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Discover How You Can Achieve Success After Success And Perceive Anything Anywhere In Space And Time Within The Screen Of Your Own Inner Mind

With The Complete Remote Viewing Training System

+ Full access to the ARVARI Academy and the Personal Training Assistance of Gerald O'Donnell

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RV_Package_WebThe Complete Remote Viewing Training System offers a comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques that will permit you to explore wide realms of your inner mind and will train you to develop your natural capability of Remote Viewing which is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, both animate and inanimate objects, people, and events, distant in time and/or space.

Created by ARVARI (The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing) in 1997, this revolutionary training system was the first to reveal the link between the Deep Theta (4.5Hz.) brainwave state of mind and the ability to access the Universal Mind (Delta state).

Beyond Remote Viewing

Perceive anything, anywhere, in space and time using potent techniques that go powerfully beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods. ARVARI uniquely enhances the standard militaristic protocols by applying ancient spiritual secrets in the Academy’s training systems.

This is a revolutionary methodology as compared to classical psychological and meditation protocols. These systems which use the bridge of biological relaxation often coupled with complex breathing, posture, or chanting rituals, tend to keep one’s concentration away from the awareness of becoming pure thought. In effect they often fail to achieve the necessary shift in concentration to attain the sensation of being pure consciousness.

In contrast, The Complete Remote Viewing Training System makes it easy for you to achieve Remote Viewing success by rapidly shifting your mental concentration away from your body and bodily sensations, toward a one-track hyperconscious focus upon your thought processes. Your sensation of being embodied disappears quickly and you then have full access to the infinite powers of your mind.

No Prior Training Is Needed

The Remote Viewing techniques taught by the ARVARI are unique in that they teach you the easily attainable state of mind focused upon the level of the Universal Mind (undifferentiated knowing).

You will be taught to locate your awareness at the brain level of deep Theta (border of Delta) and operate a sort of “mental dance” concentrating attention in a passive-receiving state on the data originating from the Universal Mind and questioning from an active state while avoiding being sucked in by the powerful pole of attraction to the higher Delta level associated with sleep and somnambulistic unconsciousness.

Other techniques such as Associational Remote Viewing are taught in order to permit you to predict in advance the accuracy of a future forecast.

You can investigate your probable future, especially targeting a proximate time frame and then make decisions accordingly.

This method has been successfully applied to predict with a remarkable degree of accuracy the proximate directions and amplitudes of moves of financial markets and other financial instruments.


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I seem to know the answers to tests that I take, know the feelings of others around me, and know the choices I should make...

“I am a Remote Viewing trainee, and in addition, placed an order for your new Remote Influencing course. I've used your techniques in my everyday life. I seem to know the answers to tests that I take, know the feelings of others around me, and know the choices I should make. But my favorite pastime is traveling through time and space. I've got a vivid imagination which makes it even more fun. Above all I thank you for all that you are doing. I look forward to experiencing the new set of tapes.
Yours Truly, Matt

Matt Gray

After listening to part of the Complete Remote Viewing Training System, I have had several premonitions...

Let me start by saying that after listening to part of the Complete Remote Viewing Training System, I have had several premonitions.

The most recent prompted me to buy a bear market stick fund on 9/10/01. I am very impressed with the message posted on your site on 8/31/01. I just saw it now. I will be visiting this site EVERY day. Amazing!

Thank you for your time.

God Bless America

Dr. Leon O.

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In this course you will easily learn to integrate our powerful mind enhancement technology which has vast practical applications such as...

  • Enhancing your life in almost any conceivable way
  • Perceiving any present, past, or probable future situation, event, or place
  • Improving your prosperity - the application of viewing the future is extraordinary for investments, business, and employment opportunities
  • Improving relationships
  • Intuiting dangerous or unpleasant situations in advance and avoiding them
  • Sensing health issues and preventing or correcting them
  • Learning to recognize and listen to your inner guidance that sends messages to protect and help you

Better Health For You and Others

You can use Remote Viewing to sense health problems and then take corrective action — with Remote Influencing — and restore perfect health for yourself and others

Improved Love Life and Relationships

Remote View your relationships and foresee potential problems before they develop. You see the other person's real desires and needs, sense barriers, and this allows you to respond appropriately. You then know the best way to improve your love life and relationships.

Remote View your children to see what they are doing, and then Remote Influence them BEFORE someone else influences them - the wrong way!

Increased Career And Business Opportunities

Remote View a better job and view the job interview before being interviewed so as to know the needs and wants of the company beforehand. Then use Remote Influencing to establish rapport and convince them that you are the employee that they need.

Remote View to start your most successful new business. Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you solve problems, then use Remote Influencing to implement your ideas and influence others that you have the right answers.

Educational Benefits

Study and memorize any material while being in a Theta brainwave state, and experience super concentration and accelerated learning abilities. Use Remote Viewing to intuit what test subjects might be asked of you.

