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REMOTE INFLUENCING Thought and Reality Training System, Version II Enhanced Edition

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Up to now Hidden Secrets on How Our Creation Operates and how you can Influence its totality from WITHIN

The E-book of the Secrets of Remote Influencing Revealed Latest Version (originally written in 2002)


 November 2005:

Because of the urgency we attach in spreading the information in this Book (originally an integral part of our Remote Influencing Reality and Thought: RI course 2002), because our Creation is entering a dangerous period of increase chaos and confusion, we are making it available to everyone for a free download.

Please fill in the information below which we promise to keep confidential and you will download the latest version of  The RI Secrets Revealed e-Book. By signing up, you agree to receive future announcements and information from our Academy. You can of course unsubscribe at any time by pressing the "unsubscribe" link included in the communication sent to you.

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This book explains the basic mechanisms involved in Remote Influencing and its modus operandi. The RI Secrets Revealed book details the principles of thought manifestation and many concepts that offer a totally new revolutionary perspective about the world that surrounds you. Were you to fully integrate its concepts, your life will never be the same and you will know that you are both the producer, director, and actor in the movie of your life, all operating simultaneously at your command.

e-Book Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed
Read the RI e-Book before beginning with the training sessions. Carefully read the book in its entirety, word for word, whether or not you understand the contents fully during this initial reading. Pause when you need to reflect. Read the book a second time and ponder its meaning. Meditate inwardly as you have been taught in the Complete Remote Viewing Training System for personal clarification. Eventually meanings will become clearer.

Do the exercises within the book. Many of them can prove to be more efficient and long lasting than years of therapy. They help with manifesting and with cleansing any emotional and mental scars you may endure. The exercises will help you access high vibratory realms of Thought.

Reread the RI e-Book, again and again, over time, to completely grasp the material. You may wish to read along in the e-Book with the audio version of the book on our RI Discs 2, 3, and 4. We hope that two to three weeks of absorbing this material will be sufficient. It may take longer; keep coming back to it throughout the training. This wisdom is shared in both visual and audio forms so that it can be carefully and intently appreciated.

The PDF text version of the audio book can be viewed on your computer monitor or printed for a hard copy edition.

If you already own the RI course and the Audio Book Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed
After reading the RI e-Book as instructed, listen to these discs at least once before beginning the training sessions. These recordings penetrate the realm of your subconscious mind and start activating your inner Divine Creative powers that have likely remained dormant until now. It is imperative that you listen to these discs. They use special spatial spiraling sound, and sound effects. The messages within them can change totally the ideas you have about your self-image and the image that the world projects.
There are no subliminal messages anywhere in any of the recordings. Feel free to listen to each session in a fully awake state, if you wish.
Please understand that we are not trying to change your belief systems about anything. Rather, we are trying to unify, like the grand unified field theory of modern physics, and extract many concepts that have operated at and for different levels of beings. We are presenting the interconnected Oneness of us all, so that you can connect to your Divine source and the fundamentals of Remote Influencing reality. If one goes to the very core of many spiritual teachings, one will find these same concepts imbedded in many forms and languages. You will notice a spatial effect while listening to the audio version of the book. This helps convey the message to your Higher Self.

There Is Nothing To Fear; Everything To Gain.

Most of the material presented in this course has never been openly exposed anywhere before.

Much of it originates from the Delta level and beyond. Please make good use of it for yourselves, your loved ones, and you will therefore help awake humanity. 

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