected deeply to the "light socket" of life is one of the best feelings in the world.  It is extremely powerful and confirms what I have known all along.

I can feel my mind and my outside world "reality" evolving and changing as I experience these deeper levels and tapes.  My outlook on the world and on "reality" is changed and improved by these tapes and these deeper levels of mind as my mind and my outside world and "reality" are all changed by these tapes.

Well, Thank You Very, Very Much,

That Is All For Now,

Donald Sevier


Mark Evers  mevers@pacifier.com, a recent trainee, sent us this important feedback on November 19, 2002.   Subject:

  •  About the "Song of The Universe" sung by the Whales and Dolphins. Please read it.

Dear Gerald:

I received the tapes, and have begun this part of the training. Thanks  so much for sending it. I think it arrived at quite a propitious time.

I just went to your web site and was quite astounded by something I read  there -- the page that discusses a communication regarding the whales and dolphins. Nearly five years ago, my life changed as a result of an astonishing dream, and an experience that followed in my front yard at  daybreak. I will not share the details with you, but I thought you might be interested in the way the dream ended, since it dovetails so nicely into the role of the whales and dolphins as described on your web site.

At the end of my dream, I was drawn outside to see a parade that was much like the Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade in New York, with lots of large inflated animals floating down the parade route. There was great excitement in the air. Several floats, which I took to be whales in my dream, floated by high above the crowd as part of the parade. Each of these "whales" emitted the most indescribably beautiful, harmonic tones I had ever heard. The crown was in awe, and with great reverence I announced to all around me, "They are singing the song of the universe!"
The crowd hushed in appreciation. At this point a young girl turned to me and said in a bright, glittering voice, "They gave you one, [name]! They gave you one!"  (The "name" she used was my name, but was a kind electronic sound instead of my given name.)

At this point I woke up in a flash, filled to overflowing with gratitude. What followed was a profound "mystical" event, as rushed to my front yard and stood listening to the birds singing their glorious morning songs, in a way I had never heard before. My life has not been the same since. In the past many months I have searched for an understanding of what happened, began meditating, etc. Your course is quite an opening for me, and the material on your web site has provided great insight into the dream that started it all.

Thanks for all your work,
Mark Evers

Serge Laliberte MD lelic@nrtco.net sends us this testimonial on the RI course on November 19, 2002:

Hi Gerald,

             Thank you for the new information on your website. I will certainly feedback to you my experiences but right now I am in the early stages and want to progress slowly so as to build a solid foundation. The information in the booklet has completed my knowledge about Creation, the Dark and Light Matrix, you know, the understanding of duality and it's synthesis( Unity Consciousness). As well the special sound effect on tape 1 reminded me of the Pleiadian technique of mentally tracing the infinity sign over the forehead with the intersecting line crossing at the Third Eye so as to integrate and synchronize the right and left brain hemispheres. That is all I have for now.

Best Regards,


Bob Butler <rbjjb@techline.com> sends us this testimonial on November 19, 2002:

November 19, 2002

Dear Gerald,

   Thank you very much for sending me  the Remote Influencing course.  I have been enjoying it very much.  I have noticed very positive effects from the tape 3A and 3B.  On the 3A I feel the pulsing going on in my head and also the feeling that it is massaging and opening pathways that have been blocked or unused.  At the end I end up with a very pleasant soft feeling. The soft feeling seems to continue throughout the day.  On 3B my impression is that the visualization about being a sponge seems to be much more vivid than in the first course.  I get the visualization/feeling that my body actually is like a "gummy bear" kind of a sponge that is breathing light in and out.  However, my favorite part of 3B is when visualizing the void "outside" with the idea that my body is 99% void anyway with some kind of a hazy boundary between my void and the
outside void.  Then the hazy boundary disappeared and I was the void inside and out without any distinction. I liked that a lot!! In general I feel no hurry to speed towards the following tapes (like I did with the first course) because I am realizing so many benefits from the first one. I feel that everytime I listen to it I get more and more progress.
     Also, thank you for the information about trees and dolphins which I enjoyed very much.  I know that you are extremely busy and I wish you the best of everything.
       Thank You!!! ..... Bob

Elizabeth Reveley <ereveley@hawaii.rr.com> send us this feedback on November 18, 2002:

 Dear Gerry,
I got the tapes...they are fantastic.  It feels so refreshing to hear other people say the things we teach in school (American Institute of Massage Therapy-( www.aimt-hi.com).
The Hawaiian Huna teachings (or some of the Huna teachings) are similar, too.
Everything you are doing supports us all so much.

My first impression is that just by listening to the first 2 tapes, I can feel the old remnants of belief systems leave (as commanded).
With Aloha
A hui hou
Elizabeth Reveley

Ken Kimball odart2@adelphia.net wrote to us on November 15, 2002:

Hi Gerald,

Just finished tape 5.  I have never felt so good!  I realize the experience of the tape will become greater, however, my current experience is indescribably good.  I have done more for this creation in the last week than all of my life experience before.  Truly wonderful.  I feel light, healthy and happy.  My sense of humor is incredible.  When I awake from the meditations I feel like a 3 month old baby with that same look on my face, wide eyes etc.  I can honestly say I haven't felt that way in 32 years.

Grilleflame has also been excellent.  Great way to express my feelings, give and receive help.  So much good has taken place in such a short time.

Thank you for posting the tree/dolphin/whale etc story.  Since reading it I have developed quite a relationship especially with dolphins.  By letting us know these things we can make them better and have!

With the purest love and gratitude,

Kelly Ann Thomas picassodreams@cox.net  sends us on November 15, 2002 this very intelligent comment after taking the RV course and starting to train with the RI course.

Dear Gerald,

I have received the first and second parts of the series. 
I listened to Tape Three of the Remote Influencing   course over the last two nights, but  perhaps I should delay further listening until I rehearse Tape 1&2 of  the second set of tapes.

My intuition is at an all-time high.  I have been successful in remote viewing with a friend now working in Saudi Arabia.  I live in Arizona.  I can see the details of his office.   I was aware that he was making preparations to travel, though I had no indication of his plans through our correspondence.  I try to look over his shoulder at his computer screen, but have been unsuccessful in seeing any text.  I realize numbers and text are the most difficult areas to RV.  I am also aware of the powerful forces of The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, and I believe that one of the reasons that I cannot "see" the information is because it is of a negative nature.

I am trying to send positive energy, and a few of my friends have felt the vibes from thousands of miles away.  One says he gets a warm feeling spreading over his body when I concentrate my psychic energy upon him.

Thank you for stressing that RV must be used in a positive manner.  In the past, I have been pulled into the dark matrix, leaving me depressed, anxious, and sad.  Worst of all, the matrix can leave me without hope.  All my fears are amplified and I project a feeling of gloom.

The current political situation in the world scares me, but I believe that as long as I radiate loving light, I will be protected.  It is a difficult balance at times.  I am angry that so many people choose to sit on the sidelines, engrossed by television and lifestyles of the over-extended and the famous.  The ignorance of the masses infuriates me, as their apathy to politics and global awareness imperils much of the planet.  I am trying to channel my anger into something positive, but it's not easy.  I try to send positive energy to the victims of repressive regimes, the orphans, and those who struggle just to survive.  I can only hope that some of my energy will be get through, giving more humans hope for the future.

Thank you so much for the courses.  They do work.  I became a tree in my yard during tape 6, and I could literally see the backyards of my neighbors. The orange/lemon exercise left me salivating.  I cannot believe how easy it is to connect with an object or a human.

I haven't been able to "see" future events, but I have an intuitive awareness of events to come.  I have been lazy in my communications lately, and had planned to call you about the third tapes.  You must have received my message, because the tapes arrived a few days later.

I would like to talk to you about some of my experiences.  Could we set up a date and time to talk? .  Your RV course is the bargain of the century as far as I am concerned. 

Again, thank you for the courses.  They have changed my life for the better.

 Happy thoughts to you.

Kelly Thomas

Andrew Turner acturner@cwcom.net wrote to us on November 15, 2002.  Subject:

  • Losing all body perceptions as he entered Delta with full consciousness.

Hi Gerald,

Many thanks for the Remote Influencing tapes they arrived today.

Just thought I'd relay an amazing experience I just had when I first  started listening to the tapes this morning...

I was listening to the tape and your voice was there, when in an instance I  could no longer feel the headphones on my head...at all...not even a slight  pressure. I then started thinking damn headphones have fallen off, then I  realized I could still hear your voice. I couldn't figure it out... then I  realized I couldn't feel anything of my body... at all. I searched for the  feelings and they just weren't there... at that point I panicked... then I
felt a 'slap' all over... my body was back... I was feeling groggy...  unable to open my eyes... limbs extremely heavy... then another 'snap' and
wide awake.

I guess this is all part of the process and entirely safe.

As the experience was not unpleasant, just entirely unexpected in terms of  the 'clarity' of the experience, and how totally complete and real the
disconnection from my body was, I'll give it another go this afternoon...  and try to relax more...

Thanks again,
Andrew Turner

Ken Kimball odart2@adelphia.net wrote to us on November 15, 2002:

Hello DJ Master G,

Tapes are great!  Here is the latest post I made on Grillflame.  I hope you can hear my psychic thank you.

I think I know what others mean about that whole "what day is it" feeling. It is hard for me to believe I have only had the tapes for a few days. It feels like weeks.

I have a loose schedule at work. Nobody cares what time I show up. Well I usually get in around 8:00. This week has been strange. I showed up one day at 6:30, another at 7:30, another at 8:30. I wake up meditate and leave the house with very little sense of time. Lucid.

Also I don't know what time is best for me to meditate. If I do it at night I have too much energy to sleep. If I do it in the morning, I could very well get lost in the arrangement of poppy seeds on my bagel and take the wrong exit. Today was better though. I can see how one could get used to this new trippy perception.

Last night I went out into the matrix for dinner. I'm glad I went with close friends! I almost forgot how to pour a beer into a glass right in the middle of the process. I couldn't hide my relaxed state. And my humor was off the wall. My humor has definitely been fun! I am extremely happy!

This morning at the coffee shop I was practicing the whole meet people with the projection of health, wealth and happiness. The guy gave me a discounted price for no reason, I'm not even a regular.

I have done the first two tapes. Very good stuff! I have the feeling this material needs to be respected. I must go at a comfortable speed.
May Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness be with you.