Enhanced Investment Accuracy

Remote View the most appropriate and safest investment vehicles that will keep your financial assets safe and growing through these troubled times.

Timing is essential in all investment decisions and you will Remote View the right moment to enter and/or exit an investment vehicle and know when to switch to another one.

Course Contents

8 Audio Discs Total

Remote Viewing Secrets Revealed Audio Book and eBook 1 CD

Training Sessions 7 CDs

Course Guide


The Complete Remote Viewing
Training System


Remote Viewing Secrets

Complete Course Contents

rv_smallRV Disc 1

RV Secrets Revealed Audio Book and eBook PDF file

Track 1 Audio Book

Explains the basic mechanisms involved in Remote Viewing and its modus operandi.

Track 2 Remote Viewing Secrets Revealed eBook

rv_smallRV Disc 2

RV Training Session 1

Trains you to easily refocus your mind to a much deeper level of your inner awareness where Remote Viewing is a natural ability: deep Theta.

The content of this session is targeted at the very high level of your Higher Self which is the level of your Soul. Therefore, if you do not experience the Light while doing this exercise, don’t worry. Your subconscious listens and will instruct its core (your Higher Self) to increase its rate of energy/vibrations, even though you might not physically feel the vibrations at the level of your biology yet. Realize that your Higher Consciousness operates from the interface with the "other side" as pure vibratory Light anyway.

Doing the exercise in front of the Sun or in front of a full spectrum light bulb with eyes closed is very helpful. Ancient Egyptian initiates did this exercise while facing the sun and considered this a highly energizing and efficient way of allowing the spirit to rise in vibrations.

Also don’t worry if you fall asleep while listening. Your subconscious is hearing every single word and will emerge from the session when the command is given. By the time they have finished with the Complete RV/RI training , most students should be able to experience the Light once they go back to this session.

If at any time while following the program, you feel you have difficulty concentrating on the material presented in the courses (this could occur due to stress in your daily life, by feeling overwhelmed, or by the material itself) you may want to listen to this session and the next one as a refresher which will help you relax, increase your vibratory rate, and get in touch again with your increasing psychic abilities.

rv_smallRV Disc 3

RV Training Session 2 (45:34)

Teaches a powerful technique to allow you to operate your mind as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of vibratory light that we know, from quantum mechanics and religious traditions, is the basis of creation as a storage and instant conveyer of sensory and data streams.

rv_smallRV Disc 4

RV Training Session 3 (43:41)

Guides you to totally separate from the awareness of having a biological reality and as pure mind you start expanding tremendously your perceptive connections to any point in time and space. Possible out of body experience.

rv_smallRV Disc 5

RV Training Session 4 (44:49)

Instructs you to connect instantly to different points in perceived space and to processes rapidly streaming sensory data relating to those sites.

rv_smallRV Disc 6

RV Training Session 5 Track 1 (30:05)

Teaches you to connect to a stream of data relating to past events and situations with full sensory awareness.

RV Training Session 6 Track 2 (30:09)

Provides a vivid experience. A method is given that connects you to the probable future. You perfect experiencing of parallel paths (futures).

rv_smallRV Disc 7

RV Training Session 7 Track 1 (29:26)

Explains methodologies to be used during Remote Viewing sessions. Reveals the origin of Remote Viewing data. Teaches Associational Remote Viewing (ARV) applications for financial trading and gambling and its ability to filter out parasitic noise.

RV Training Session 8 Track 2 (30:04)

Trains the mind’s eye to perceive many points of reference, mainly inanimate, with a wide variety of perceptual senses.

rv_smallRV Disc 8

RV Training Session 9 Track 1

You explore elements of the vegetable and animal kingdoms with full sensory awareness. Emphasizes connective ability to the emotional level. This extremely powerful experience deeply reprograms your mind to improve visual and other sensory decoding abilities of the deep inner mind.

RV Training Session 10 Track 2 (29:31)

Trains you to connect with the biology and mind of humans. Experience telepathic methodologies. Scanning and energy healing techniques are taught. Teaches you to operate at very deep levels of mind and to Remote View with your eyes opened.

We Invite you to Sample This Course...

The following Audio extracts from our Courses have been compressed into the MP3 format, in contrast to our training which is distributed in uncompressed format.


Audio Clip 1
Full Remote Viewing Training Session 3
Entering Deep Theta

If you are ready to experience for yourself the Deep Theta state  Close you eyes and listen...(43 min)

This session is offered to you in its entirety to introduce you to our methodology. Although it is part of the beginning of our Remote Viewing training, you should be aware that is perfectly natural for you to go in and out of consciousness as you start training with it. This is a good sign, and shows you that you are entering the state of deep Theta. You will master it later and will be ready to enter with full consciousness the state of Delta as you train with our RI course.

This session guides you to totally separate from the awareness of having a biological reality and as pure mind you then start expanding tremendously your perceptive connection to any point in time and space. Possible out-of-body experience.

