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Frequently Asked Questions by New, Old, and Potential Trainees about our Remote Viewing Traning Protocols


Frequently Asked Questions about our Remote Viewing Training Protocols


how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded Q: I am training with the RV course and keep on falling asleep while listening to the CDs. No matter what time of the day it is, I seem to lose consciousness after a while. What should I do?
How do I know when I am in deep Theta?

A: Welcome to the club! You are just doing great! Since you do not seem to have access, for now, to a EEG biofeedback apparatus that would tell you when you reach the deep Theta state, you can securely rely on certain typical characteristics of the deep Theta state.

First and foremost, when you approach the very powerful Delta state, your mind tends to be sucked in (into unconsciousness: alias sleep): very strongly so. This is why you tend to easily lose sense of self and go into what you perceive to be non-consciousness. In reality, you vegetate mostly (unless you are really very tired) at upper Delta and your subconscious mind: below conscious awareness, absorbs every word and notion of the material told to you. A proof of the pudding is that when you are told to emerge from that state, even if you are perceptually asleep, you usually open your eyes. Were you to be told to remember everything that happened at that level after opening your eyes, you would. This is however for more advanced courses where upper Delta is eventually explored with partial awareness of self. At the level of Oneness.

Another sign of being at deep Theta is that your conscious mind becomes very sluggish, your focus of attention gets very wide and non-specific, and you are alike a passive spectator watching unconnected (non-linear) thoughts and images flashing by seemingly without any control on your part. Our learned academic thought specialists like to coin this state: the hypnagogic state. This is because Delta (the matrix as US RV'ers like to call it) operates for us by forming connections that seem coherent to us. Delta is, at Its level, out of the constraints of Time and Space. For a very good reason: IT CREATES TIME AND SPACE FOR OUR LINEAR SLOW PACED DEDUCTIVE THINKING REALITY WHICH UNFOLDS THEN FOR US IN A PERCEIVED LOGICAL CAUSE-AND-EFFECT MANNER (Which means really nothing in the absolute sense of it, only in the relative one when framed with the laws of nature). This is why, if you want to operate at deep Theta using the very structured protocols set up by the US intelligence and military community, you will have a hard time at it. When one reaches deep Theta you usually forget what you came there for, feel very good and relaxed, and at best can only remember one or at the maximum two questions. Your conscious thoughts are almost annihilated which allows for pure information to be received from the Universal Matrix (DELTA). To try to remember complex and multiple questions is impossible. This is not to say that we do not believe in structuring carefully question-and-answer sessions (protocols), as we will see shortly.

Now, are there tricks to remain longer in deep Theta without either sinking in Delta (sleep) or re-emerging in beta? Yes, there are many of them and they are explained and given to out trainees as they request them. With practice one remains for longer and longer periods at deep Theta. The door to Delta opens wider and wider, and the sub-conscious surfaces onto the conscious awareness of the individual. You then become extremely intuitive about others and about the probable futures.

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded Q: What differentiates our R.V. training from other R.V. schools (C.R.V., etc. . . )?

Schools based on declassified US R.V. systems Our R.V. methodology
Most proponents of US military and intelligence RV methodology never fully explained nor really understood the nature of the mental RV data collection mechanisms. The Academy of Remote Viewing was the first RV site (Dec. 96) ever to explain remote viewing mechanisms in details, to mention the location of the Universal Matrix within the Delta level of mind, and to put great emphasis on attaining the deep Theta state (4-5 cps) to reach the "interface point".
US systems are wide-awake systems (Beta) that often make use of involuntary ideomotor finger responses to try to bridge the conscious mind in their attempt to collect data from the sub-conscious information Matrix. We position ourselves directly at the interface (deep Theta) with the Information Matrix (Delta) and use mental perceptions to collect R.V. information. No intervening transducing "gimmick" using the Autonomous Nervous System (such as pendulum, ideomotor responses, dowsing, automatic writing etc... ) is required.
They employ rigid "active" complex procedures (protocols) requiring quite a long training period in order to really become efficient. Our methodology only requires a passive natural state of extreme mental receptivity automatically achieved by being at deep Theta. Its attainment is a relatively simple procedure.
Substantial risk of noise interference by the conscious mind (analytical overlay) Very little rate of interference by the conscious analytical mind since at very deep Theta active conscious thoughts are very sluggish and almost inexistent.

 TIPS (August 99):

Tip 1: If, as a beginner, while in session, you feel a physical itch somewhere, scratch yourself. This is your ego opposing its dissolution. With a little more practice you will not concentrate on such bodily evasive tricks.