Andrew Turner (acturner@cwcom.net) send us this feedback on November 15, 2002. Subject:

  • Losing all sense of body perception

Hi Gerald,

Many thanks for the Remote Influencing tapes they arrived today.

Just thought I'd relay an amazing experience I just had when I first started listening to the tapes this morning...

I was listening to the tape and your voice was there, when in an instance I could no longer feel the headphones on my head...at all...not even a slight pressure. I then started thinking damn headphones have fallen off, then I realized I could still hear your voice. I couldn't figure it out... then I realized I couldn't feel anything of my body... at all. I searched for the feelings and they just weren't there... at that point I panicked... then I felt a 'slap' all over... my body was back... I was feeling groggy... unable to open my eyes... limbs extremely heavy... then another 'snap' and wide awake.

I guess this is all part of the process and entirely safe.

As the experience was not unpleasant, just entirely unexpected in terms of the 'clarity' of the experience, and how totally complete and real the disconnection from my body was, I'll give it another go this afternoon... and try to relax more...

Thanks again,
Andrew Turner

Roger <kdf2001@juno.com> sent us this comment on November 14, 2002:

Hi Gerald,

I think I got everything you sent so far but will check again. Thanks for everything. I recently bought a rip-off 2 VHS tape set titled: Advanced RV and RI, and RV and RI Basics by Lyn Buchanan. It's a boring lecture and contains no meat at all. I got it from Atlantis Rising magazine. Oh well!

David (davidrsc@bellatlantic.net) wrote to us on November 13, 2002:

Hi Gerald,

Thank you SO much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday...  Gosh...I wish I had more friends like YOU around me...and I wish you lived  closer...but I'll work with the MATRIX information a while...before I  contact you again...

I listened to tape 3A of the MATRIX...WOW!!! As usual I lost waking state consciousness after a short bit...right after you began to speak...but woke  up just as the tape was ending...as usual...And it was WONDERFUL...

I have great hopes for your MATRIX series...to not only help  ME...initially...but to positively affect those around me NOW...and those I  come into contact in the future...

Again...thanks so much for your course and your support...I'll be in touch when the time is right...

Take care...David...

Susan McCulloch <crystalraincloud@hotmail.com> writes to us this feedback on November 2, 2002:  Subject:

  • Realizations

Thank you, Mr.  O'Donnell!

Amazing things are happening in my life right now, and I know for a fact that it is due to studying the special course you are sharing with people. If people apply this, they cannot go wrong. It works!

There seem to be two important levels to the initial work. The basic hard work - but fun! - in learning and perfecting the exercises, leads to another level that functions, or operates on its own. This second level is so irrepressible that I have no way I can describe it. This is just the initial work I am referring to!

I will send you some of the things that are coming in. It is all new to me, but it is incredible. The foundation of it was the things I saw about Shielding the Viewers. Bit by bit I was guided to understand each part of the puzzle, while contained within each part was the overall whole.

I am sharing it with people, but at the moment some are a bit shocked! I am recommending your course to anyone who is serious. I think people think I am nuts, but at some point others will waken up and see how important all this is.

Much love to you!

From Susan.

I wanted to share with you some of the things I am "seeing" as a result of doing what you are teaching us to do. Written below is the last thing I found! I hope later to share some of the other Truths, whose implications are awesome for us as a Race.

Coming to Heaven

Entering the Earth cycle, for the Celtic people, was Entering Heaven.
Or what we call the Heaven Cycle.
Heaven was not something far away, to be reached in the future. The Celtic heaven IS the Earth experience. Who we are now. That is our Heaven.
What I am talking about here is the experience of the Maya, Tibetans,  Egyptians, American Indians, Celts, the Indus.
If we look at the origin of the word Celtic, we have: a branch of the Indo-Germanic family of languages - Breton, Welsh, Cornish, Irish, Gaelic, Manx.
What happened, is that one part of the race Humanity began to move across Germany, destroying the Celtic connection, entered France, Spain, Britain. Building its forces. Destroyed the Maya, the Inca, the Indus, destroyed the American Indians, the African culture, the Egyptians. That is your NWO. We are living it! With all its consequences.
What people do not understand is that what we are living through is not the sorrow of the Celtic people. The Celts never gave up what they know to be true. Therefore the people were killed, refusing to betray what they know to be true.
The sorrow felt by the American Indians is not "their" sorrow. The pain they feel is for their brothers and sisters who sold out. The ones who are in control today! Our culture was not the way it is today. One religion divided from all other religions. Ask the Dalai Lama! The pain he lives with is not
his pain. He never sold out. He is feeling the pain of those who turned against their fellow humans in order to be the "dominant" force on earth.
The pain we feel is for all those who have turned against their own Race, Humanity, and therefore are at war with God! The ONE. The Creator!
For us Celts heaven is on earth.
We interact intimately with Gods plan down here. Now! Today!
The guidance we receive is the connection we have to our time line in the here and now. When we leave here, we will connect and leave together. What no one realizes yet is that the conquered races hold this together. We do not have to stay. We do it for a reason.

Much Love from Susan.

Alan Hemmen, Seattle  ahemmen@earthlink.net sent us this feedback on October 28, 2002.  Subject:

  •  Erasing lifelong phobias with the RV/RI combo.

Dear Gerald:

 I normally don’t write testimonial letters.  With what is happening to me after three weeks into RV, I feel not only compelled, but obligated to let you know what’s has happened.

Let me back up.  For 45 years I have had a severe case of traumatic phobia to snakes . . . compliments from the neighborhood bully who cut a pregnant mother the full length and put her, along with the million babies, down my back.  I couldn’t talk about it for years.  Even 45 years later, just verbalizing the word, snake, brought me Goosebumps, accelerated heartbeat, cold sweats and vivid nightmares.  It was 15 years before I could eat spaghetti.  Pictures, TV surprises, real life encounters would freeze me in my tracks.  I was a heart attack waiting to happen. 

Prior to RV I was doing some pretty serious meditation work on this; making some moderate headway.  Then, three weeks into RV this major event happened that is absolutely hard to believe.  I could not make this up; never could I imagine this. 

I had been working with tape 6a a couple of days while doing my negative belief cleansing exercises to prepare me for stage 2 of the RI program.  I was just laying down to begin, closed my eyes, and the most unreal thing began to occur.  A snake began to emerge from my stomach, coming up underneath my tongue (physically impossible if you think about it).  When it got to the back of my mouth I (mentally) stuck my hand in and pulled this 2 foot thing out me and mentally got up, walked to the foot of the bed, and laid it on the floor.  I remember thinking about killing it, but thought “no” I can’t do that to a living thing.  It wasn’t until later that I realized it wasn’t moving anyway.  Either way, it pretty much disappeared on its own . 

You should know that I was completely relaxed during this entire event, and I am completely calm in the present . in telling (re-living) the story.  No cold sweats, chills, etc. . . nothing.  In fact, I am very much at peace with it . Like it’s no big deal.  

Even just as amazing, this morning (two days later) I chose a snake for my animal emerging exercise; I even made a specific color/combo choice.  (I have already done a cat, dog, horse, and cow).  It was interesting when you told me to touch it . . . . No hesitation.  No problem.  When I had to put its head on mine, instead of freaking out, I thought how I probably looked like a turtle.  When you told me to hear as it hears, I chuckled out loud;  snakes don’t have ears.  When I fully emerged, I understood (better) how snakes feel about their position in life . . . what a low life they have.  I felt sorry for it.  I have no fear.  It’s totally gone. 

I am totally calm; at peace with both of these events.  I am trying to understand their significance.  Could this be a dramatic form of symbolism whereby all of the evil self-limiting beliefs that I have been storing up in my subconscious mind – a lifetime of blockage-have finally been eradicated?  Am I now free from all of those things I have been putting in the balloon (tape 2a) for the past three weeks?  Am I finally cleansed, and now ready to go into RI, stage 2 with a totally receptive subconscious self?  I don’t know.  But, I do know that 95% of what goes into that balloon (everyday) is gone!  (“Worry” is the lone survivor). 

You mention Fear as a major point of healing in the RI course  in dealing with the Dark Matrix.  Everyone has it to some degree.  Most common, I would guess, is fear of death (which is not a big issue for me because I truly believe that Light is a better life form).  My biggest fear is dead.  Gone!  Therefore, Fear  in its totality is gone.   

I can’t explain it, but I am so thankful; so relieved.  The work you have done to make this information available has been a major part of how I now feel.  It is remarkable.  I patiently anticipate stage 2 of the RI course . . . when I (finally) learn how to manifest anything I desire (i.e. self-healing) without all of the “errors of omission” (found in other programs).  To finally have the guesswork explained so even I can understand. 

I know my story is vividly gross to some especially if they have a snake phobia.  You can use this letter as you wish  or, not at all.  My guess is that, if this is an indication of things to come, other letters will follow.  For now, put me down as (yet) another . . . WOW!! 

Peace & Light,

Alan Hemmen

Sue Parker  parkersueg@yahoo.co.uk a RI trainee from the UK sent us on October 22, 2002


  • Interesting comment about the effects of listening to our CD on its Delta track while asleep, and experiencing what is commonly called "Yogi Sleep" that rare yogis experience after many years of training. Body asleep and mind totally aware. Try it, it opens a new realm of reality and potentials!

Dear Gerald,

A few months ago I received the first part of your 'Thought and Reality Course' and had an experience that was both amazing and unexpected while using the C.D.

I set the C.D player to repeat both tracks on continuous play throughout the night and as my body slept - woke to a reality I have not experienced before.

I was aware of my room, thoughts and actions, the CD playing - In fact, I was sure I was still awake until woken by my alarm!

I stand in awe, to have been fully aware while my body was sound asleep.

Sue Parker

Dennis ( alskling777@yahoo.com ) a very successful  trainee from Hong Kong sent us this feedback on October 24, 2002: Subject:

  • Using RV and RI for stock market trading, diagnosing and healing health problems, forecasting world events and even lottery numbers!

Results of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing :

I am very pleased to share my experiences with Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing .  I started the course in March 2002.  After practicing 2A and 2B lessons for a short time, I was able to drop down to Theta rapidly.

I had the following experiences:

  1. I was able to remote view world events, like troop movements.  I saw the transfer of troops within certain countries.  I also saw missile tests taking place in Pakistan.

  2. I was able to tune into three airplane crashes.  I later learned from news report that I foresaw these terrible events a few days before they actually happened.  For example, in one scene I saw the Chinese character “North” on an airplane.  Later, I read in the news that the Chinese airplane Northern Airline had crashed in Korea.