Caution: Do not drive while listening to it. See above.

Click here to listen to or download the MP3 file. Duration 43:41

Audio Clip 2
Remote Viewing Training Session 6
Settling in for a Remote Viewing Session in Deep Theta. Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 5:57


Audio Clip 3
Remote Viewing Training Session 6
Remote Viewing a Probable Future (yours, others, or global). Partial Session

Click here to listen. Duration 2:24


Using your methods, I have been on target for the last 5 sessions, plus cool-down time is now 15 minutes...

Dear Mr. O'Donnell,

I spoke to you on the phone several days ago, and just wanted to put in writing my appreciation for your Remote Viewing course; feel free to quote from it.

I have been Remote Viewing for several years, using cool-down tapes and relaxation/breathing techniques learned in another training program. I certainly did get results, but wanted to thank you for these new techniques, which speed entry into Delta and improve accuracy. I also feel an enhanced sense of wholeness, and a much stronger sense of smell (for better or worse!).

Prior to learning your techniques, I had roughly 50% accuracy, plus the cool-down tapes took about 45 minutes.

Using your methods, I have been on target for the last 5 sessions, plus cool-down time is now 15 minutes - I know I reduce it to almost immediate Delta.

Thanks for these techniques -


Tom Gane

I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world...

Dear Gerald O'Donnell

Six months ago, I purchased your Remote Viewing course. I want to thank you for your fantastic course on Remote Viewing. I have found that I have developed much better intuitive sensitivity. I also have much better control over who, what and where I visit and what I do while in the Theta state. I believe that your information is quite possibly a new way for Mankind to see itself and understand the physical world.

Thank you very much,

Alexander Markus, Ph.D., M.D. (A.M.)
President of the Celeste Institute

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   My dear friends, as recent world events show, these techniques are not anymore a matter of curiosity, but a matter of sheer mental, spiritual, and physical survival. I am so confident that they will radically change your whole life that I offer you the following: Please try them for a full 60 days, and if they do not change your whole perception of reality, you are free to return them for a full refund. Just call our US office or write to us in order to get return instructions. We will then promptly issue a full refund to you (minus S&H costs).

  This is my gift to you - my legacy, if you will. I really deeply care for you and our common uplifting, hoping for you to be here and experience the upcoming dawn of a new era of peace and harmony.


I’m Ready To Take The Journey


All Of Our Training Systems Have Just Been Enhanced And Feature...

Optimal Sound Reproduction

In response to student requests, ARVARI has been searching for digital recording methods that would not unduly compromise our field-proven, very powerful brain entrainment we have enjoyed so much success with in our tape format.

Analog sound reproduction captures the depth, full harmonic overtones and sub-harmonic ranges, and breadth, of recorded sound in its entirety.  Digital sound reproduction, on the other hand, takes multiple rapid snapshots of sound waves, averages the reproduced sound, and records and magnifies only these samples of sound. This corruption of sound does not normally include all the nuances that have been crucial to our brain entraining courses.  MP3 format compresses sound by erasing sound frequencies which are beyond the lower and upper ranges of the frequencies that a human can physically perceive.

Our brain entrainment technology uses infrasound (very low frequency sounds) and is picked up by the inner subconscious realm of the trainee. For this very reason, we do not recommend reformatting our CDs onto MP3 or any similar compression format, because one would loose all of our imbedded brain-wave entrainment. 

Sound Processing Emulates Full-Range Analog

Years of extensive research have allowed us to discover a proprietary sound processing algorithm which emulates in our digital CD production the full range of harmonics and sub-harmonics only found up to now on analog recordings.

With the benefit of this technology and very high sampling and bit rates, our courses have been meticulously remastered, preserving the integrity of the brain entrainment while offering the convenience and long-term storage integrity of the CD medium.

Enhanced Brain Entrainment

In addition to this, we have upgraded our brain entrainment technology present in every training session, to a much superior cutting edge methodology, which greatly enhances the process of easily accessing the Theta and the Delta levels of mind.

Improved Versions

We are very happy to introduce these improved versions of our courses on CD. We are proud of what we have achieved and after many field trials which have proven highly successful, we have finally decided to incorporate these new sound technologies in the new improved version of both the Complete Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Training Systems. 

More Sessions

The long training sessions in the Remote Influencing tape course have been each separated into two sessions.  Separating these formerly very lengthy sessions, has brought the added benefit of additional training for students (more practice reaching the Delta state) as well as the greater ease of fitting the training into one’s possibly busy schedule.

I’m Ready To Take The Journey


Here’s What You’ll Get....


The Complete Remote Viewing
Training System

  • 1 Audio Book Disc
  • 7 Training Sessions
  • Course Guide

Remote Viewing Secrets

  • Downloadable eBook
  • $37 

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I wish you happy thoughts and wonderful flights,



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