Tip 2: If you lose consciousness of self (especially on sessions 2-3-4) this is normal and a good sign. You are being sucked in within the Delta level of mind since you are just at the border of it. This is a sign that you have reached deep theta. At deep theta you are passively usually watching your own thoughts. They are often disconnected and not part of linear thinking. Unconnected images and thoughts flash by. With more experience you learn to remain longer at the border of Delta. You may want to initially do the sessions in the morning or early evening while sitting upright on a chair. When about to lose consciousness of self, you can wiggle a finger, concentrate on your breathing, chant a mantra, put your forearm up, and use all kind of tricks if you tend to overly fall into Delta (sleep).

Tip 3: Even though you are told to concentrate in my voice, this is really addressed to your subconscious mind who records faithfully everything. So be only passively listening. Even when unconscious in delta you record unknowingly every single word and noise. When told to emerge from deep levels of mind you usually open your eyes, even if you were, in your perception, asleep at that point.

Tip 4: A sign of progress is that after a few weeks of listening to the sessions, your natural intuition is greatly increased in day-to day life situations. You sense events in advance; often know, when the phone rings, who it is, and sense people's moods and thoughts. "Gut feelings (knowing) become common during the waking hours and you learn to listen and trust them. Your dreams become more vivid even to the point where you have trouble realizing if you are really dreaming. Lucid dreaming is not rare at that point.

Tip 5: When getting bored with a session, go on to another one. You might want to hear it at first once with your eyes opened before going deeply within yourself for the next session. Make the sessions fun. Play with the course. Do not be analytical. This brings your slow linear conscious mind into the equation. It should be busy doing something else. Never wonder at what stage of mind you are. Go with the flow.

Tip 6: Mental visualization is not alike having a TV screen beaming within your head. It does not show up in front of your physical eyes, no matter how dark the room is. It has to do with imagination. If you ever imagined and daydreamed a situation, scenery, a beautiful body etc… you can visualize mentally. Everybody can and does. If told to imagine light, imagine a light bulb or the sun, and you being in it. Nevertheless for the purpose of basic RV, visualization is not really that important. You should rather sense (intuit) information and then imagine it in visual terms, if you are so inclined, and desire to express it as such (as when sketching).

Tip 7: The real secret to success at allowing the subconscious material to rise to your awareness is as follows: THE LEAST YOU TRY, THE EASIER IT BECOMES. So relax, enjoy, and play with it. EXPERIMENT! TRUST YOURSELF. Forget most of what you have read before in other books. Do not carry too much prior mental luggage on any trip. It impedes your mental traveling. Travel lightly, with full confidence and expectation, alike a child. DO NOT ALLOW FOR THE ELEMENT OF DOUBT OR SKEPTICISM to enter your awareness.

Notice how when a leading athlete breaks a world record that is up-to-then considered unbreakable all the other athletes of the "doubting flock" very soon thereafter break that same record easily. And that "record" is then broken again-and-again by scores of undoubting "leading athletes", and the "flock" follows soon thereafter. To no real upper limits. This applies to all fields of human endeavors. Be it athletic, scientific, medical etc. . .

The secret is in rebuking mistrust, skepticism, and refusing to listen to the limitations that others claim for you to be unbreakable. The Mind is infinite in its capabilities and constantly shows it to us. So let go of restrictions. You are an infinitely powerful expression of the infinite mind playing within rules of imaginary restrictions and misconceptions. Let go of your programming and you will soar to your real infinite capabilities. Do not accept mental/physical barriers that "the so-called specialists" define for you, even if they are the "accepted theory of the day". Be "a leader; an outcast!"

Tip 8: Imagine a swimming pool as a metaphorical representation of your subconscious mind. The air above would represent your conscious linear mind. The water below: the unconscious flow of large amount of subconscious information and thinking. The focus of the RV course and subsequent ones is to try to dive into the water of the subconscious as deeply as possible. When one reaches the bottom of the swimming pool of the waters of his/her consciousness (deep theta) the pressure is high, the water thick and the impressions fuzzy. One cannot remain too long at this deep level without either having to go up back to the surface and get a breath of fresh air (conscious thinking), or risk loosing consciousness of self (going into the safe cocooning level of delta: the earth itself). With training the apnea time can be extended and one can remain for longer time at the bottom of the pool (longer period at deep theta).

The trick is to fetch one breath of fresh air at the surface: one simple question. Keep it within as one dives for the bottom of the pool of consciousness. Release it as one reaches the bottom. Wait for a rapid answer that relates to it. Given in any form or shape either symbolically or through our mental senses. Make a record of it, and then go back to the surface to get another breath of fresh air (another question) and repeat the process until a general picture of the target is achieved.