  3. I was able to scan books with my hands before buying them, and I got strong impressions of which books would have a special message for me or benefit me the most.

  4. I have used remote viewing to help my friends find solutions to their problems.

  5. I was able to scan health problems like specific areas of the internal organs in a patient. These were later confirmed by medical tests. For example, I saw a dark patch on my father lung.  This was later confirmed by X-ray. My father was a smoker.  My father lived in China and was bed ridden.  After I applied RI healing on him, he was able to walk again and come to visit me in Hong Kong.  By the way, with the healing energy he even grew a new tooth -the 3rd set. This surprised the doctor.

  1. I could pick up an energy grid in a healer’s energy field. This healer was really shocked as no one was able to “see” the secret grid placed by his master for psychic protection.

  1. When I dropped down to my levels, I picked up winning lottery numbers and winning horse numbers.  This happened without my willing it.  I passed these numbers to my friends who then had success with winning both horse races and lottery entries.

  2. Finally, I have used remote viewing to forecast the stock market.

I have had numerous positive remote viewing experiences—too many to go into here, but I would like to elaborate a little on my experience in using remote viewing to predict the stock market:

As a stock market trader, I was very interested in predicting the stock market trends.

I have remote viewed the stock markets for two weeks now.

I used the following procedure.   First, I glanced at the charts on my computer monitor.  Then, I called in my mental lab advisors and dropped to a lower brain wave frequency.  At theta I was able to sense with my hands on the screen.

Initially, I got symbolic impressions.  I saw landscapes, animals, and other symbols that I could interpret in relation to the market. The brighter the scene the more positive the market.

My results improved a little when I broke the remote viewing market trends into two periods: morning and afternoon trading.  For the morning markets, it took me 20-30 minutes to get a completely clear picture of the trend.  For the afternoons, it took me only 10 minutes.  I began to get even more accurate when I broke the trading trends in a 2 hour period i.e. 9-11 am, 11am - 1 pm etc.  Then I was able to pool all my impressions of the 2 hours period trend and create a chart for the day.

These are just some examples of the images that appeared to me. When I asked for a message for the day, I had visions of a small sparrow picking worms.  This indicated that there would be gains.  Impressions of crabs climbing upwards meant that there was an upward trend in the market.  And impressions of ducks swimming indicated that the trading was relaxed or quiet. And when I saw an old fashioned chair, and the next scene was the tail of a whale showing up in the ocean, I understood that I should wait until close to the end of the trading day when the market would suddenly turn upward.

In the beginning, my impressions were about 70% to 80% accurate.  However, by Oct 17 and 18 (after a week), I was able to predict tops and bottoms at 100% accuracy.

I am interested in exchanging ideas and tips with other traders who use remote viewing to forecast the markets.  My goal is to be able to see the figures themselves, rather than viewing them through symbolic images, and also to influence a positive outcome with the new remote influencing course.

 believe your remote viewing course would be instrumental in helping people to prosper in the financial marketplace and improve all areas of their life. I am so grateful to have discovered your program and look forward to further training (especially in Chinese!) and fine tuning my skills. Thank you, Gerald! You are doing great work. I highly recommend your course to anyone interested in predicting  market trends in the stock exchange or the commodities market.

Experiences with Remote Influencing :

 I have had some powerful experiences using the golden light of the Sun in influencing thought and reality.

 I was leaving a securities firm to join a new firm, but I was concerned about leaving some delinquent accounts created by clients who could not afford to settle their bills.

In particular, two clients had disappeared without a trace.  I surrounded an image of them with golden light of the Sun.  I saw them happy and fulfilled.  Within a few days, they both appeared and settled their accounts.  This unexpected outcome surprised and pleased my colleagues.  I subsequently did RI on some other delinquent accounts and had the same wonderful results.  Had these people not come forward and settled their accounts, I would have been accountable for their substantial debts.

Now I am working in a much better environment.  Here I enjoy using RV and RI to succeed.

Another example of RI:

 My wife was not paid for a few months by her company because they were having financial problems.  I meditated on this situation with my wife and sent golden energy out to her and her boss.  Within a few days, her boss paid her in full and his business also improved.

Gerald, I thank you for this wonderful course and for providing the training in Chinese. I have certainly benefited a lot in this short period of training. This life-changing course is worthy of anyone who desires more in life. I can't say enough good things about your course.  I think it would be a risk not to try it!


Hong Kong


Oct 24, 2002:

Eli Chipilova of Bulgaria  maileli@yahoo.com sent us this exciting feedback on October 17, 2002.

  •  Subject: "miracle healing of a condition that traditional medicine considers untreatable.

My order is for combo RV&RI.
I have received the remote viewing and the 1st part of Remote influencing. Thank you very much, because as I trained with the 2nd cassette of RV. I've understand how to move my body again and even the doctors don't believe and that said it's a miracle, but you better than me see -it's not a miracle, but just human potential.
Thank you from all my heart!
Sincerely: Eli

Larry Gentry Marty@verizon.net sent us this comments on the RI course on October 11, 2002.

I ordered the Influencing course after much deliberation. Over the past few years after getting the Remote Viewing course things seemed to click a little bit more regarding esoteric thoughts and through  the knowledge I have gained from your course and others, life seems to be culminating into something greater than I have known in the past. I have read and experienced strange things but many times without a coherent explanation as to why. The shortfalls of courses are they usually don't tell us anything as to why and after a while we get tired of chasing the rainbow. After reading the booklet and listening to the tapes things seemed to jell and I accept now when I  ask myself the question, "Who is watching?" I know who it is and  understand how I can feel that way. If I meditate  on these things the answer is almost always there and this has brought immediate peace.

I have always felt the answers are there for those who seek and so far I have not been disappointed. A job is nothing more than that, but my real work is just being discovered and it is a peaceful work. I am hoping after receiving the second part of the instructions this will be what I have been seeking and I can get on with my real work.
Thank You


Gary Wofsey garywofsey@mac.com , a great musician and RI trainee, sends us this feedback on October 6, 2002.

Hello Gerald.

Very nice to hear from you.
Happy thoughts to you, also.
I've been listening to the Theta track constantly; while I sleep and much of the day as well. It's putting me in a very good space and my music performance and composition development is accelerating.
I hope we can speak soon. I have several questions about RV.

Best Wishes,

Gary Wofsey

Tammy Allison tallison@bizjournals.com wrote us on September 25, 2002. Subject:

  • The perfect Insomnia Cure

I've been listening to the CD on a continuous loop while sleeping -- you could patent that alone as a cure for insomnia. My husband and I were laughing this morning because Jack, our two year old, has been waking up about 3 a.m. We've started bringing him in with us because the CD just knocks him out! You have the gratitude of two very tired parents!

I work with many of our managers around the country and they seem to be having a lot of "people problems" lately. There's a lot of tension and explosive energy in the air.
Be well!


Dane Gibson  dane@yellowknife.com  sent this message on September 20, 2002.  Subject:

  •  For a more evolved planet

I find myself revisiting this site and rereading many of the articles over and over again (internalizing the message). I also find myself talking to my friends about our power as creators, and how the events in our lives - whether perceived as positive or negative - are all a result of our power to create each and every experience we have -- just by our thoughts. (taking responsibility).

Anyway, I must say that I do believe I am feeling, more so than ever, that the collective unconsciousness is nearing its most critical point in this time/space arena we are in. I feel a great deal of the 'negative' forces at work, and am quite amazed at the childish and unrefined nature of the arguments put forward by Pres. George W. Bush, his administration, and our so called 'world leaders.' The level of public discourse occurring right now, at a time when the Earth is so obviously suffering and at a time when we are so technologically prepared to kill ourselves, is almost laughable.

I also feel that the snowballing of that mass consciousness negativity is getting to a point that it will be impossible to stop. I believe now the only way to re-organize this plane we are on is for a catastrophic event to occur (take your pick on which event that may be).

I myself am constantly trying to send out loving messages through my work (communications/writing) and through my actions. This has an obvious effect in my immediate environment (friends, community, family) that I interact with on a daily basis. I feel that right now it is the most I can do. But if I can learn how to connect up with the Universal mind and make myself more useful to Her in any way, then I'd love to learn how to do that.

Thanks for letting me ramble, I have no idea if anyone out there will get this, or if someone does who that person may be - but to all I say hello, and I enjoy your site very much.


Eyal   eyal_sodi@yahoo.com of Israel sends us on September 18, 2002 this thoughtful feedback on the meaning of all of us being the One. Please read it!

Hello Gerald:

I want to share my thoughts on your reincarnation post. You stated in your RI booklet that ultimately the many didn’t reincarnate, but only the ONE does. At first I did not understand it. Nevertheless, your post helped me a lot! After reading it I started forming an analogy to what you wrote based on computers and ill try to describe it a little. The analogy for the ONE and the many is like me (Eyal) playing a computer game on my PC.

The game is like the cycle of life. In this game on the PC screen I play and operate a character. If the character dies during the game then I get “game Over”:  end of life.
However, I ( Eyal ) animate the character with my life force (move it on the screen with the keyboard controls). Nevertheless, I still remain alive even though the character I operated died.
I can go on and play again. I can restart the game/story with the same character properties or choose a new character, or a new game altogether.
Gerald I continued to think about this analogy and tried to apply it and explain my reality. If I, Eyal, am a character played by the ONE then how come I see myself only as Eyal, and the answer came from the Computer analogy again: If I play a PC game operating a character on the screen long enough, and with very strong concentration, I might IDENTIFY too deeply with the character and forget totally who I am.
Like when I go in perception in and out of a projected scene while doing the movie exercise which you recommended. Or especially when playing a Virtual Reality PC game where I wear helmet. Or like in the Matrix Movie when Morpheus asks :"How would you know between the real world and the dream world?"

So all I have to do is to remember to become the ONE.
Remember to Be the ONE.  Remember that I am, and have always been the One.
IDENTIFY with it!

Ted Bender  sovereignjoe@yahoo.com of Canada sends us this feedback on September 16th, 2002

Good Morning Gerald
It's a beautiful sunny day here on the west coast.
I have been having some very interesting experiences listening to the CD through the night, my sleep patterns have changed quite noticeably. I am either completely oblivious some nights and others feel like I do not sleep at all (similar to being awake with my eyes closed - more colorful though), and I get up in the morning feeling totally refreshed My wife is noticing similar experiences. I look forward to working with the rest of the course.
Many Thanks
Ted Bender

Duane Armstrong, natureman007@hotmail.com a student from Japan sent us these nice comments on September 14, 2002 about the benefits of the combination RV and RI courses that he is taking:

  • Inner Peace, calm, and better sleep.

