Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
Professional Remote Viewers and Remote Viewing Services.



      Remote Viewing Teams available for professional and specific targeting projects.

Personalized coaching and Remote Viewing certification.

Compensation negotiated per project or on an hourly basis ($135 hourly minimum)

The Academy of Remote Viewing is proud to offer the following  professional services to both  individuals and institutions on a per project basis. All projects will  be analyzed extensively  in advance with our staff, evaluated as far as the necessary requirement in time, RV team composition and effort required.  

Corporate and personal remote viewing consulting gives you an edge when needing to choose the most desirable probable future path when faced with key decisions.

Our remote viewing team can assist you in the following areas:

  •        Sensing of  future global or individual probable life events.
  •        Financial markets and general investment trends. Timing and probable directions of investment vehicles. 
  •        Probable outcome of corporate financial and business decision matrices. Advanced assessment and mapping of Future Probability Waves.
  •        Remote viewing probable earth changes and their effect on groups and/or individuals.
  •        Geopolitical probable forecasting.
  •        Help in identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists and/or wanted criminals and sensing their future intentions and plans.
  •        Locating missing children, adults.
  •        Remote healing.
  •        Relationship counseling and solving unexplained marital problems.
  •        Coaching to greatly enhance one's personal healing abilities both for the self and for loved ones.
  •        Coaching to become a potent reality producer/creator.
  •        Learning to erase and replace traumatic repressed or recalled  memories that condition destructive behavioral patterns.
  •        Unsolved crimes and/or mysteries.
  •        Remote locating of lost objects and pets.
  •        Personal coaching of trainees in order to enhance their remote viewing and intuitive abilities.
  •        Remote influencing coaching.
  •        Remote influencing of individuals or events for positive results.
  •        Remote locating geological resources and archeological sites.
  •        Teach individuals to become much more creative and tap into the deep subconscious mind in order to acquire a quasi- photographic memory.
  •        Coaching young minds to become the super-empowered creative individuals that are so very needed in this new challenging millennium.

  •        Please contact the Academy of Remote Viewing by sending us an email. Pricing bid per project.
  •        Minimum $135 hourly. 

  • Meet Some Individuals From Our Remote Viewing Teams

    Jacqueline Rockfelt - prior fraud investigator for a U.S. government agency which investigated white collar and terrorist activities, Jacqueline has been  psychic since birth and a practicing intuitive for more than twenty years. Underwent  training as a trainer for the Silva Mind Control Method.  Since completion of  the Remote Viewing Basic Course and the Advanced Instructor Course, Jacqueline has effectively helped in the following arenas:

    • Identifying areas within a large financial institution which were operating in a fraudulent manner, including specific individuals engaged in those activities.
    • Identified the best business course for a recently hired CEO when restructuring the organization he was hired to manage.
    • Locating several lost pets - including a turtle lost on a multi-thousand acre ranch.
    • Remote viewed the probable outcome of a bank merger and new staffing.
    • Remote viewed a new internet stock and accurately predicted the stock to double.  The stock was - which was purchased by friend on this recommendation at $50 - the stock did rise to $100 within one month.

    Cynthia  Falcon - Extremely talented remote viewer and intuitive. Specializes in helping law enforcement agencies in locating missing persons. Has worked in the past for private detective agencies using her RV skills. Has also worked on planetary futurology  using RV skills. 

    Edward Hopkins - Has shown an uncanny ability in remote viewing , influencing situations, and healing sessions. Does phone coaching sessions in RV techniques. Has remote viewed unsolved tragedies of public figures.

    Michael T. - Very accurate remote viewer. Teaches how to access Theta from a fully "awake" state. 

    Dave- Remote viewer trained both with our Theta  methodology and also skilled at using TRV.

    JoAnne  - Extremely accurate viewer and sensitive. Has connected many of our clients to the Level of One which they then experience. One of our main coaching instructors. Enjoys wide reputation.  Has advised many corporations on business matters and key decisions. Innate sense of compassion and honesty in her work. Past life therapy and soul parts retrieval and contact.

    Has accurately RV'd missing persons and pets. Relationship counseling.

    Located lost documents needed by business professionals.

    Remote viewed the intent and motives of a business individual being considered for a business partnership.

    Remote influenced healings with significant verifiable results.

    Sessions often include powerful clearing of old patterns as well as a combined reading and healing; uses EFT and other quantum level modalities

    Has advanced degrees in psychological counseling and nursing.

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