Tip 9: Towards the sixth-or seventh week of training, when reaching the end of the course, contact us to arrange a private session with Mr. O'Donnell, where he will evaluate your progress and send you some more techniques addressing remote viewing with the help of a human monitor or a voice-activated session recorder. He will also teach you a powerful technique where, as you retake the course again, but this time with your eyes opened, you will rapidly reach deep theta while retaining an awareness of the "external world".


Comments (April 99): 

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded Remember: life is but a game of probabilities. Ever changing. Depending greatly on our input: good or bad. This what free choice is about. So make your reality the best one probable!   RV allows for receiving a snapshot of a  probable future  taken at a given point in time. Nothing is static, though, otherwise the experience of creation would cease as free-choice would not exist, surprises never happen, and life be a constant boring experience of pre-known events.

Even for very highly probable unpleasant global future events, if enough human entities desire to change the outcome, they can skew by their desires the probabilities and change to their liking these events BEFORE they are experienced. That is why DO NOT ever trust the modern fallacy of "prophesizing"  with "certainty" events especially in the distant future of the next millennium, as some modern RV or ancient ones (ex: Nostradamus etc. .. ) have done. Even though they might have perceived them, all they are and were doing is connecting to PROBABLE events , not certainties. By believing in them strongly, you might bring them about, by the power of your thoughts; help make it self-fulfilling prophecies. Prophets of old never claimed to prophesize in their name but to have received messages from the Universal Mind. Usually in the form of a warning, mainly sent in order to be listen to, and therefore help man act upon and hopefully avoid the upcoming probable undesirable situation. There is nothing to look forward in gloom and suffering. Nothing to cheer about, and nothing to gain from.  We, as humankind, act and events react to our actions, individually or globally. Nothing else. That is the real game in creation. The on-line act of creating and playing with these future probabilities is only based on our desires and fears.  All RV viewing can offer is a present glimpse, of the most probable future outcome, at the particular time it is taken, as we try to zoom on the future. NOTHING ELSE. The more global and/or proximate the event is, the more strongly we can perceive it, using RV, as a highly likely occurrence.  To claim otherwise, is to believe that one is Divinity itself. Not as a part of It, but in its totality. And that is a dangerous statement for the ego to make.

Nevertheless, intuition of the future is now given, not as a tool to show how wonderfully powerful we have become, but as a mean to prevent and avoid IN ADVANCE undesirable ones, BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. Or, in other words, in order to become more powerful co-creator of our individual and common realities.

Mankind needs to change its thought orientation from being a master at problem fixing after the facts have happened  to becoming a master at learning  to prevent, in advance, disasters before they even "crystallize" and become realities in our lives. Or as quantum physics would phrase it, before, the quantum probability function "collapses" onto our conscious awareness.

One case in point: Yugoslavia. Everyone, with a ounce of knowledge about the Balkans, knew for the last 50 years that at the death of marshal Tito, the country would disintegrate into an orgy of religious-ethnic killings. In the name of past historical events and God. And so it happened. All the East and West did, was watch and sporadically try to react by patching  up the situation.   More vigorously now (April 99), when it is probably already too late.  The same thing occurred with every major conflict on of this century. And so it is with  global warming, the accelerated thinning of the ozone layer,  the destruction of our biosphere's oxygen producing apparatus (ocean, Amazon rain forest etc..) without which we cannot survive.   And the list goes on and on.  Reason: Pure egoism and the sensation that as long as an event does not affect one directly, and only affects another, it will not reach "my shores", "my reality".  Basically, real natural caring tendencies have disappeared and independent egoistic competitive "self-realization" is flaunted as the next best thing next to "American apple pie".  Evil has finally come out again in the open and shown unabashedly its ugly face. And is now revered and written highly about.  Often by individual whose chosen profession is to counsel and advice others on psychological, political, financial and "spiritual" matters.

The next century will require this prevention-oriented modality shift in our thinking, within every sphere of our operations: Government, private industry, finance, family, education, justice, health care, ecological and bio-sphere management, science and technology, international crisis prevention, military and intelligence operations, and individual behavior. Otherwise, the exponentially accelerated pace of reactive events will overwhelm us, and we might not survive for very long as a creative experiment.  These might really become the end of time(s), for all.

This will require a lot of innate caring about each other. We can achieve it as a group, as a planet. Or we can fail . . .  It is OUR choice.