  • Heightened awareness

  • Positive influence in relationships

  • New outlook on reality

Hello. I received the first remote viewing course last year and I really, truly got a lot of positive benefit in my personal life by using it. I listened to each tape many times and I practiced all the training exercises contained there in. I am much more at peace, calmer and I sleep better. I have increased my awareness of all that is around me and I feel that my interaction and relationship with people around me has taken on a much more positive and uplifting atmosphere.
I received the first part of the remote influencing thought and reality course about six weeks ago. I have listened to the two cassettes and the cd repeatedly and I have read the printout many times over. Needless to say, the way I look at my world around me has taken on a completely fresh perspective. My outlook on life is enhanced in many positive ways. I know I still have a long way to go before I am proficient in the remote influencing but I am making progress and I am so excited about this new endeavor that I can barely contain myself.
Thanks so much for making these courses available to us. All the best.
Duane Armstrong.

Steven R, Guenther ( sguenth@earthlink.net  ) sends the following comments on August 28, 2002.

Thank You for your response.  I have had experiences for which you allude to in your reply as I have practiced yogic meditation of various types for 30 years. I have spent lately many nights listening to my self snoring, although the first few times it happened I wasn't sure what it was I was hearing.

I really enjoy the approach you are taking to this meditation discipline and you make it available to people who may not be inclined to spend the time and discipline necessary to achieve these deeper levels of awareness.  I do spend every night listening to the cd and have had some very interesting experiences as a result.

 I hope everything is well with your son.


 Steven R. Guenther

Phil  ucphil@hotmail.com a recent trainee, wrote to us on August 25, 2002 , asking us permission to post this comment. Granted!

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,
Only today did  I find your permission about using my mantra on your website, I would really like that very much.  It has been so powerful for me that I am in awe of the results to this day.

I do the mantra many times daily, now I can report it has improved my business life and I am involved in many more real estate deals than ever.  Also, I found a commodity training course which has been  making money working off of volume figures and following the big money. So far I have not asked for money, I repeat that I am a professional salesman, and I am a professional commodity trainer.  I have found more important info and solved more problems than ever without ever knowing why I am doing what I do.

My only concern is that I can't get people to follow the mantra and to  believe that if they would recite it daily good things would happen to them.  I am also working on health issues which I feel I would like to have happen in my life. At this time I am happy to report I am getting desired results.  Although slow, it is progress and I can  say without hesitation that the results are real and permanent.

I will write my mantra as I practice it now:


I have found that the attacks from the dark matrix fell off dramatically, in a real short time.  I was no longer attacked so very bad, as when I started the mantra.  A special side bar, I was able to defend off a serious law suit attack against me.  It is not yet over but, I was able to get my case from a default judgment to having having to go to mediation by the judge.  This was quite a victory as the law suite was for about $150K against me.  Any how my point is that I did my mantra and the results changed for the better, and I have again been protected.

What I have found to sum up is that the protection I have gained by this mantra is so very powerful and I wish to thank you for teaching me so well.  Please use my story to help protect the others, it is so very powerful and it works great, all you need to do is say it, especially when you sense danger.

Thank you,


Ted Bender (sovereignjoe@yahoo.com) wrote to us on August 19, 2002:

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am, with the remote viewing course which I purchased from you a little over a year ago. I have just recently purchased the remote influencing course from you and am enjoying digesting the book and meditating with the first 2 tapes and CD.

I have had many personal revelations in my life and noticeably so over the past year which are the result of the shift in consciousness I have made, I believe that this is resultant from working with the material from the 1st course, and also my own innate spiritual connection with the all that is.
I am looking forward to experiencing the balance of the 2nd course and continuing to expand my awareness.
I have a poster above my desk in my office that says  "All it takes for the forces of evil (which curiously enough is "live" spelt backwards, I see that this relates to the self active mind of man - or ego - small I not the larger I am) to take over the world and keep us enslaved, is for enough good people to do nothing".
I see that this as a very simple creed if you will in assisting in the guiding of ones life. I have raised my children with the notion that I learned far more from them than I could ever attempt to teach them and that I am honored to be Steward and companion. And I am richly blessed in their presence.
Ever since I was very young I have known that I/We are much more than I/We are aware of at any given moment. My mother used to tell me to "get my head out of the clouds and my feet on the ground, and stop" day dreaming."  I have always been aware of things that I could not necessarily see with my human eyes, and that they were there nonetheless.
This past 3 weeks of intensely reviewing the 1st course has reinforced this.
My favorite movies of all time have been the Star Wars trilogy and I sense a deep connection with the Jedi, I had an enlargement of this when I first saw the movie The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, it was an expansion of an inner knowing that I've had all of my life, I had a similar experience with the movie Sphere.

Thank you for bringing this information to people, so that all can learn who they truly are and go about reinventing themselves.

I have received  great benefits from this.

Best Regards

Bob Arans (bbind46@yahoo.com ) wrote to us on August 19,2002 this feedback. Subject:

  •  Improving one's Golf game

Dear Gerald,

   I enjoyed visiting with you on the phone and here's some feedback and some other information for you.

  When I was about 12 years old I started playing golf and became pretty good but never quite got to the brilliant level.  Now I play once a year in a "bestball" event and we usually do quite well but my putting was never great.  This year I was looking forward to the tournament as a chance to try the putting example that you explained in the latest course.  The method that I used was to line up the putt in the normal way and then to get ready to stroke the putt but before I initiated the stroke I repeated the word Delta 3 times and consciously relaxed and then pictured in my mind as strongly as I could, the ball running up to the hole and then falling into the hole.  Then I imagined as hard as I could the happy emotion that I would feel when the ball fell into the hole. At that time I felt a feedback thought that "this could happen".  I didn't feel 100% sure that the putt would go in but just the strong feeling that it sure could happen.  Then from that very relaxed peaceful state I stroked the putt.  During the 18 holes about four 15 footers actually went into the hole along with a few shorter putts.  I know that this would not have happened normally and it was really fun.  Thank you Gerald.

    To continue the golf scenario, I mentioned during our visit the book, "The Legend of Bagger Vance" and the movie by the same name.  The author of the book is Steven Pressfield.  They are both great.  There is one great paragraph on page 147 that I think you would like......"  "You could see Hagen's (the golfers) aurora, his intention, search the chromatic spectrum-the Field.  His vibration stilled, harmonizing with that of the Field, centering in stillness in his chest and his hands.  Simultaneously the field beckoned to him; like two frequencies seeking each other in the ether.  He wanted to play the best possible shot.  And the best possible shot also wanted him to play it.  Wanted to be brought into physical existence by him.  It already existed in some other dimension, but somehow, if you'll permit me to speak in terms so far outside the scientific, that was not enough for it.  It wanted to exist here, on the material plane.  And it needed Hagen to make that happen.  It needed a person. An embodied soul.  A human being."

   Actually the whole book is full of analogies like this and I really think that you would enjoy it. The movie also has a lot of great scenes and one of them is when the caddie/guru Baggar Vance shows the golfer (Junah) how to tune into a one-ness consciousness and become one with the field and how to remote influence the shot.  Because of the strong visualization that this scene provides, I think that it would probably be worth watching the movie for this alone. After writing this, I think I will go home and watch it again myself!

       As for my experience as a whole, I am starting to notice a feeling that I am one with my environment or one with the scenery around me.  For example, sometimes when I am swimming I have the feeling that I am swimming through myself and sometimes when driving on a country road I feel that I am driving through myself.  This doesn't come out as some big flashy experience but rather as kind of a calm knowingness or naturalness.  This doesn't happen all of the time but I certainly enjoy it when it does.

       Sincerely, Bob

Antje  a student from Australia wrote to us in August 15, 2002 this comment:

Gerald. I wanted to thank you for resending the first package I had received the first 2 tapes and CD early July. I had wanted to contact you to let you know however I lost my email contact list with a computer failure.

In any case I now want to let you know something of my experiences. Lately I've only managed to listen to each of the tapes once. Since I am hearing impaired I have to listen to the tapes with headphones however this becomes very irritating to the ears quickly. However I have noticed an unusual increase in knowing... knowing what people are about to ask me. What they are going to say next. Even when it is the best time for me to make a move to catch a late running train. I arrive on the platform 30 second before the train arrives. Not something that I planned to do it just something that has been happening. I even form answers to questions before I read them.  This is not all. It doesn't feel strange and yet it does. I'm probably noticing it for this reason.  Thank you for this great course.


Michael Albright (merlinredox@hotmail.com) comments on 7/23/02:

Hi Gerald:
Your Theta and Delta CD is pretty wild! The CD is changing what I perceived as reality right before my eyes (no pun intended).
Slowly but surely, I'm letting go. I'm doing a I AM meditation while working with the CD. Very, Very, Very, powerful!!!     I get very emotional. The  information I keep getting is "hold on something big is about to happen, and  your almost there".  Also, I am finally getting or downloading a lot of  information, but having a hard time holding on to it. Will one of the next  tapes help me to process this information?

With Special Regards,

Ivan Skitolwsy (iskt2002@aol.com) sent us on July 24, 2002, this important feedback on the CD that comes with the Remote Influencing tape.

  • As the CD allows for the gentle sound of ocean waves to brush your consciousness, little do you know what sophisticated mind technology (non- subliminal) is imbedded in it. We know that many of you have not yet realized how powerful this CD really is in allowing you to experience what, up to now, only very rare and advanced  Yogis could do which is to have your body asleep, hearing often yourself snoring,  but remaining totally aware as pure consciousness, allowing you therefore to undertake very powerful journeys to Higher Realms where Remote Viewing and Influencing, and other learning/revelations are the rule. We hope that this feedback will encourage you to listen to the delta track even in a looping mode while sleeping.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how the CD of phase 2 in the Remote Influencing Course is deepening my work. When I first started listening to the CD, particularly track 2, Safari to Delta, I would phase out and go to sleep. Now, I can listen to the whole thing and remain alert. This is important because it has anchored my ability to go into that split state of mind awake/body asleep. At night, I listen with speakers on either side of my head until I wake up, 3 hours or so later. I then put the headphones on and listen to track 2, Safari to Delta in a looping mode in order to maintain those delta waves and solidify the body asleep portion of the brainwave state. Then as I lie back down, I begin to rev up the energy body by using an image of the gyroscopic device used in the movie "Contact" and it goes faster and faster, and gets brighter and brighter until I am pure light. The next thing that happens is what I can only describe as an extremely powerful whole body orgasm as the energy accelerates around my body. This is when the fun begins. The out of body state is easy when this happens, or remote viewing or influencing, or praying for yourself of others at a distance. I find myself going through a portal in my room which is a large picture of the eastern Sri Yantra. This seems to be where some of my inner work is done going back into my childhood. Just this morning, I went through and the other side seemed to be some sort of a black hole. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that, but the possibilities are endless. We are indeed pure light, pure love, pure consciousness capable of anything, and if enough people discover this, this planet will change. Thank you for the CD that has aided me in accessing these portions of myself. I have been working on this for many years. This is a very powerful tool if people will use it.

Aaron Stevenson kiwiaaron72@hotmail.com writes to us on June 12, 2002

A tale to tell about an experience I had after reading the RI material.
I was at a friends house and he was having some problems which he asked for my opinion about, with your material in mind I began talking, The words that came out my mouth had him sitting in silence, it was the truth, I started vibrating intensely and spoke with compassion and love. When I had finished  he left to go to the toilet and when I looked at the walls and the scenery  of the room, the picture in my eyes started to break down, it only lasted  for a few seconds but was an experience that left me buzzing with joy. To me  the words of truth combined with love raised my vibration and my low  vibration reality was "breaking down" , what do you think?

PS thanks again for releasing this important information

Aaron Stevenson

Debra Hall  ahall@pacifier.com sends us this warm message on June 11, 2002


My regards to you all, at the Academy; I pray often for the message you share. The manner that Gerald packages the message of LOVE is matchless because it is attainable. The simple act of LOVE often eludes us. Gerald, points out the majesty in "acting". I found that all I required was a change of perception. Please note, (I'm sure I am not alone in my revelations) I have known since diapers my attitude in life is the most important ingredient. I now ask myself how the attitude is coming along? Then I need to ask myself what is the most excellent attitude? The answer to this question came directly from the opus of "The Academy of Remote Viewing." The message as I have experienced only confirms what is written in the tablets of my heart. Being my own light and guru is what has saved my essence. Not original concepts I know but I had not met any group or individuals that lived it. I desperately needed to observe it. Once I observed harmony in the process, actions, thoughts and life situations lead to infinity. Once I became my own light, I began to heal. "Practicing spiritual soup" is discouraged by many spiritual practices. This click implies the need to enter a specific faith or belief system. Masses are crippled by this erroneous belief. Spiritual soup dogma does not promote personal mastering but spiritual following.
On behalf of the dear ones that have reaped from the Academy's message, continue to package.

In Divine Friendship, Debra H.

Message from Dick Hoekstra   ktendors@netscape.net received on June 10, 2002

Hi Gerald,
   I'm writing to tell you about my experiences with the second (tape) component of the Remote Influencing course.
   I did not seem to resonate with the written material. But the tapes were a different story. They have definitely contributed to a lighter, more optimistic, almost dreamlike perception of conventional reality, and to my increased ability to function competently in it. I have had several experiences in the past few weeks of seeing myself and objects that I perceive as empty of inherent existence.
   This experience is one of the primary goals of my religion, which has espoused seeking experiences of non-self for 25 centuries. So I am very grateful.
   Thanks, Dirk Hoekstra

Vladimir Federman ( federman@prairie.ca ) wrote to us this very warm comment on June 10, 2002

Dear Gerald,

Thank you for your email. I wanted to write you on my own, however I got busier then I anticipated, but your letter made me to switch my priorities.

The reason I wanted to write you is because I wanted to THANK YOU, for providing courses like Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing .  Actually Thank You is not enough, it is not even close, to what I feel, and to what your courses have done and are still doing for me. Only my deepest gratitude and tears of joy can truly express how I feel,  for how the courses are helping me at this point in my development, and I consider them as one of my most treasured possession.

I consciously started my spiritual path in 1992.  I read over hundreds of books and meditated many hundreds, it not thousands of hours and I visited many different workshops.  Then I received four years of  practical life lessons to force me to live that, what I have learned. So I stopped to read and to visit workshops, but I kept my meditations, and simply tried to live what I read about. Then in February this year I was guided into your web site, and immediately I knew, that I have to order both courses offered there.
I was hardly able wait for the tapes in my mail, and after I started to do the courses, I realized that all I have been doing for these 10 years and all my searching was only a preparation for this step - the courses. I felt like going from High School to a University.

Some 8 years ago I ordered a so called "Supermind machine" which came with lots of tapes for healing or improving specific skills. It's playing sounds over messages on  tape, while flashing LEDs in black goggles, to guide the mind into specifics state of consciousness. I was using it successfully for some time,  but I wasn't able to use the principle for my specific needs. I believe the reason why I wasn't able to do so, was that only my left brain understood the method. I am electronic design engineer and for me, in order to design something both halves of my brain must understand. Otherwise it's just intellectual knowledge for me, and I do not know how to use it for design. I need the creative right brain to get involved as well, so that I can use that what I know. After listening to the Introduction of Remote viewing course, my right brain finally began to understand,  and I realized that I was guided years ago into a tool of which potential I did not know of how to use creatively. This was big eye opening for me, and I became fully aware as how important it is that both brains need to understand simultaneously.

The reason I ordered the Remote viewing course was to develop my inner vision - my third eye.  However, as soon as I realized the creative potential of the method in use, I started to put my own inner voice over your guidance, to re-program myself.  It works very well and I'm very grateful to you for providing me with tool like this. It enabled me to do some necessary adjustments almost instantly.
I feel that after the necessary reprogramming now I'm able to start the actual Remote Viewing, but of course, only my Higher Self knows what is next. The tapes are very powerful,  especially 2b, 3a, 3b and I didn't come across anything like this before. It's real treasure. With these tapes I was able to get into a states of consciousness, where I felt one with All, and the Good/Evil duality simply disappeared from my perception. It reappeared after a while, but these tapes are much more then just a remote viewing course. I see them as tool for personal transformation, and still to go even beyond personal transformation to achieve personal mastery over oneself.  As I said already, I haven't come across anything so powerful so far. For this application I value most the tapes with breathing in/out the light.
When it comes to the Remote Influencing course, I felt on occasions, that all we see and live is just a grand illusion, but I needed to hear it and read it from somebody else, in order to start to act on it. I want to thank you again for the wonderful an skilful way of how the introductory part is worded structured and designed. So far I'm into the second part, the Theta and Delta meditation CD which I found very powerful as well. It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to get into different state of consciousness, so it's not as immediate as some of the tapes from the Remote Viewing course, but it seems to have longer lasting effect. At one point in reading thru the introduction, I wondered about how you came to such an advanced material and information, as to my understanding, this was until recently domain of  mystery schools only. So I was wondering if this is channeled message, and who is really beyond this project. I do not mean to be nosy, but knowing and feeling that I am only a visitor to this level of existence and still not quite forgot the world I came from, this question simply crossed my mind.
This course so far triggered me into something else, which I was aware of, but never really pursued,  since it was also only a left brain knowledge. About six years ago a friend of mine told me about the Flower Of Life workshop and Merkaba meditation presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek. One part of myself was telling me that it is important and I should start to do something with it, but again, it wasn't until I read and listened to the Remote Influencing introduction when a change has happened.  One day I simply went to a local store and bought two books of this workshop. It somehow fits well with this second course and this combination delivered tremendous boost, so big that I had to stop for a while to digest it.  Now I feel like to get immersed into it again.

I started the courses in February this year and I feel like a different person already. I am very happy and thankful that I can have, and use a tool like this. I do not know where this will lead me, but I know that whatever the path it will be perfect for me.
I want to THANK YOU again with my deepest gratitude for the tremendous service you are providing.  I regret to hear that you have just experienced a personal loss and I pray for healing and adjustment for you.

With the Love of the One

Vladimir Federman

Bob Laidlaw  blaidlaw@alphalink.com.au an Australian RV/RI trainee sends us this feedback on June 8, 2002

Dear Gerald,

Many thanks for your email, and our phone conversation on this topic about 2 weeks ago. You asked me for feedback, so here it is at this early stage.  I hope you find it useful.

I have noticed some subtle changes and some that were more obvious.  There is an awareness of being to some extent  an impartial observer of the matrix and of not reacting so much to the people under its influence. When participating in everyday activities, of being "in parallel" with it instead of being just a part of it.  Some things not seen before are now obvious.

As you are a trader, I will give you an  example from my share market technical analysis.  I and some friends had criticized our analysis software for at least two years in that there did not appear to be a method of stock selection from a universe of stocks using the powerful system called Welles Wilder's Parabolic Stop and Reverse.  We and the software provider could not solve this problem, although this indicator was in the charting program but not available in the analysis program.  It would require a special sub-program.  This was a real hang-up.  Then I observed that the MACD Histogram usually gives an identical result, and this analytical tool was and is part of our software!

There is also a desire to take action for closure of previously unfinished objectives and projects, in order to get on with  new directions.     In some cases the lack of closure had been  partly caused by apparent non-cooperation from others,  but these people have changed and are now helpful.

Regarding your suggestion to listen to the CD while reading the script of tapes one and two:  This worked fine for a few minutes, but as I went deeper into lower theta, the reading process slowed down and stopped.  So I reverted to listening to the CD and the tapes separately, and will try your suggestion to listen to the CD on my battery portable CD player while in the garden and looking at Nature and the Sun. I look forward to Stage 3 when it is ready. Thanks again.


Thomas R  Laidlaw

Gary Bynam jacksons.gsy@dial.pipex.com writes to us on June 8, 2002

Gerald O' Donnell

I read the Manual you sent over 50 times. Very interesting. I walk the dog near an old German Bunker. As I walk I focus on vibrating light as you suggested. After a while, I thought I was seeing shadows or images of people walking close to me.  I was not scared I was just fascinated I could not concentrate too long as the location had too many distractions I think if I focused fully I would be surprised what I would see.

I will let you know how I get on.