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded  Even when operating in non-altered sates of consciousness, ALL of our trainees find out that after 1-2 months of training their natural intuitive abilities are automatically enhanced.   The "little voice" in the back of their mind is tremendously   increased in volume.  Their own "Jimminy Cricket" is suddenly heard again. They stop being puppets subjects to the whims of others and of seemingly uncontrollable forces.  For instance: If they sense, while driving,  that they should apply their brakes at an intersection, they do so, often avoiding a major accident that they could not logically perceive by normal means as another vehicle suddenly crosses their path at a red light.  If a plane might have a crash, they do not board it.   If an area is about to be hit with a major natural disaster they perceive it days ahead, alike all the parts of the animal kingdom.  They are deeply in touch with themselves.  They sense the thoughts of others, their real intentions, and act or react upon that information.  This skill will become paramount to survival at all levels in the next century, because of the speed and unpredictability of major changes and unforeseen events. No matter how well sheltered an individual believes to be, no one will be really impervious to sudden and dramatic life ambushes.  Any thinking individual can already see the writings of what we are addressing on the wall as he/she reads the daily world-wide news.

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded The secret to the new millennium survival is to reach the “EYE” of any political, financial, social, personal etc... storm and observe the situation from the inside-out within the stillness of the best vantage study point. At that “EYE” (deep theta level) one can truly experience the peace and safety that this level projects, with the full knowledge that nothing, absolutely nothing really serious could ever harm one that locates one’s awareness there.

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded The same can be said about the very dramatic earth-events that are about to be unleashed very shortly upon humanity. The Great Consciousness-Intelligence of Mother nature seems to have gotten a serious case of "indigestion" about the extreme parasitic behavior of its disrespectful and exploding human organisms merrily destroying Its viable balance in a non-caring proliferating cancer-cell like behavior. Its multiple warnings, given quite dramatically up-to-know, are almost totally ignored. To our common detriment.

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded In the next millennium the ability to center oneself in "eye" of any crisis situation and listen to the advice received from the Delta level will be proven to be the most important tool available for survival for humanity. Beta-thinking technology will not be sufficient anymore. In the same way as the ability to listen to their "sixth sense" is known to be a primarily survival tool for hyper-trained jungle warfare commandos and anti-terrorist squads, the ability to listen to our common "sixth sense" will permit the trained and perceptually connected ones to weather the upcoming storms quite unscathed.  The training that the team of Mr. Gerald O'Donnell gave to operational field intelligence agents that were sent out within many hostile environments was viewed as a general  survival tool and not as a passive intelligence gathering and "prophesizing technique" to be performed  from the comfort of an "isolation tank or room".  It was one of many other techniques to be used to gather information and act upon it.  Albeit, a very powerful one since  is does nor rely upon prior linear knowledge based on past or present  information.
how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded Flash (May 1999):  We strongly recommend watching the motion picture called the "Matrix" currently shown in movie theaters worldwide. It addresses many of the concepts and issues we raise in our training. It strangely hints at and represents events that have happened, are happening and will happen in the future within the Matrix of life that enslaves most of us. Increasingly so and unknowingly so to the average human. Our whole site is dedicated to the release of as many individuals as possible from the grip of blindness to this  current "Matrix" and, at the very least, allow them to make intelligence choices as they become aware of it and become "alive", so to speak. Our first course teaches one to connect to the Matrix. Ulterior ones will teach to manipulate it to everyone's benefit. The Matrix is not "evil" in itself.  The general consciousness of man that rules it may or is often so. This movie has many levels of meaning to be decoded. Let the enlightened ones and the ones that are meant to understand its significance, receive, integrate, and hopefully act upon the message and understand the way to the ultimate resolution that it presents within the possible disintegration of "evil" . We also advise people to watch a older movie made by Oliver Stone on this similar  subject and available in many video stores called "Wild Palms". The world needs to wake up soon from this obsession with this material holographic illusion , before events  force us into a rude awakening.

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix Reloaded Flash: (June 99): Similar message. Trust us, we do not work for Hollywood and certainly have no vested monetary interests (we wish we did).  Please go and rush to see the movie titled "The 13th floor".  Fascinating and true.  The ones that are meant to understand beyond a certain level will. For the rest, it is still a very entertaining movie.  They will probably grasp it at a future point in their lives. Very inspired,  indeed. Funny that all this information is suddenly coming out of the " Information Matrix" at this stage. Things are surely accelerating at many levels.  Enjoy the Popcorn!

how remote viewing and remote influening can have the Matrix ReloadedFlash: (January 2000): Go rent the movie "the Sphere" and see how thought reverberates into reality. The higher the power you thoughts get, which means the more power and evolved you get, the more immediate their manifestations are for both yourself and the ones you interact with. So become aware and beware of fear-based thoughts!

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