Kind Regards


 Nimesh Patel npatel123@hotmail.com writes on June 8, 2002. Subject:

  • The smiling exercise

Hello everyone:

   Hi, I wanted to share the results of the "Smiling Exercise" that  Gerald recommends. I must admit, I have not applied it in a  consistent manner. However, I have applied it in a haphazard manner.  Now, even though I have not applied in a consistent manner, the  results of it are tremendously positive in my life. Doing  the "Smiling Exercise" makes me feel so happy and all of the so  called "troubles", "problems", etc... seem so insignificant.
This "Smiling Exercise" is so much fun. 
   Oh yes, this Monday, my boss told me that if my work/productivity  didn't improve, I would be fired. Well, after hearing that, I smiled and laughed!!!


Debra Woodrow  dwoodrow@netzero.net sends us this feedback on the RI course on May 31, 2002


I am truly enjoying the RI tape series, and it seems to be making some profound changes in my thought structure. I have noticed that I seem to be "phase shifting" more into and out of this reality (similar to what happens prior to a car accident, where things slow down a lot, get hyper colorful, etc.) and I've had to be extra careful when driving, because it's happened there a time or two. I am working on establishing my own business here and consulting on the side in the computer arena as well. I'll keep in touch. I also wanted to pass along this paper to you; I can't even remember now where I located it, but I thought you'd be interested in reading it.

Hope to talk to you soon and get an e-group set up.

Kind regards,

Deb Woodrow

Pamela  Pmantares@aol.com  sends us this very thoughtful comment on the RI course on May 22, 2002 where she asks and answers her questions at the same time.

To further bother you, but this email does not require an answer... listened to the second tape while walking, today. Sometimes things get into your head better when listening than just reading the manual.  It kind of struck me where "many are called but few are chosen" came from. Guess that shows that those who are truly sentient have a creational responsibility.  Must be why we are here.  How do I know I am truly sentient? How do I know that I am not just a Simulacrum or a low-sentient being??? Just because I am self-aware??? When you asked me the difference between AI and sentience, after my first failed answer, I was going to say self-awareness, but I think advanced AI will be self aware.  There's a lot I still don't fully understand which I accept that I may never fully understand. Like, why is all of this so very important? If I truly believe this creation is just one hologram among many and that we truly go back to the One when we die, then, not to sound totally callous, but if this is a failed creation, why is it so important to bring this  holographic creation  to an higher level or to at least bring ourselves to an higher matrix? As the One, why not just choose another creation or start another from scratch so to speak? Is it because the way things work is if we do not bring ourselves to an higher level, we will be stuck in this one? We will have to come back or something until we learn to vibrate at an higher level? I can't see that the One has to learn to do this, but if we are truly conscious extensions of the One, then is it that the One or our Creator is LEARNING???? Culture and history were 'pre-programmed" for us. Does this mean that history as I perceive it never really existed outside of my own experience? "My universe, My world", "nothing exists outside of my own universe".... does this mean that I am responsible for the creation of my OWN universe ....that things that I perceive happening "outside" of my immediate neighborhood, like stuff out there in the world, ummm----can't think how to properly put this.... I'd like to say, isn't really happening outside of my own perception and beliefs but I don't know if that is quite right to say.  That would bring me to you, Gerald. Sometimes I wonder who you really are and why this is so very important to you. I got a totally different sense of things, today, but there is no way I can put it in words. It's as if it's brushing on the edge of my awareness, not fully comprehended. I don't know if this will stay with me or not.  Hope I'm making some kind of sense, here.

Sincerely, Pam

Gicanda Thomas ( Gicanda@aol.com ) writes to us on May 19, 2002 this comment:

Dear Mr. O'Donnell

You are doing the best that you can do. You are doing what you were meant to do.  Just as it was in the "Wizard of Oz" it will take time for people to realize that they've always had the power to "go home".  Sometimes they have to run around first or where's the story?!  Let's hope they don't run around to long.
Those who needed to hear the call heard it.  As in the parable of the sower, only the ground can determine, in it's own time, whether the seed will grow.
The Work is good. Don't you worry. 
"Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me: I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to that person"

              ----The Gospel of Thomas

Thanks for all you've done.


Steve ( slcidc@hotmail.com ) writes to us this feedback on the RI tapes on May 18, 2002. Subject:

  •  Witnessing the disintegration of the Old Matrix and other phenomena


   Greetings! It has been one week since I received the tapes and CD. Since  then the following events have occurred: While listening to the CD, for a brief period of time I observed the disintegration of the material world (Matrix) as we know it.

During a deep experience within, a very direct question was asked about the future of a friendship that has developed over the past several months. A very clear, almost audible "no" was given.

While reading the scriptures and playing the CD simultaneously, I 'observed' myself separated from my ego.

In general I have found an increase in motivation, energy levels, with a greater ability to focus and concentrate. All of this has been accomplished while listening to the CD for various time frames. Also, in the past seven  days, there were two days where no time was spent listening to the CD.
In expectation of great things to come,

Ken Kimball ( kkimball@worldpath.net ) writes to us this nice comment on May 17, 2002.

Hi Gerald,

I just wanted to thank you once again for all the wonderful work you do.  As you know I have been en-joying your first course for just about five years now.  It has been a truly rewarding journey!

Now that the second course has become available I am very pleased with the material!  Words cannot convey the deeply profound feelings I have experienced.  I would like to say to those who are curious about the new course it is well worth the investment.  Just to feel the bliss, the love, the enlightenment and laughter of your higher self for even a second is worth the small fee of the course.  This course will open a door to a power within that makes you smile with joy and helps you create a heaven here on earth.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the material in the new course.  I have never read such profound information.  I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers and have read hundreds of books on the subject of consciousness, spirituality and perception.  This material and your teachings have been the most direct and straight forward.  Some teachers and books beat around the bush.  As if they are trying to appear like they know what they are talking about are just like to hold information back so they can write more books.  You don't do that, you are very open and honest, giving the whole truth as you have experienced it.  This is very rear to find.  I feel that you care more about helping people understand the material and grow as human beings than making money.

I just wanted to tell you that I think the new material in the remote influencing course is fantastic!  It is very powerful information.  Just after reading it a few times something changed in me.  Things flow better. I take more responsibility in the way I think.  I have been able to increase my vibratory rate and become my higher self.  I have been able to change situations at work that once consumed my energy. My thoughts are my only limitation and my ticket to freedom.

It is incredible to learn how the matrix operates, it makes so much sense. It is like I have had these feelings and Ideas in me all along and this material has shed light on them.  Words are to limiting to express my feelings toward this sacred material.  All I really want to say is thank you. 

Your material is full of truth which changes my perspective each time I read and listen to it.  I have made so much progress in my studies of understanding my true self.  Your new material has lead me to experience my higher self and has helped me realize the responsibility of keeping healthy, happy and loving thoughts.  I feel that other teachers would charge thousands of dollars for less direct and truthful information.  We are all very lucky to have such a generous, humble and available teacher as yourself.

With love and gratitude Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Ken Kimball

Another message to the Academy by Saleem Rana ( srana25@hotmail.com ) on May 16, 2002

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

The beauty of your current work, the R.I. course, continues to grow on me after each immersion into Theta with your tapes & CD. 

I must admit that the profound message of your work brings tears of joy to my eyes.  Here at last is a doorway that will someday lead me back to my Father's Mansion. It will be good to be home again.  This prodigal Son is tired of his wayward journey.  A day will dawn when I will realize that I never left.  Until then I suffer through these delusions of the space-time continuum, seeking in every possible way, to clear the nescience of my current consciousness.

All will be well for you in expressing your work.  The Dark Matrix is powerless in the light of the Father.  And, as you teach, the Father is close, ready to assist the Son in every way. 

The entire universe of light is ready to assist you at a moment's notice.  Consider your battle won.  No power on earth can restrain the insurgence of the light and sound of the One when it is called forth with an open and trusting heart.

Thank you for your magnitude in creating this course.  I am blessed by your works.


This is a very thoughtful expose about the Dark Matrix by Saleem Rana  ( srana25@hotmail.com ) to the Grillflame group on May 14, 2002.

  • A wake-up cry. Please read it again and again.

My Dear Friends:

When I first saw the movie, The Matrix, The Matrix reloaded, I was stunned by it, more than by any other movie I have ever seen.  The only other movie that came even close, according to my experience, was Jim Carrie's The Truman Story.  In both movies, I believe life was exposed for what it really is -- a simulation program that keeps us locked from the full expression and freedom of our innate divinity.  Most of the other movies I have seen are in alignment with the Dark Matrix, confirming the validity of our experience, strengthening our limited viewpoints, amplifying and revivifying our fear-based realities.

This impulse to wake the sleeping masses has been given to our race over and over throughout time from enlightened beings, who moved to compassion by our plight, come down from their abodes of bliss to engage in our collective hell.  Unfortunately everything they have said has been institutionalized.  In the process of institutionalizing their teachings, the Dark Matrix has always managed to distort the message in subtle but persuasive ways.  Thus, for example, when Jesus the Christ came to speak of ascension through love, the collective found ways of codifying the teachings into a way of fearing God and doing what the social program for ethical behavior might design, which included waging war, mayhem, misery and destruction on less "enlightened" cultures.  The great civilization of America, the place where millions rush into church on Sundays to shout praise at Jesus Christ, had only a momentary hesitation in dropping the atomic bomb on the Japanese.  And even then, once was not enough.  Thus, ushering us into a new era of nuclear weaponry of even darker fear and misery for all mankind.

Once again, the message is being given to us.  This time through the medium of the Matrix movies.  It is speaking to us very clearly in a language we can understand.  Gerald's course is even spelling out, in detail, the meaning of the message.  In fact, the truth, I think, is even more insidious than the works of analogy.  The truth is simply this.  We are all thought-slaves of low, non-vibratory energy. 

The proof for this assertion, is, unfortunately, painfully obvious with a minimum of observation.  There is no such thing as a benevolent government anywhere in the world.  There is no country that one would consider utopia.  There is no place, anywhere on this earth, where one can truly feel happy and free.  All economic systems are similarly corrupt.  They aim at consuming most of our time so that we remain benighted, dumb, unconscious and unhappy.  We work like robots for scraps of paper.  We consume the short lives we have either working or sleeping.  What time is there to reflect, to play, to be ourselves?  And usually when we do have that time, we are too tired to enjoy it.  We call this time for recuperation and recreation.  The greatest gift of our civilization is we have no time to live our own lives.  Look around you...you see coercion and blind-forces everywhere...in all religions, in all educational systems, and even in the smaller units of social integration, like the family.  The Dark Matrix is everywhere, forcing thoughts of scarcity, fear, limitation, and confusion everywhere.  The earth itself is ready for a cataclysmic upheaval the more we pollute the very systems we need to survive: the soil, the air, and the water.  In some parts of the world, people have barely enough food to live and minimal shelters.  In other parts of the world, all these things are in abundance but people are miserable just trying to hold on to the materials they need for well-being.  I could go on, but I think you see the point--there really is such a thing as the Dark Matrix.  Behind the fiction is the truth.  Behind the fiction is a message about how we really are.

You would think that given the increasing crisis of life here on earth there would be a massive movement to try and save things, to feed the destitute, to stop the pollution, to educate future generations, to generate health and well-being for all, to move more people into prosperity, and so on.  But this is not the case.  Misery on our planet is increasing at a rapid pace.  We do nothing because we don't know what to do.  We can barely manage our own wayward psyches, let alone deal with the crisis stimulated by collective insanity.

You would also think that higher beings, intelligences, and our own Higher Selves would be rushing in to resolve these issues.  But they cannot.  They cannot because we will not let them.  We will not let them because we are enslaved by thoughts of such a dark nature, of such limited potency, that we effectively block them out.  Imagine, for a moment, that you were to talk to someone who is insane, perhaps a paranoid schizophrenic.  You were to explain to them, with all the loving kindness and reasonableness at your command, how it is possible to live a well-balanced and enjoyable life.  Do you think they would understand a word of what you said?  Your dog has a better chance of understanding your explanation of Plato's theory of forms than an insane man has of understanding your good intentions.  Your very actions would, in his distorted view of things, be seen as further evidence of a conspiracy against him.  He might even violently attack you to be rid of your influence.

This is the dilemma that the higher forces face.  Many avatars have come, many more will come, and yet we will remain as stupid, as mentally-enslaved.  Only one in a million, maybe a billion, persons can gain enough from spiritual teachings to be free of the Dark Matrix.

Do not underestimate the power of fear thoughts.  They control everything, keep us in quiet despair, and effectively block out the light. 

In conclusion, then, the movies called the Matrix are about something that is real.  It is all an analogy, with a lot of melodrama to hold our fickle attention, but it is about something that is indeed present in our world.  In the movies, it is a computer program that controls us.  In life, it is a constant propagation of dark matter, expressed as thoughts and feelings, hooked directly to our individual minds, that is controlling us.

Now the R.I. course is like a complete exposition of the Matrix series.

After reading and listening to the new R.I. tapes, I was similarly stunned by the works.  I realized what an incredible act of love and courage it took for Mr. O' Donnell to even produce this program.  Many will not understand.  Many will even seek to attack him.  People attacked Jesus.  People attack Sai Baba.  People do not like to be reminded about how stupid they really are. 

Mr. O'Donnell took a great leap of faith in bringing this work to us.  He could just as easily have made a hundred-times more money in the commodities market by just doing ARV.  He could just as easily have settled down to a quiet life of contemplation and seeking his own personal exit from the Dark Matrix.  Yet because of his love he is restricting his freedom so that others too can be free. 

Mr. O'Donnell, like Morpheus, has something very rare.  He has seen the way things are.  It is no easy task.  Everything in our world fights against a single human being having that awareness. He has a free mind, the most precious thing on this earth, and he wishes us to participate in this experience.

This R.I. course is much more than remote influencing a few things here and there: a little more cash, a free meal, a wonderful date, a trip to the Bahamas, etc.  This course is actually not about getting anything.  It is actually about giving everything up. 

Let me explain my thinking here. 

As long as we are attached to the low, vibratory hum of the Dark Matrix, and as long as we cater to any fear, thinking it to be a real event, we are under the power of mental enslavement.  Our light is trapped.  Sooner or later the pain of our misery will be so great that we will do anything to ascend to a higher order of being.  Right now there is just a numbness, a quiet desperation, a vagueness, an apathy.  The low vibratory light is pleased with this state.  It feeds off our fears, grows stronger, and uses us, our light, to make itself more sentient.

Thus, we must give up our attachment, our catering to the whims of the Dark Matrix.  If you think that the Dark Matrix does not have much personal control of you, let me offer an analogy.  An analogy might bring home the power of the dark force.  Imagine that you are very poor.  Your job is your only source of livelihood.  You feel that if you lost it, you would end up on the streets and then die of starvation and prolonged exposure to the snow.  Unfortunately, your Boss is a complete tyrant.  You must do everything he says, otherwise you will be fired.  He has no tolerance for you speaking up for yourself, for exerting your will in any way.  You hate the job, but you fear, even more, the possibility of losing it.  You need somebody to come in and free your mind and show you that you can leave this wretched job and not only survive but actually start prospering and thriving.  Similarly, the Dark Matrix keeps us in bondage.  We do everything for it.  We are terrified of going against it.  We need somebody to talk us out of catering to it.

Just as Morpheus worked hard at creating a few free minds, so too is Mr. O'Donnell working on creating a few free minds.  If even one of us gets his message, his work will not be in vain.  If more than one of us gets it, it will be a revolution in the history of time.  If we all get it...our small band of 100 plus will be a force as powerful as the early Christians who overthrew the seemingly invincible Roman Empire.

And just as Neo was able to overcome the Dark Matrix, reading beforehand all its manipulations, so too, you are also able to leave the Dark Matrix. 

There is a way out.  It is a way that is very difficult.  I think it was Somerset Maugham who said something to the effect that the path to truth is thin like a razor's edge.  The path, as outlined by the course, as I understand it, is the following.

Monitor our thoughts.  See where fear enters, how anger speaks, how depression grabs us.  See how these thoughts are not us.  We are the One who watches the thoughts.  We are the light that is known as soul, a drop of the divine essence.  We are the atman, the inner god.  We are the Higher Self.  We are the watcher of thoughts.  Our thoughts are coming for the most part, from the Dark Matrix, from the pool of beliefs we have about reality.  But some thoughts, of course, are coming from the soul.  These are our moments of mental clarity, epiphany, bursts of original observation, our moments of earnest dialogue, debate, and fiery defiance against the order of things.

Next, raise our vibrations.  This is done in a positive and negative way.  The positive way is to feel joy, to smile inwardly at the world, at life in all its myriad expressions, at the social vortex with all its melodramas and misdirections, to try and simulate the bliss of our Higher Self.  The negative way is to work on catharsis, psychological healing and clearing of painful ideations.  (If it hurts, we know it isn't ours.  Get rid of it.  Disbelieve in it.  Send it away from us.)  Thus, by working in this way, we raise ourselves to a level where the Higher Self can actually talk to us, give us proper direction in life, lead us away from our current problems.

We must realize how deeply asleep we are if we ever hope to wake up.  We must become lucid in this world where almost everyone else is asleep too.  We must feel the pain of our suffering, going beyond numbness, apathy, and helplessness, if we are to walk away free from continual suffering.  Once motivated sufficiently, we must act toward clearing the illusions and finding the latent joy in ourselves.  If circumstances press hard against us at the moment, they must be given up internally before they can be experienced externally.  Mere action at self-improvement is only more band-aid.  The cleansing has to be at a very deep level.  There are many practitioners of internal cleansing, many paths, many disciplines.  One has to inquire into them.

Finally, work on maintaining correct identification.  We are not this mind, this body, these emotions.  We are not our particular personalities.  We are not our histories.  We are not our future.  We must cease identifying with things that we are not.  We must cease persisting in the habit of continuous self-delusion.  What are we, then?  We are the awareness that is reading these words right now.  We are what is here; we are what is now.  As Ram Dass phrased it, Be Here Now.  That is, we are the beingness that is here in this place at this moment.  All else is our illusion and will lead us into confusion and doubt.  By working on artistic endeavors of any kind, we will be strengthening our awareness of the moment.  Our small creations on matter will eventually lead us to control matter directly.

For those of us who feel terrified of the Dark Matrix we need to remember who we are.  We are not the puppet of a simulated program.  We are the observer, the light, the awareness itself.  We can move beyond any suffering if we can free our minds.  If we are controlled in any way, it is because at some level we have given our permission to the source of misery.

Once we connect with our Higher Self, then we will be in a position to see clearly, to create effortlessly, to move with speed and power, with blinding invincibility, just like Neo in the Matrix when he fought Agent Smith who was powerful enough to even capture Morpheus.

The R.I. program can move us to have free minds.  It may be the greatest thing that we have ever encountered in our lives.  Is this hyperbole?  It can be, if we choose to think of it that way.  We are what we think, and unfortunately most of what we think comes from our acceptance of the Dark Matrix.  Given the direction of this course, we can move to ultimate freedom.  Manifestation is nice.  Remote Influencing is exciting.  But freedom to embody our beingness is the ultimate goal, the ecstatic culmination of everything.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Your thoughts please on these reflections on the new R.I. course. 

Your fellow-seeker,


Rob Chojnacki ( rvrob@hotmail.com ) sent us this feedback on May 4, 2002

Hi Gerald,

This is some of what I have experienced with the new RI course.  I'm also CC'ing the grillflame group.

After only reading the first installment of Course II, (Remote Influencing Thought..) I have been having some very interesting results with the few  experiments I have tried.

I have been strongly meditating on the fact that I am the creator of my  reality, and all the points you stress in the first installment, and I can  feel a change within, and without..  Here are some examples:

1)  DRIVING UNDER THE (REMOTE) INFLUENCE.  Every time I am on the road, I  have a little game I play with other drivers.  I look at other drivers that  are to my sides.  If I quickly decide that I want them to look back at me,  they usually do.  If I quickly decide that I don't want them to, they  usually don't.  I try this at a maximum of 90 degrees, meaning that they  must be at my exact side or more in front of me (to eliminate the  possibility that they can see me looking at them in the corner of their eye.  These people are feeling an influence).  I have had several instances of  people being more diagonally to my front left, and they would look back at  me.  Very interesting.  Not looking back because they want to pass, but just  to glance at me, then they go back to the road.

2)  LEG BOUNCE.  On several occasions I've tried this one.  Here is an  example.  While at a restaurant, waiting for my takeout order, I saw a woman  directly to my left also waiting.  We were both sitting.  Her feet were  planted firmly on the floor.  I imagined, with my eyes open, her crossing  her legs, right over left, and then bouncing the right foot, I also imagined  being shocked that my imagination became reality.  This *did* became reality  within a matter of *seconds*.  Her legs crossed, right over left, and the  right foot started to bounce in the air.  Quickly, About 10 seconds later, I  imagined her foot being planted back onto the floor, also imagining me being  shocked that it worked again.  Again, within seconds this became reality,  and I *was* shocked :)  I even chuckled out loud.. hehehe

3)  POWER OUT.  I am in a rock band that rehearses in New Jersey, and plays  in NYC.  We rehearse at the guitarist's house, in the basement.  This past  Sunday, as I pulled up to the house, I decided to try another RI experiment.    I sat there, in my car, and imagined myself going down into the basement  only to find that we could not rehearse because the power was out.  Drums  were fine, but there was no power for the amps, and thus, no guitars or  vocals.  I imagined this strongly, and also imagined my shock that it  happened.  So  I grabbed my bass guitars and headed into the house.   Nothing out of the ordinary.  Then I walked down the stairs into the  basement.  Lights on, everything's fine.  I walk into the studio where we  rehearse, and see the guitarist playing around with the power cable for his  amp.  I asked what was wrong, and he said "The power for the amps and vocals  JUST went out"!!!!!  The lights were on (!!!), but the power for both guitar  amps and the vocals were totally out!!  This is the exact scene I  envisioned!  He then went to check the fuse box, and found that the fuse that  controls the very power outlets for the amps and vocals had simply switched  off.  I WAS BLOWN AWAY.  Simple fix, he flipped the fuse switch back, and  all was good, BUT I AM CERTAIN THAT MY MENTAL EXPERIMENT HAD AN ABSOLUTE  PHYSICAL EFFECT IN REALITY.  We have been rehearsing in that room in one  band or another for almost 5 years, and nothing has ever happened to the  power.  Not once, until I *created* that reality this past Sunday.

I thought you might enjoy those little experiments..

Rob Chojnacki

Steve Cooley ( slcidc@hotmail.com ) writes to us this testimonial on March 14, 2002:

Dear Gerald,

   Simply stated, your manual provides the greatest insights and treasures  about our Reality and Thought processes than any other text on the face of the earth.
I arrived at this conclusion after completing my 3rd reading of the material  in less than a week. Personally I spent approximately 3 hours each time I  read the material. I felt this was very important and necessary in order to  absorb all of the material. Many thanks again for your efforts and  willingness to provide all of us with such information.

Happy thoughts and manifestations.


Leena  Pekkalainen  of Finland( leenapee@hotmail.com ) sends this testimonial on March 12, 2002:

Dear Gerald:

Wanted to share my feelings about the Remote Influencing-course introduction.  

I've now read it three times and I almost laughed aloud with joy reading it. It rang so true in my mind and heart.  

 I've never been interested in religious groups even though I've been reading about different theories of God, religions and the powers of human mind for years. It was never enough for me to hear someone say “This is so!” – no, I wanted to experience myself and then decide what felt true and what didn't. To me the religions were always dead (this includes New Age religions also). The aspirations of people trying to reach God (and basically their own divinity) is often very real, but the begging for it…  Some religions even say it is not possible for you to reach God and salvation on your own no matter how much you strive – if God wants you to be saved, he saves you. If you want to be saved and God's in a cranky mood, forget it, you worthless worm. But dare you leave us because of that, you'll go to Hell. Talk about fear-based religions…Really! First they say God is Love and in the next sentence make him behave out of hate. How could Love hate anything? It wouldn't be love if it did. 

So religions never were for me. I always thought there must be a way within my own mind to find the answers, given the right clues, because my mind is a part of God and God knows everything. And why wouldn't God want me to find him?

With faith, not with religion, has been my motto. And ever since I was a child I believed with all my heart in a Presence that created this all. Even before anyone told me anything about any religion; I was already talking in my mind to my God. Not to any imaginary friend but to God.  But what religions taught did not resonate with the God I carried within myself. What I read about the One in this introduction, does. 

The unity of it all you write about– that we are ultimately the One, rings true also.  I've experienced magical moments when I all of a sudden feel deep love for the creation around me, I feel I'm one with it. I'd like to learn to open myself more like that; to be able to love more. Because there are days when I can't believe anyone could ever love me and when I try to open myself to the feeling on Love, there is nothing there. (No surprise, though, because if I don't believe I could be loved, it means at that moment I would not accept love to come to me.  And in that state of mind: how on earth could I give something I closed myself from?) I think this course might just do that: teach me to feel that oneness more often. I've had beautiful glimpses of this with the Remote Viewing course already. 

One thing I have learned on my own, though. Love expands. The more you give out, the more reason you have to love, like you said in the RI introduction. Like attracts like. What I think is that loving one thing or person doesn't mean you can't love other things or persons as well. Often our western way of thinking tells us we cannot love opposite things. We must choose what to love. But you know what? I don't believe in that. I think love is a state of mind, hopefully a constant one. Radiate love – all over. Beam love and joy. And it multiplies and comes back to you. And in this way you really create your reality; not by being against things but for things. What you think, you attract. So don't delve on the negative thoughts. Acknowledge them, but then turn your mind to happy ones. Just like you said (with a better wording than this). 

And when you said our brains simply decode the stream of Vibratory codes it receives and converts them to five physical senses… And that our “reality” is a three-dimensional illusion given by the Matrix and projected from the inside out: I felt this once.

I was about 20 years old and went for a walk. All of a sudden everything around me felt non-real. Everything looked the same, but I felt like I was walking on a theatre set, somehow projected for me to play my part. Like I was alone in my world, playing some pre-written part that I had not even been aware of. This eerie feeling lasted a few hours and really pushed me to find out more. Maybe it was a wake-up call from my Higher Self. It made me think things couldn't be so that I was simply a puppet and someone was pulling my strings without me knowing it, could it? The thought really scared me and I had to find out more - and here I still am, on the same path. 

I also remember a dream I had perhaps two years later (one of those that are more vivid than dreams usually are): I stood in my living room and out of nowhere a golden dust came – live sparks. They covered me all over, buzzing, flying, inspecting me. I clearly heard someone saying out loud: “This individual is developing just fine!”  Like someone was inspecting a turkey for Christmas dinner, really :-) I still wonder who said that but can't forget the beauty of the humming sparkles. Still miss it. 

When you mention that Vibratory hum: let me mentioned the dream I had. I simply stood there and felt the humming vibration all over my body. Not that I would have heard with my ears; it was everywhere and when it touched my body, touched my cells, it transformed into a beautiful hum. I could have stayed with it forever. 

And to create with both vibratory light and sound: you said that each particle of the Vibratory light is an emotion. Perhaps this relates to it: whenever I visualize using the traditional methods, I've noticed I get what I feel. Not what I want but what I feel about the thing I'm asking. If my wants and my emotions about it are the same, it manifests itself. But if I want something and feel I don't have it, my subconscious mind only hears my feelings about me not having it. No matter how positive the affirmations may be. So I may actually create obstacles on my way by doing visualization techniques that are out of sync with my feelings. Your course sounds like I'll find much better ways to create.  

The RV course already opened my eyes that this “reality” of ours is something very different from what most of us think. It has taught me to trust my own inner skills more and I intend to keep on working with it regularly in the future as well. Looks like the Remote Influencing course will be a much bigger adventure. I'm really looking forward to this! 

Leena :-)

Nathan Farmer  ( informer@totalise.co.uk ) posted this on March 6, 2002:



All I can say is that it has broken my chains and I am Free!

I have only read the first 6 pages and a lot of it I already knew but could never put it into my mind to even explain it to myself ..

This is AMAZING read and opening many doors for US to Shine the Light on OUR Reality and Thoughts

This is going to be on of those documents that whenever you read it you find something new.

BIG COSMIC HUGS to my Brother/Sisters and to the Gerald O'Donnell for sharing this with us


 Candida Maurer Ph.D.  ( eastwinders@mchsi.com ) wrote to us directly on 3/12/02

Dear Gerald:

We (my husband, Michael Santangelo, and myself) just got your latest installment, have read it straight through, and have several reactions.
This new material is life-changing, mind-altering stuff! Certainly the view of reality is quite encompassing, and allows one to travel further than any other tape set I've used. Although it covers the creating-your-own-reality paradigm that has become familiar to many, it does so more specifically, and with some new insights that are quite helpful. Additionally, the thing that continues to be so valuable is the detailed and loving encounter with the deep self that one experiences through  repeated listening to the tapes. There is a very thoughtful and compassionate presence behind these tapes that brings me back time after time (and yes, that is a double entendre). Finally, the tapes excel in making non-ordinary states of reality accessible to any who are willing to try.  Mr. O'Donnell allows us a glimpse of the higher realms without the religious overlay that so often limits our own experiences of Spirit. Ultimately, a quest toward awakening to our deepest inner nature is offered in a manner that makes it possible to believe that each of us has the ability to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime.

However, we were both struck by your statement that there are people who are not real (I think that was your phrase), but who are made real only when they are perceived. Will we be learning more about this? Is this akin to the Kabalistic concept that there are people who are born without souls? Or do you mean something different?

I also have a question about the role of love. If we are indeed the only person in our universe, which I think I understand, then what is the role of love in terms of contacting the truth of another? And when we
truly link with another through love, does that person then become linked to our universe in some way? A co-creator of our reality? And certainly we are all co-creators of a shared reality, but what, then, is the effect of love? Anyway, I think you get my meaning here.

Thank you so much for your enlightening vision. It truly is changing our lives.



Michael Santangelo Ph.D.( eastwinders@mchsi.com ) posted this on March 5, 2002:

Dear everyone

I couldn't agree more with Dave's assessment of the RI material. It agrees so much with the most profound insights of the great mystics I have read, without all the dogma overlay that can be the companion of religious treatises. I read through the entire booklet last night, just to let it sift through. I intend to re-read it a number of times and meditate/practice it as often as I can. It rings very, very true. Hold on to your hats -- the journey is just beginning!


David Mason (ctgresearchlabs@btinternet.com) writes on March 3, 2002:

Dear All,
         Today I received part 1 of the new Remote Influencing course.  It is a book/folder.  There is a lot a information inside and it is quite hard going.  I have only read 4 pages so far on the  way to work and already it has changed the way I see things.

Once I really started meditating and RVing, this changed the way I  view the world, and I thought that was it, but just as Gerald said,  this new info must be digested slowly as IT WILL change the way you  view the world.  It is powerful in the extreme, once read there is no  going back.  Be prepared!


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